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    A World Beyond / So We Are Told
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    Episode 15
    I can feel the mana in the air.
    It’s a sensation that I couldn’t feel before.
    “My sensitivity has increased.”
    Sensitivity is what replenishes the magic that is naturally consumed when feeling the mana in the air.
    Woojin closed his eyes to the fresh sensation.
    As if announcing the approaching winter, a cold wind brushed past his cheeks.
    It was a sharp sensation, but even that felt good.
    While his physical abilities had improved after awakening, this kind of sensation was new to him.
    He decided to test the magic that had taken root in his body.
    It was much easier to control than usual.
    It was amazing how much could change with just a single magic crystal.
    That wasn’t all.
    “I should try eating some sweet potatoes and potatoes.”
    Sweet potatoes and potatoes slightly increase sensitivity and the amount of magic power.
    Since it was so subtle, it was difficult to perceive the changes without a sensitive sense of magic.
    And Woojin was exactly that.
    Although he had awakened, his sense of sensitivity was dull, making it difficult to feel the changes in crops.
    But now, he felt that he could sense them.
    “Kan, Milk. Let’s eat some sweet potatoes.”
    My uncle bought an air fryer because it’s easier to bake sweet potatoes.
    Thanks to that, Woojin easily baked sweet potatoes and potatoes and brought them into the subspace.
    He gave the appropriate amount of sweet potatoes to Milk and shared the rest with Kan to eat.
    “Sweet potatoes and potatoes never get boring no matter how many times you eat them.”
    Kan was even chewing the peel.
    “Hey, I’ve peeled it for you before. Why do you eat the peel?”
    “Hyung, you don’t know that. The peel is always more nutritious!”
    “…Even so, does that make it tasty?”
    I vaguely heard that the peel of sweet potatoes is nutritious.
    So I decided to try it and chewed the peel, only to spit it out immediately.
    No matter how nutritious it is, I didn’t want to eat something that tasted so bad.
    “Yeah, it’s delicious, right?”
    Watching Kan enjoy it as he chewed, it didn’t seem like he was lying.
    Are sweet potato peels really tasty because of the influence of the Guardian Tree?
    Curious, Woojin tried chewing the peel of a sweet potato.
    And immediately spat it out.
    As expected, it had no taste.
    “You’re just one of those people who can eat anything.”
    Kan tilted his head as if asking what I meant.
    “No, I meant you told me to eat a lot.”
    Woojin closed his eyes silently.
    I can feel it.
    It was a small change that wouldn’t be felt if not concentrated, but I could clearly feel it.
    That alone was satisfying enough.
    * * *
    I gave water to the soil to prevent it from drying out and returned home.
    My uncle was taking out the sweet potatoes from the air fryer.
    “Hehe, should we try eating sweet potatoes with kimchi tonight?”
    Thanks to the air fryer, it was very convenient.
    “Uncle, are you going to eat sweet potatoes?”
    “Ah, Woojin’s here? Yes. Today, I decided to eat sweet potatoes and then go raiding.”
    It seemed like today, instead of watching a drama, I would be gaming with my uncle.
    We used to play zombie survival games, but today, was it an RPG game?
    As I was about to go to my room, my uncle blocked my way.
    “Just a moment!”
    Then he came closer and cautiously sniffed me.
    I was dumbfounded and stayed still for a moment.
    “Uncle… Even if I took 4 showers, would I smell?”
    “But you never know. Maybe that rotten smell of mine still lingers.”
    He seemed quite shocked.
    Well, I almost fainted from the smell of my own body.
    I shrugged my shoulders once.
    “It’s fine now that it’s not coming out anymore.”
    “Really? But what should I do to completely get rid of that rotten smell?”
    “Just… I picked up something strange while camping and ate it.”
    “What? Could it be something poisonous?”
    “In that case, I wouldn’t be alive, would I?”
    “Ah, well, it’s different if you’re an awakened. Maybe the magic detoxifies the poison you ate.”
    “I don’t know.”

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