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    A World Beyond / So We Are Told
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    Seo Eui-woo watched Jae-jin’s face intently with an inscrutable expression. He scrutinized the moment when Jae-jin’s expressionless face blinked.

    Eui-woo’s persistent gaze relentlessly followed the trajectory of Jae-jin’s black pupils dilating and his eyelashes fluttering up and down.

    “Alright then.”

    After a long pause, Eui-woo smiled brightly.

    His long eyes melted smoothly, arching beautifully, and his well-shaped lips naturally parted.

    It was as if a hazy purple fog dissipated and a ray of light shone through, illuminating Eui-woo’s face radiantly.

    “Jae-jin, I’ll lick you.”

    But what did he mean by lick with such a pretty smiling face…?

    Eui-woo stuck out his moist tongue. The warm pink tongue darted out as if to welcome Jae-jin, then withdrew back into his mouth.

    “Guiding, I mean. Remember I said I thought of a good method earlier? Like how your mouth doesn’t get hurt when it’s wet with saliva, I can lick and wet your bottom so it won’t hurt without lubricant either. That way we can guide without pain.”


    “It’ll take quite some time but…”


    “If you lie down and spread your legs, Eui-woo will lick you.”


    His toes pointed ceilingward twitched and trembled restlessly. His whole body tensed and relaxed repeatedly, muscles twitching. Sweat oozed out and his lower half was soaked. Especially between his legs.

    “Ah, ngh, stop… enough!”

    Jae-jin dug his fingers deep into Eui-woo’s hair. He tried to grab a fistful and yank him up roughly but failed. Eui-woo had no intention of leaving the inside of Jae-jin’s thighs.

    “It hurts… More, please.”

    Replying in a muffled voice, Eui-woo licked the mucous membrane. The wet sounds didn’t cease. Even though the inner walls were thoroughly drenched and the mucosa spread open, Eui-woo was relentless.

    ‘How many minutes has it been already?’

    It felt like three hours had passed.

    ‘Until when… Just how long is he going to keep licking…?’

    Jae-jin held back his moans, gritting his teeth. Sweat drops trickled down his flushed red neck. It was getting harder to endure. If he relaxed even a little, whimpers would spill out.

    At first when his backside started getting licked, Jae-jin was unperturbed. He just took it as it came. It was better than being torn and bleeding. But he didn’t expect to be laid in bed for so long with just his behind licked continuously. The sun had set long ago and the window was pitch black, yet Eui-woo showed no sign of stopping.

    “Enough, it’s wet. Now stop, uhnn… I said enough!”

    “It hurts, you said…”

    “It’s soaked, inside’s all soaked… It’s wet, Eui-woo!”

    When he finally couldn’t take it and cried out, Eui-woo mumbled something indecipherable like “It’s tight” and reluctantly lifted his head. Thinking he could finally rest, Jae-jin went limp. Before he could relax, Eui-woo’s long thick two fingers pried inside.


    “Oh… See, I knew it wouldn’t work. It’s just wet, not loose at all. It tightens up again as soon as I put them in.”

    Jae-jin was just surprised by the sudden intrusion, but Eui-woo was careful. He pressed and felt along the inner walls with his fingers gathered, reiterating it wasn’t open enough.

    “At this rate you’ll tear again. You asked me to stop hurting you.”

    “No, this won’t get better overnight… uhnn…”

    “Just fingers are so tight and narrow, mine won’t work. But it’s better than the first time. I’ll try to loosen you more.”

    Eui-woo smiled and rubbed deep inside the hole. Jae-jin knit his brows and covered his face with his palm. Not just his nape, his whole face was bright red. This was male torture.

    Oblivious Eui-woo giggled with an innocent face and murmured languidly.

    “But this is kind of fun. I should’ve tried sooner. What a waste.”

    His long curled tongue reached below once more.

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    1. Aida
      Jan 4, '24 at 4:08 pm

      Haha..I really love them 😍
      It is great that he is learning how to treat our boy. He is really like a child, Jae-jin has to do hard work to raise him.
      Thanks for the translation✨