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    A World Beyond / So We Are Told
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    With a foul mood, Taejeong stepped outside and cursed under his breath.
    “Be careful with my words? I’ll kill them if they’re too much, damn bastards.”
    Though he said that, it was something that could easily happen.
    It was common for agencies to have a few guilds.
    If they thought it would damage their image, they could do anything.
    ‘I’ll have to be careful if I’m powerless.’
    He walked with a feeling of helplessness.
    Then something sparked in his mind.
    ‘Right. I’m a hunter now.’
    As he raised his spirits, he had momentarily forgotten about it.
    He had no choice but to focus on his comrades’ deaths, that’s why he forgot about this.
    Maybe it was a blessing in disguise.
    When Taejeong returned home, he opened the internet and started searching for his class.
    However, no matter how hard he looked, he couldn’t find anything similar.
    He even searched foreign sites, but it was the same.
    “Nothing. It’s not even registered in the job directory. Is it a rare class?”
    It seemed like a reasonable guess.
    It was strange for a stone to talk, and…
    Thinking about it, a pleasant feeling came from his chest.
    A rare class meant there were few of them, and it was special.
    Even more so, he had no idea that he was able to hunt monsters with just level 1.
    ‘If this is true, then I’m…’
    After experiencing something big, a month had passed.
    Fortunately, the agency had compensated the deceased, and Taejeong felt relieved after confirming it.
    Awakening was a happy thing, but the death of his comrades was so shocking that it overshadowed it.
    He had only heard about it, but it was the first time he had seen someone die in front of him.
    “I should get back to work. If I stay like this, I won’t even get food to eat.”
    After facing reality again, Taejeong paid 500 and joined a community that hunters usually used.
    To get reliable information about the hunting grounds, it was essential to join multiple communities.
    After searching through the communities for a while, he found a good one.
    [White Ground (Field) in Anseong Beopbong Area -]
    [Main Species: Mime, Wolf]
    [Recommended Level 10~20]
    [A sanctuary for novice hunters.]
    [Currently, there are almost no people looking for it.]


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