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    A World Beyond / So We Are Told
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    Chapter 2: Silver

    Gu Yundong had no affection for her second uncle. Initially, he and Gu Dajiang drove away the rogues together, but he was the only one who returned. This made her suspicious, linking Gu Dajiang’s disappearance to him.

    Gu Dahe ran to Gu Yundong’s side, squatted down, and pulled her sleeves without saying a word.

    “What are you doing??” Gu Yundong regained some strength and pulled his hand back.

    “Anyway, you’re going to die soon, so don’t waste the money your father left you. Your second uncle will help you honor your grandmother.” Gu Dahe picked up the nearby stone and smashed it at her head. Gu Yundong only had time to say ‘Shit’ before fainting.

    “Big sister!” Gu Yunshu screamed and rushed over to slap Gu Dahe frantically.

    Yang also reacted, put down the basket on her back, and came to scratch him.

    Gu Dahe was really entangled by the two, and he finally took two steps back. Eventually, he impatiently grabbed Gu Yunshu, put his hand around her neck, and shouted to Mrs. Yang, who was about to attack him, “Stop, or I’ll strangle your son again!”

    Mrs. Yang stopped abruptly and hesitated to move forward. She looked at her son and then at her unconscious daughter. Suddenly, she knelt down in front of Gu Dahe and pleaded, “Second uncle, please, I beg you, let him go. He’s in pain, he’s hurting.”

    Gu Yunshu’s face turned purple from being choked, and her eyes were red with tears swirling in them. However, she refused to give in. She desperately tried to break free and said, “Mom, get up, don’t kneel. He’s not human, he’s a beast. He attacked my sister and wants to kill us. Even if I become a ghost, I won’t let you off.”

    Gu Dahe paid no attention to her insults. There was no way for the Yang family to stop him. He went back to Gu Yundong’s side and tore off her sleeve. He knew that his older brother had secretly given her money for self-defense. He accidentally saw Gu Yundong sew the silver into the sleeve of her clothes, so he wanted to take it for himself.

    After all, their family wouldn’t survive in this world for much longer. It was better for him to have the money than to let it go to waste.

    Gu Dahe felt at ease when he opened her sleeve and found a couple pieces of silver. His older brother still had a sense of caring and had secretly hidden so much money.

    After obtaining the silver, Gu Dahe threw Gu Yunshu aside. Mrs. Yang quickly stepped forward to catch her, preventing her head from hitting the stone. “Ashu, your mother is here. It doesn’t hurt.”

    Gu Yunshu gasped for breath as she finally caught her breath.

    Gu Dahe stood up, glanced at them with a smug smile, and said, “Don’t blame me. It was your grandparents who decided to drive you away. I’m just following their orders as a junior.”

    After speaking, he hummed and walked confidently towards Old Man Gu and the others.

    Old Man Gu saw his second son leaving and frowned slightly. He asked, “What are you doing?”

    Gu Dahe didn’t hide anything from him and replied, “That girl still has some money hidden on her body. I’m taking it over to our parents.”

    Old Man Gu stopped him, saying, “They just ordered food. You don’t need to…”

    “Why can’t we go?” Mrs. Zhao couldn’t help but interject. “I said the boss is dishonest. He doesn’t honor our elders with money and secretly gives it to his wife and daughter. You have no conscience. We worked so hard to raise him, and now we have raised such an ungrateful person. They should have been killed long ago. What’s the point of the second child getting the money? It’s better to give it to us.”

    After a long pause, Old Man Gu sighed and said, “It’s their fate.” He tacitly agreed with Zhao’s words.

    Gu Dahe collected the money with peace of mind and said, “Mother, I’ll keep this money for you. I’m young and strong, and it’s not easy to lose it.”

    Zhao glanced at him but said nothing. She didn’t want to make her son unhappy over a few pennies in this world. If she angers him and he leaves her as an old woman, she won’t be able to survive. She thought that it wasn’t much money, so it was up to him.


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