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    A World Beyond / So We Are Told
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    Before heading to his hometown, he took a last look around from the familiar crossroads to the university area.

    Maybe he should have stayed in college.

    He slightly regretted having to take a break from university due to his Awakening.

    “Whew, another day is safely over.”

    “How about a drink since we finished early today?”

    A gigantic man wearing plate armor.

    Next to him, a woman donned in an overly flashy robe.

    Seven men and women dressed similarly followed behind, moving in small groups.

    And the people around were watching from the corners, careful not to obstruct their path.

    “Wow… that’s A-rank hunter Kim Yoojung.”

    “I’ve never seen him this close before.”

    Just the sight of a Hunter was enough to attract attention.

    As he tried to pass them by.

    “Huh? Woojin!”

    A familiar voice caught Woojin’s attention.

    “Kim Yoojung……?”

    His same-age friend, Kim Yoojung.

    She had Awakened around the same time as him and currently belonged to the major guild Zeus, where she was a rising star.

    “What are you doing here? Do you have something to do at the school?”

    Seeing her playful smile, Woojin couldn’t help but crack a smile.

    “No, nothing like that. What are you doing here?”

    She was not from this university, but attended one a bit further away.

    “Oh, there was a Gate nearby. We were just finishing up after subjugating it.”

    “I see. Good job.”

    Come to think of it, this area was under the jurisdiction of the Zeus guild.

    Meeting her here was not so strange after all.

    “Yoojung, what are you doing? Hurry up!”

    A call from a colleague in the distance made her turn reluctantly.

    “Sorry. I’ll call you later.”


    Watching her leave, Woojin quietly returned home.

    [Hunter’s License]


    -Ability Possessed: Space Opening.

    Space Opening.

    It wasn’t anything grand.

    Aside from having a slightly larger inventory, which all Hunters have, there was nothing special.

    How useless must it have been for an A-rank to be forgotten?

    “Well, at least it’s over now.”

    Although he had hung in there with some effort, not anymore.

    Woojin cut up his license with scissors and threw it in the trash.

    Then he began to pack his belongings at home.

    Aside from a few clothes, there wasn’t much to take.

    After packing, Woojin immediately called his uncle who lived in the countryside.

    His uncle, who took care of him from the age of thirteen when his parents passed away until he became an adult.

    While working as a mechanic, his uncle was a good man who generously supported Woojin.

    Without him, Woojin wouldn’t have even made it past high school, let alone college.

    “Oh~ Woojin, what made you call?”

    His uncle asked in a pleased voice as he answered the call.

    “Uncle, if you have an unused 1-ton truck, could I have it?”

    “A truck? Why do you need it all of a sudden? Do you need it for your Hunter work?”

    “No, I’ve decided to stop being a Hunter.”


    “I’ll explain when I get to Okcheon.”

    “Ah, alright.”


    Good. Now he had a vehicle.

    * * *

    Woojin immediately headed to his uncle’s house in the countryside.

    In front of the house was a familiar truck parked.

    Although it wasn’t in the best condition due to lack of cleaning, it was still functional.

    “I’ve been driving this for 10 years, so it’s a bit worn out, but it should have no problem on the road.”

    His uncle tossed him the keys after saying so.

    “Thank you. But couldn’t you have given me a new one?”

    “You rascal! Want to give it back?”

    “I’m just kidding.”

    “The insurance is all taken care of, so drive without worries.”

    His uncle had already completed the process of handing over the vehicle.


    Woojin immediately activated his Space Opening.

    Unlike the usual dark spaces, a large, bright space opened up like a gate.

    “…It’s good you quit. You’ve worked hard.”

    His uncle encouraged Woojin.

    He knew well about the treatment Woojin was receiving in the Hunter world.

    At first, he received harsh criticism and contempt, and then he was completely ignored.

    Even without talking about it, his uncle must have heard about the time when Woojin was branded in the community and was the talk of the town.

    “Thank you……”

    Woojin gave a small smile, climbed into the driver’s seat, and reversed the truck as if parking it.

    He drove it into the space and parked it there, then got out.

    Next to it was a tent along with other various items.

    Now, it was time to remodel the truck.


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