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    A World Beyond / So We Are Told
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    For several days, I was trapped in an underground prison and my eyes couldn’t adjust to the light immediately, so it was dazzling.


    But gradually, my eyes became accustomed to the light and I saw the face of that child. No, now it was the face of a man who couldn’t be called a child anymore. Grayish blonde hair. Sharp blue eyes, unlike the round eyes I knew. The man, Khalid, who used to love me for the first time, had become someone I didn’t know.

    “Nox Rainerio.”

    I heard it for the first time, but the voice felt familiar. That voice called his name.

    “No, now I’m just a slave, so I guess I’ll be Nox.”

    A sneer was mixed in the low, rough voice. Nox was looking up at him forcibly, gripping his chin. He wanted to lower his gaze. He didn’t want to see him, the person he had abandoned and resented. But when Nox tried to turn his head, the man’s large hand squeezed his chin so tightly that it hurt.

    “Look at me properly.”


    “Now, you’re my master.”

    Nox slowly raised his eyes that were cast down. The cold eyes were looking straight at him. He looked into Nox’s face and clicked his tongue.

    “You look dirty.”

    Khalid coldly commanded someone.

    “Wash him.”

    At his command, the maids who were waiting outside came in and held onto Nox’s arms, lifting him up. Nox had no choice but to yield to their touch. What could he do alone now? Even if he could get away from these women who were sent by the nobles, where could he go with such a simple plan?

    As if he could read his thoughts, Nox walked ahead with the maids while Khalid followed behind him, swaggeringly. It was almost like surveillance.

    “Does he seem like he’s trying to escape?”

    It was an obvious question. Despite his current appearance, Nox was a knight trained since childhood. He had no doubt that he could overcome these women.

    The maids released the rope tied to Nox’s arms, and Nox shuddered at the sensation that ran through his tingling body. It was a tingle from the tied areas to his fingertips.

    The maids led him to the bathroom attached to Khalid’s room. The bathroom in the newly built mansion was made of white marble. The rim of the deep sunken bathtub below the floor was crimson, and when one of the maids touched a sculpture of a bird standing on a raised place, hot water started pouring out from there.

    And Khalid, who had been silently watching the scene, ordered Nox without hesitation.


    Nox hesitated at his words. Of course, he should undress in this situation where he needed to wash, but he didn’t know that Khalid would be watching like this. And now, Nox couldn’t refuse his command.

    Nox slowly unbuttoned his shirt with his tingling fingertips. He was now a slave and had become Khalid’s possession as he said.

    Nox knew that he should be grateful for the fact that his life was still attached. He had given up everything when he kneeled in front of Perseon, the second prince, no, the emperor now.

    No. Nox chuckled inwardly. Had he given up everything when Khalid, the man standing beside him, was there? From now on, he had to live as his slave. As the slave who committed a sin.

    That fact pierced his chest like a sharpened sword.

    Thud, thud.

    With each piece of clothing that he removed, Khalid’s gaze reached him. On his shoulders, back, and between his knees and thighs. Nox felt as if there was temperature in that gaze. Unlike the sharp, upward gaze. It was a very hot temperature.

    Nox stood properly after undressing. Khalid’s gaze slowly swept up from the bottom. With his back facing him, Nox felt his gaze. It was a sensation as if something was crawling stealthily.

    That gaze, which seemed to be crawling all over his body, suddenly stopped somewhere. Somewhere on his back where the muscles were nicely toned. Nox forced himself to smile, pretending not to know his hesitation. It was something he didn’t need to be curious about, something he didn’t need to wonder about.

    “Come this way.”

    At the maid’s words, Nox entered the lukewarm bathtub as led by them. It was a place of luxury for a slave. A slave would simply be stripped naked in a corner of the noble’s mansion and have water poured on them with no say.

    Khalid stood with his arms crossed, watching the maids washing Nox from beginning to end.

    Each gaze that reached him felt as if it stabbed him. It was strangely ticklish. After washing everything and putting on a robe, Nox felt like all the impurities had been washed away. Khalid’s blame was probably the biggest reason.

    After being thoroughly washed, Nox was pushed back into Khalid’s room. He couldn’t understand Khalid’s intentions at all.

    Khalid’s room was larger than the room of his mother in his memory, and there were more windows. Especially, the terrace door was larger than the normal door. Nox looked at the door leading to the terrace, unable to sit or stand.

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