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    A World Beyond / So We Are Told
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    Episode 18

    Woojin put a bracelet on Khan’s wrist again.
    “Now this is your treasure chest. Got it?”
    “Do I really have to put it here?”
    “Yeah. It’s not a good habit to bury it in the ground. Bring two 50,000 won bills.”
    At that moment, Khan’s face turned pale.
    “You’re trying to steal from me!”
    “No, I’m not! Why would I snatch something I already gave you?”
    “Well… I guess that’s true. Fine, I’ll bring it.”
    Khan brought two 50,000 won bills.
    Woojin brushed off the dirt on the bills and put them into the bag.
    He never dreamed of burying the bracelet in the ground.
    “From now on, burying things in the ground is prohibited.”
    “But that’s like our instinct, like Fenrir’s…”
    Khan muttered with his lips poked out.
    “If you came to Rome, don’t you have to follow Roman law?”
    “What’s Rome? Is it something to eat?”
    “…If you came here, you have to follow the rules I set.”
    “Are you a dictator or something?”
    “Just know that there are things you can’t do.”
    Woojin unfolded the map and set the coordinates to the Black Sea for the next camping spot.
    At first, he thought of going to the beach, but Khan strongly recommended the Black Sea.
    The Black Sea.
    It is called the Black Sea because it is as dark as ink.
    But when night falls, the water becomes clear and reflects the stars in the sky, becoming as beautiful as the Milky Way.
    The shimmer spreading under the moonlight stimulates the emotions of the night.
    Woojin thought it was a perfect place for camping.
    He set the coordinates to a prairie a little away from the Black Sea.
    There was a large building nearby, but there were no other buildings visible besides that.
    “It used to be a church. The whole village was moved, and it’s closed now. They left the building as it is because it’s quite big.”
    Khan approached and examined the building.
    “So, nobody lives here?”
    “No. Hey, let’s go in!”
    “…Won’t it be creepy?”
    “No! There’s something shiny that doesn’t look suspicious!”
    Then it’s worth checking out.
    Now, it’s time to start the next camping.
    * * *

    Zeus Guild.
    Kim Yoojung, who had completed the raid and returned, entered the restaurant with her colleagues.
    But unlike usual, there was quite a long line at the restaurant.
    “What’s going on? Did we come to the wrong place?”
    They checked the signboard, thinking they might have come to the wrong restaurant.
    It turned out to be a Korean restaurant known for their set meals.
    “It’s strange. What’s the occasion for so many people to gather here?”
    Zeus Guild had over 20 restaurants because their welfare was so good.
    Among them, regular Korean food had the least popularity.
    Restaurants, buffets, luxury Korean and Japanese cuisine, etc.
    Since there were so many luxurious restaurants, people’s standards got higher, and naturally, ordinary restaurants became less popular.
    However, Kim Yoojung preferred homey set meals, so she often visited when she didn’t have a raid. But she had never seen so many people before.
    “Didn’t you hear about it? They said a very rare ingredient came in this time.”
    “An ingredient?”
    “Yeah, it’s cabbage that increases sensitivity and magic power! There weren’t many, so it only appeared in the side dishes of the set meal.”
    Woojin was reminded of cabbage that increases magic power.
    He didn’t know they would serve it in the restaurant after selling it to Zeus.
    “So that’s why the waiting line was so long?”
    It seemed like they would have to wait for at least an hour to get a seat.
    “It seems like the kimchi is really delicious. Since the side dishes aren’t refillable, they order twice as much and eat it as two servings.”
    As her colleague said, people were ordering two servings of the set meal and eating it.
    “The kimchi is so delicious?”
    “I feel my magic power increasing.”
    “I-It really increased!”
    “This is amazing!”
    Praise filled the restaurant.
    The rise in sensitivity and magic power was one thing, but the taste of the kimchi was so good.
    Well, even I was surprised at first.
    Kim Yoojung fully understood their reactions.
    “…I guess it’s better to wait, right?”
    “Yeah, that’s probably the best.”

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