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    A World Beyond / So We Are Told
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    “Can you do it?”
    First, let’s plant the cabbage seedlings.
    Woojin brought a seedling shovel and dug the soil.
    The work started with Kan planting the seedlings in the dug holes.
    The spacing was adjusted to a maximum of 40cm.
    It wasn’t a difficult task, but it was quite exhausting as he had to keep bending over for repetitive work.
    Is it because of magic?
    Even though Woojin never stopped digging the field, strangely, it wasn’t that tiring.
    That’s why people look for and eat medicinal herbs.
    “Hyung! Look at that.”
    Kan, who was planting the seedlings, pointed to another place with his finger.
    “What is it?”
    Woojin, who was digging the field, also looked in that direction.
    “Oh, the sprout of the Aoru tree came out.”
    It really did.
    A sprout grew from the place where the seeds were planted.
    No matter how protective the tree is, this growth is too fast.
    Milk expressed her joy by happily licking the sprout of the Aoru tree.
    Seeing that, all doubts disappeared and a smile appeared.
    “It’s a relief that it’s growing well.”
    No matter what it becomes, it’s good news that it’s growing well.
    Woojin resumed his work.
    Kan also focused on planting the seedlings.
    * * *
    Zeus Guild.
    The leader of Raid Team 1, Kang Joo-hyun, sat in the break room, eating sweet potatoes diligently.
    It was sweet potatoes that Kim Yoo-jung, his junior hunter, boiled and brought from home as a snack.
    He received two sweet potatoes to distribute to his team members, and Kang Joo-hyun got one of them.
    “Why are these sweet potatoes so delicious?”
    That wasn’t all.
    Each time he ate a sweet potato, his magic power increased slightly.
    Even the absorption of ambient mana improved.
    How in the world are these sweet potatoes cultivated?
    In many ways, these sweet potatoes… are really the best.
    “Oh? Have you been eating sweet potatoes?”
    Just then, Kim Yoo-jung opened the door to the break room and came in.
    She was holding a cup of mixed coffee in her hand.
    “Yeah. These sweet potatoes are so delicious.”
    “I know, right? I can’t help but be amazed every time I eat them.”
    “It’s a shame… that person said they won’t sell them exclusively to our guild. They can be sold at a very high price.”
    “Yeah. Even though I tried to persuade them, they just didn’t want to.”
    There’s no greater nuisance than someone who keeps pushing something on you that you don’t want.
    Because she has had a similar experience, Kim Yoo-jung decided not to persuade Woojin any further.
    “But still, it was really impressive.”

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