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Chapter 1

“From the Solar System Alliance viewers, the s10 Pan-Solar System Mech Tournament has come to a successful close, let’s congratulate the warriors of the Lunar United Provinces for their victory with a huge advantage of 25,000 points. The runner-up is the soldiers of the Martian Republic, the third is the USE of the Earth Federation, the fourth is the Titan and the Star City of the United Federation of Stars, thank you for their wonderful battle.”
This most watched event in the human world has come to an end after a month of fighting, with NUP defending their position as the overlord and further widening the gap. As of s10, NUP has six championships, USE has two championships, and ROM has two. The previous few sessions were alternately dominated by the three federations, but NUP has recently shown signs of monopolizing.
The night of the final of the Solar System Mech Tournament is also known as the Super Starlight, and in the s10 under the gaze of the public, the organizers invited the currently most popular super idol Arths to sing five songs on the Super Starlight, making s10 a classic of the Mech Tournament.
In fact, Arths doesn’t understand mechs very well, but the organizers went to great lengths to match the strongest competition with the most popular idol, and finally Arths was moved by sincerity and made this grand event happen.
The one and a half month long competition attracted more than two billion people in the solar system to watch, whether it was the super high level displayed or the classic repertoire Arths dedicated, all unprecedented.
However, the anticipated Earth-Moon showdown turned into a monopoly of the Moon, not only winning the championship, but also widening the gap. Even more unexpectedly, ROM actually surpassed USE, which surprised many people. The Martian finally found their style in the direction of the mecha, and the Martian warriors’ bravery, especially their willingness to take risks and win in critical moments, played to the fullest.
In contrast to the praise from the outside world, the Martians themselves are very dissatisfied. They have only one goal, to become the first in the human world.
At this time, the highest peak of the solar system, Olympus Mountain on Mars, has begun a new round of special training.
From a certain perspective, the Mech Tournament is also a comprehensive national strength contest. NUP has been economically and technologically ahead of the Solar System Alliance, and it is only a matter of time before it becomes the dominant force. Mars has made great progress in the past few decades, and even TAS has shown its own style in this competition. The “Giant God Soldier” mecha seems clumsy, but its attack power is amazing. As the former leader of the solar system, USE can only be described as inadequate.
The stage creates heroes.
This year’s tournament awarded the “Top Ten Mech Pilots”, “Top Ten Mechas”, and “Top Ten Solar System Military Academies”. Among the top ten pilots, the moon occupied seven people, known as the new “Big Dipper Seven Stars”.
NUP’s Alexis Starlight Mech Academy became the top military academy in the solar system and won the trophy of the God of War, the highest honor.
S10 is the carnival of the moon people, they completed the second two consecutive championships, and once again have the opportunity to impact the three consecutive championships.
After a tournament, both fame and fortune have been achieved, and once again proved that NUP’s positioning of light and medium-sized super mechas, that is, 50-60 tons, will become the mainstream in the near future.
At this time, on Earth, in a dormitory in Tianjing, the first city in Asia.
“Damn it, Xiao Pang, your eyeballs are about to fall into it. I really don’t understand you. What’s the point of seeing and not touching?” Ma Long, who was handsome in a white shirt and light-colored jeans, couldn’t help but complain. He couldn’t understand this spiritual satisfaction at all.
“Malong, you don’t understand, arths is my goddess!” Zuoxiaotang’s eyes were glued to the screen, and even the screen was reluctant to lick it. He was arths’s diehard fan and also a small cadre of Tianjing fan club. Arths was not only his idol, but also his spiritual pillar. Xiaopang was the best character in the dormitory. This year, he was very hard-working in the dormitory, but there was one thing that no one dared to black arths. He was six relatives.
“You, a thousand birds in the forest are not as good as one bird in the hand, be a man and land a little.” Malong said with a sneer, arths is poisonous, can not look at it, look at it will be addicted, even Malong this battle-hardened can not bear it.
The boy on the far left was watching the award ceremony and playing dumbbells. His whole body was full of solid muscles. He was also the best student in the dormitory. Wuzang, nicknamed “rolling man”, this rolling is not slag, is a steel rolling man.
“We have to admit that the nup players have advantages in mecha understanding, physical quality, and combat skills.” Wuzang looked at Tianxun live full of envy, “Brother Hao, you really guessed it, but I always feel that the light mecha is defective. This time the failure is There is a component of the enemy, this year will be different.”
Before the game started, the other three people thought that there was a fight on the earth, but the result was a complete defeat. If it was not for Titan’s comprehensive strength, the earth might have been at the bottom.
“The right is the best,” Malong said with a shrug. “The natural genetic selection of the lunar people is the most complete. They have innate advantages. The new mecha is difficult to use and requires great physical requirements, but the upper limit of performance is also high. The lunar people are determined to take the high-end route and leave others behind.
“When to eat ah?” Li Hao touched his stomach.
“It’s not meal time yet. Today I invite my brothers and sisters. Tomorrow, you will all come to help me. Brothers work together, the benefits are broken.”
Ma Longxue is the president of the Photography Club. His wish is to record youth and beauty.
The 4396 dormitory is still a little famous in Tianjing Mecha Military Academy. As the No. 1 military academy in Asia, it must be a gathering of elites. Li Hao, Zuoxiaotang, Wuzang and Malong are 87 years old. Wuzang is a special mecha department. The Wuzang family is not only in Tianjing, but also in Asia. It is a martial arts family. The foundation is good. Last year, he represented the new mecha department and gave a speech.
Ma Long, male, love female, from Longgang City, special star war department, new student night one song fame, one week to deal with the big two of Shen Man shi ge, this is the president of the Dance Club, the big beauty of the news department, from then on the two people double room double fly, the gods and goddesses, sprinkle dog food, torture the dormitory The little partners don’t want it.
As for Li Hao and Zuoxiaotang are childhood friends, they are all Tianjing people who are born and raised. Zuoxiaotang’s people are a little chubby and round-faced. They are very cute and harmless. The fighting style is severely scientific. They are garbage fighters at close range, but they are very talented in shooting, especially in sniping. It is said that when they were recruited, the teachers also argued.
Li Hao, the head of the 4396 dormitory, is the oldest. He applied for the news department of Tianjing Mecha Military Academy. I don’t know how to be adjusted to the mecha department. At the beginning, Wuzang and Malong had some opinions. After all, young people, the most can’t stand the back door, with Malong’s words, the back door is not important, how many have a little material, material?
At the beginning of all kinds of targeted, Li Hao did not angry, later from Zuoxiaotang to understand Li Hao is an orphan, no back door, he is also very inexplicable, so he also relieved, a trench brother, soon became a piece.
“Brother Hao, Xiaopang, you two this semester really have to be careful, you know that we have changed the school principal, the federal this time to move the big surgery, Colonel Long Danni is not easy to provoke, you two really have to work hard , Hao Ge, your emp training can not be used in virtual mode, that stuff is not only cool, really useless.” Malong said.
Emp system is developed by the Solar System Alliance Research Headquarters, covering the mecha types of the Four Alliances, and will be updated from time to time.
It is divided into two modes, virtual mode and real mode. The virtual mode is a kind of experience. It is open to the public and anyone can enjoy the fun of mecha. This is also an important reason why the Mecha Tournament has so many fans.
Professional military school students or amateur players who score more than 500 and pass the physical test can get the real mode.
The training in the EMP building is divided into two modes, real and virtual. In real mode, users experience 70% of the real mecha’s impact and body burden. This mode is only for professionals. The Alliance started with virtual mode because of funding issues. They thought that raising a little money was better than nothing, and they didn’t do much promotion. However, virtual mode quickly became popular and the Alliance couldn’t bear to give up such a large income source. Now it has become the mainstream entertainment mode. Surprisingly, women make up 40% of users in virtual mode, which is quite amazing.

The scoring rules for EMP are very different between the two modes. In virtual mode, the score one gets for winning is very low. The mode is mainly for entertainment, so even the top players only get 400-500 points. To get a high score, one must use real mode.

For example, in the recent Pan-Solar System Tournament, the qualifying criteria for applicants from Asia were an EMP score of 1200 or above, or a grade A in one particular ability.

In 4396 Dormitory, the best performer is Wushang, with a score of 1296 at the end of the year. He didn’t have any special rush, but he is definitely a 2000-level player this year. Second is Malong, with 1020 points. Keep in mind that Malong majors in Starship Engineering, which is a very high level. He is a typical player who excels in both academics and social life, and also has hobbies in photography and drama.

Lihao and Zuoxiaotang have around 800 points each, but Zuoxiaotang has a grade A in shooting training. The only thing that worries everyone is Lihao. Actually, all three of them know that Lihao worked very hard throughout the first year. He was very disciplined and often left early in the morning and came back with breakfast for everyone. He played EMP the most, but his score is only around 800, which means his win rate must be quite low. But even so, no one in the dormitory is willing to ask him about it.

“Don’t worry, I’ll use real mode less in the future. Even if it’s for you guys, I can’t leave. Without me, you’ll all starve to death.” Lihao said with a smile.

“Brother Hao, feel free to ask us for help whenever you need it. Don’t be polite!” Malong patted his chest and said. Although he doesn’t major in mecha, he is quite confident in his own abilities.

Wushang just looked at Lihao and didn’t say much.

In the evening, Malong went on a date with his girlfriend. He called it “the last supper” and his main goal for the new year is to get his little sister.

As the head of the fan club, Zuoxiaotang is very busy. Recently, her performance in the mecha tournament has made her even more popular. As loyal fans, they are very happy and have a lot of work to do. There are always two or three news items related to ARTHS in the top ten of the news search engine. Although she looks gentle and harmless in real life, once she enters fan mode, she is a completely different person.

Lihao and Wushang went to the EMP building together. The 18-story building is brightly lit and is one of the landmark buildings of Tianjing Mecha. There are many people who like to train here, of course, there are also “newbies” who get beaten up.

This is called “training and entertainment”.
“Although Haolong likes to brag, he didn’t exaggerate this time. The failure of the competition has angered the upper echelons, especially when several EMP records were taken away by the Moon people. Our old principal actually has three more years before retirement, but he’s leaving now. Almost all of the military academies have replaced the young people, and the mecha and starship departments can’t be mixed… If you need a training partner, I can be available at any time.” Wuzang said.
Wuzang doesn’t talk much in the dormitory, but he trains very actively. If it wasn’t for his lack of experience, he could have participated in the competition last year. Of course, according to the standards of the competition, he was still a little short of fire, but it is really possible to achieve results after a year of training this year.
Li Hao patted Wuzang, “Don’t worry, I have a few…”
“Haolong, I actually noticed that you went to the EMP more times than I did, but you need to pay attention to the method, especially the virtual mode is really not good. The more you fail, the more you need to find the feeling from actual combat. Our physical condition is too superior. It’s cool, but it’s of no benefit. I feel that Principal Long will prohibit military academy students from using virtual mode this year. There is no enough tolerance and burden to operate.” Wuzang said seriously.
Li Hao touched his nose. Wuzang is a straightforward person. He doesn’t talk around. “Okay, okay, I swear, I really don’t use virtual mode. I’ll study hard and make progress every day!”
In fact… well, how to say it, he really didn’t use virtual mode, but he also used virtual mode.
Wuzang chose a machine room and went in. Li Hao smiled. Suddenly, the Tianxun rang. Li Hao glanced at it. His eyes flashed with a strange color, but he recovered normal in the next moment.
There was an anonymous email in Tianxun.

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Mech Storm

Mech Storm

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The Solar System Alliance formed the secret organization, the Apocalypse Class, in order to investigate the mysteries of the soul. This organization gathered together young people from the four great federations of the Solar System who were gifted with talents, but a major accident occurred during their research, resulting in many casualties. The first offender was imprisoned and the Apocalypse Class was disbanded. The records were sealed and became taboo. Five years later, the first-ranked Toujin from Asia arrived at the Tianjing Military Academy in the Pan-Solar System Mecha Tournament, just like a manna from heaven. This marked the beginning of the rebuilding process. However, this was only the beginning. Incredible things began to happen frequently, and the center of the vortex was a little-known sophomore. Mecha, the ultimate romance for men.



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