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    A World Beyond / So We Are Told
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    EP.16 A Big One’s Coming
    Stardust. Shin Haru.
    A name given by her parents, meaning ‘a new day.’
    But these days, it was very hard for her to welcome a new day.
    Looking at her smartphone, she let out a sigh and put the phone down.
    [Stardust, honestly, what are you doing?]
    It was as if those words were ringing in her ears.
    The public opinion that unfolded centering around the internet.
    Doubts about the quality of A-list hero Stardust.
    Truthfully, she felt it was very unfair.
    What had she done wrong?
    Her only “crime” was that she had continued to save people in between her college life.
    However, the public opinion had turned cold towards her all of a sudden.
    Since Egostic showed up.
    She had simply rushed out as usual upon hearing that Egostic had appeared downtown, but why was she the one to receive the backlash?
    Especially since she hadn’t even managed to properly attempt to capture him because she was worried about civilians’ safety and let him go as a result.
    What she didn’t know was how much the citizens had taken a liking to the sight of Egostic confidently eliminating other villains.
    Tired of seeing the wicked criminals being captured by heroes only to receive a slap on the wrist, the citizens’ resentment had been building up.
    The anger, initially directed at judges, had inevitably transferred onto the heroes.
    “Just kill them on the spot, why bother capturing them at all. Are we allowing those scoundrels to live comfortably in prison because you only aim to capture them?”… and so on.
    It was nonsensical, but the dissatisfaction quietly spread among the people.
    And then he appeared like a comet, the one everyone had been waiting for.
    A person who hunted villains decisively emerged.
    That was Egostic.
    The figure deeply dreamed of in the hearts of South Korean citizens.
    …Of course there was the cruise ship terror incident. No, to be precise, it should be called a terror ‘attempt’ incident.
    In the end, he didn’t carry out the terror attack. When no one among the citizens pressed the button, he swiftly accepted it and retreated refreshingly.
    The incident that overshadowed that to the extent it was forgotten was when he single-handedly broke up the Dae-hyun Tower terror hostage crisis.
    While other heroes were unable to do anything because of the hostages, he boldly entered the enemy lines, successfully rescuing everyone without sacrificing a single life. He even gave out money.
    Even the threat of an A-list teleporter, whose escape would be dangerous, was somehow eliminated by him alone.
    He had shown the public multiple aspects that were worth getting excited over. The fact that almost all online communities liked him and a fan club was established was certainly not a coincidence.
    And naturally, the one who stands against such a person ends up being criticized.
    And that person just happened to be her.
    Shin Haru took another sip of her mango frappé in her hand.
    Feeling self-loathing and anguish, wondering if this was what being a hero was about.
    Even her close senior had fallen for Egostic recently, which shocked her.
    She sat by the window in the café and looked outside.
    Spring had come, and the cherry blossoms were blooming so beautifully on the streets.
    She had no time to enjoy them between her college and hero life.
    And yet, she was being criticized all the same.
    There was even the regular meeting of the Heroes Association, and when the director casually said, “It seems we’ve had it a bit easier recently thanks to Egostic,” laughing it off, she nearly fainted.
    This was not normal. Everyone’s gone mad except for me.
    “Haah… No.”

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