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    A World Beyond / So We Are Told
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    Liu Yu’s face was buried deeply, and the strong scent of roses entered her nose—

    It was fragrant and warm.

    She was a little confused:


    “Oh, my Bella,” she gently touched the girl’s head, then quickly shouted fiercely at the top of her head, “Natasha! Natasha! Oh, damn it!”

    Natasha came down in a panic, her face pale in terror.

    “Chirp chirp, Chirp chirp didn’t mean it! Please spare him!”

    It seemed like she was terrified, her legs trembling.

    Liu Yu patted the woman tightly embracing her:

    “Let me go.”

    Mrs. Ferguson had a beautiful face, although there were fine lines at the corners of her eyes, she still had charm. She gently let go of Bella and ran to Natasha, giving her a slap—

    “Damn it! I told you to take care of your bird!”

    “This beast dare to hurt my Bella! Just you wait, I will pluck all its feathers and cook it in a soup!”

    Natasha covered her face and screamed:

    “No! I won’t allow you to hurt it!”

    The servants swung bamboo poles and desperately beat the grey-spotted sparrows in mid-air.

    The grey-spotted sparrow flapped its wings and dodged around.

    “You won’t allow it?! You lowly commoner, this is the Ferguson’s house, who are you to not allow it?”

    Mrs. Ferguson slowly walked to Natasha’s front.

    She reached out her hand, about to give her another slap, but it was stopped halfway—

    Mrs. Ferguson inexplicably looked at her precious one, her voice softened:

    “Bella, what’s wrong with you?”

    Natasha also widened her eyes, looking at her foster sister with curiosity.


    Liu Yu slowly spoke, staring at the grey-spotted sparrow’s tiny black bean-like eyes, “Don’t you want Chirp chirp to be okay?”

    Actually, the servants couldn’t really hit the grey-spotted sparrow. It’s just that the grey-spotted sparrow seemed to have taken a liking to her, always fluttering its wings around her as if there was something on her body that attracted it.

    Liu Yu thought about it and realized that it could only be the memory pearl.

    Natasha nodded:

    “Yes, Bella Sister, please spare Chirp chirp, okay? It really didn’t mean it.”

    Liu Yu’s eyes curved into a crescent moon shape. When she looked at people, her azure blue eyes were like a gentle sea:

    “Sure, of course, no problem.”

    The girl bent down, covering the person in her shadow, the curvature of her mouth evil and charming:

    “Natasha, give Chirp chirp to me, I will never harm my own things.”

    Natasha’s smiling face stiffened:

    “Bella… Sister?”

    “Why, don’t want to? Or do you think that Bella Sister… won’t keep her words?”

    “No,” Natasha lowered her eyes, her two tender little feet curled up, at a loss of what to do. “Chirp chirp won’t want it, it only eats what I feed it.”

    “What if it wants to?”

    “Then, th-then I will give it to Sisters.”

    Not long after, Liu Yu returned to the room with the grey-spotted sparrow.

    Natasha bit her lip and looked on, thinking: Why? Chirp chirp used to like me the most, right? Bella Sister clearly has so much already, why does she still want to take away her little bit of happiness?


    Natasha walked barefoot up to the attic, walking in the darkness.

    A pale man silently enveloped her from behind.

    “I only have you.”

    Natasha sobbed softly, “Why, Mother, Father, even Chirp chirp, why do they all want to leave Natasha? Is Natasha not good enough?”

    The pale vampire duke gently touched her cheek:

    “No, my noble princess, you deserve all the best in the world. I will help you reclaim them.”

    He devoutly kissed the back of her hand.

    “What does Lewis think… of Sister’s beauty?”

    Natasha timidly raised her head, then lowered it again, “I’m sorry, Natasha shouldn’t ask.”

    “Comparing her dirty, blood-filled desires, how could it be compared to you?”

    The vampire’s fangs easily pierced through the girl’s delicate skin, “My dear Natasha.”

    Chapter 6: One Hundred Points

    Liu Yu thought she wouldn’t be able to sleep.

    However, as soon as her body touched Bella’s soft silk quilt, she fell into a deep sleep.

    In a daze, she started dreaming.

    The feeling was strange, as if her soul was being separated from her body. Floating in mid-air and sinking into the ground at the same time, half awake and half confused.

    She dreamed that she had turned back into that ten-year-old girl.

    She was wearing a faded school uniform, carrying an old backpack, wandering aimlessly in the long alley like a ghost. The sun had set, and the smell of food wafted into people’s noses along with the smoke. Adults were shouting at the top of their lungs for their children to come home.

    She also started to walk back, walked to the end of the alley, where the door was wide open, and she could see the grape trellis in the courtyard at a glance.

    The grapes were heavy on the vine, and she glanced at them before silently walking in.

    Stepping across the high threshold, she nervously pulled the straps of her backpack.

    Inside the backpack were two test papers, one with a score of sixty and the other with sixty-five, the scores she had estimated in advance.

    In the main hall, the low murmurs were mixed with the hot wind.

    “…I don’t care! You go and return that child, we can’t afford it anyway.”

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