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    A World Beyond / So We Are Told
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        Can Shao Yunduan refuse?

        Of course not.

        And she was pitiful after being unreasonably reprimanded earlier today.

        “I understand!” Shao Yunduan nodded, glanced at her, and couldn’t help but kindly reminded her, “The road on the mountain is not easy to walk, there are many plants with thorns, sharp leaves, and there are also many insects and ants during this season. Be mentally prepared.”

        “I’m not afraid,” Qiao Xuan blurted out, smiling, “I have you with me!”

        Shao Yunduan’s heart skipped a beat, his face inexplicably became a little hot, “You–“

        He wanted to say, “Don’t say that!” but then he thought, what she said seems, seems to be not wrong. If he takes her up the mountain, isn’t everything under his control?

        Where has this young lady from a wealthy family experienced a real mountain? If he doesn’t look out for her, she might end up in a miserable state!

        So… her words were normal, it was him who had lost his mind and started thinking crookedly!

        Fortunately, he managed to stop himself from saying those words, otherwise he would be embarrassed to death.

        Shao Yunduan felt that he couldn’t stay here any longer. God knows what she’ll say next? This woman is simply…

        He got up, stiffly saying, “Stay here, I’m going out to have a look.”

        Without waiting for Qiao Xuan to reply, he turned and hurriedly left.

        Qiao Xuan looked in the direction of the closed door and suddenly covered her face, chuckling softly.

        Why is this person so interesting! A bookworm!

        What should she do if she really starts to like him?

        Thinking back to how he quietly defended her in front of the second and third uncles earlier, Qiao Xuan became increasingly satisfied.

        And then, thinking about how her mother-in-law is so good, her younger sister-in-law is also good, her eldest brother, third brother, and seventh brother are all nice as well. Her eldest sister-in-law is pretty good too. As for her father-in-law, she has figured him out. He’s the kind of person who values family honor and face–it’s good to value face because it means he won’t do shameless and bottom-line things, it means he won’t feel embarrassed to teach his daughter-in-law a lesson. Such a person is actually quite easy to deal with.

        For example, just now, she didn’t speak politely to the second and third uncles, didn’t she see how angry the two big men were? Her father-in-law only looked at her disapprovingly, without actually doing anything.

        The Shao family’s main house is really good…
        Qiao Xuan smirked, her smile radiant.

        The second and third uncles must be tired, during dinner, they didn’t cause any trouble anymore.

        Although their eating manners were a bit hard to watch, but since they have separated families and won’t be together on ordinary days, she just needs to endure it.

        Dinner went relatively smoothly.

        After dinner, the younger generation of the second and third uncles quickly left, and Fang Shi used the excuse that Shao Yunduan needed to review his homework, so she asked Qiao Xuan to accompany him back to his room.

        Shao Ershu, Niu Shi, Shao Sanshu, and Ma Shi stayed behind, sitting with Shao Dabai and chatting about their usual lives, occasionally mentioning Qiao Xuan, basically emphasizing that if they don’t take good care of this daughter-in-law, the family will be in chaos and so on.

        Hearing their words, Shao Dabai felt ashamed and nodded repeatedly to express his agreement.

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