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Chapter 1


 Chapter 1 Date


Lee Heena, twenty. My life was so easy. No, it was comfortable. We weren’t a wealthy family, but our home was harmonious and I never had a big fight with my parents or my brother. What kind of fight could there be? My parents were kind and my brother always looked out for me, even if we sometimes played around. When I heard my friends talk about how their siblings weren’t getting along, I realized how special our family was. 

Besides the harmonious home, the other thing that made my life so easy was my looks. I didn’t need any other beauty. I was just pretty. Big eyes, delicate features, and a head of hair that fell like silk. All of these elements combined to make up my appearance and I was praised from a young age. Everyone was drawn to me and it was just a normal part of life. Of course, there were some inconveniences that came with it, but not enough to outweigh the benefits. 

I’ve been living like this for twenty years. From elementary school to middle school, to high school graduation. Looking back on all the people I’ve met and all the experiences I’ve had, I’m glad that I was able to think quickly and grow faster than my peers. I wanted to be a person of substance, so I studied as much as I could until high school.

I was determined. Thanks to that, I was able to get into the top universities with some compromises, but I didn’t think it was necessary to go that far. I believed that the title of the university was important, but it wasn’t everything, and I wanted to relieve my parents of some burden. So I chose to enter a university with a scholarship. 

Although it was early, I was looking forward to my first campus life. People of various types gathered from all over the country. There were interesting people, friends who got along, people who were superficial, and people who were tactless. I could see so many people. Maybe because I had seen various people since I was young, it was more enjoyable than I thought to see such human types. 

And among those many people, there was him. Han Yeon Hoo. We were in the same major, so we had a friendly relationship from the beginning. My first impression of him was, well, he looked kind. He wore big glasses and smiled whenever I saw him. It wasn’t that great of a standard for a woman to evaluate a man, but I didn’t have much interest in dating from the beginning, so I thought it wasn’t bad to evaluate him as someone I could just keep in contact with. 

And from that first impression, I liked him. Of course, it wasn’t like I liked him like a fool. Although he had some competitive aspects as a human being, if we had any kind of interaction, anyone would have thought of him that way. Moreover, talking to him was quite enjoyable and if we had an agreement for a group project, he would never be late. He was also easy to get along with as he didn’t give off a strong presence or be annoying. 

Of course, I thought he had some kind of liking for me. I may sound conceited, but I think more than 90% of the men I’ve met in my life have shown some kind of liking for me. However, the way they show their liking varies greatly. Some were too pushy, some were slowly getting closer, some were giving me presents to the point of making me feel uncomfortable, and some were confessing publicly and making me feel awkward. 

Among them, he was the one who was already giving up and the connection between us was already clear. Whenever there was something to do, he would contact me without hesitation, and after finishing the task or small talk, he would immediately leave. He was really a convenient friend for me who didn’t let any misunderstandings or assumptions happen, and sometimes he was even closer to me than my other male friends. 

That’s why I was careless around him and I think I liked him too. He asked me out while we were preparing for a group presentation. We had been getting along relatively well compared to other guys, and with the addition of alcohol, he probably didn’t realize he was confessing. His face seemed to say he regretted it the moment the words left his mouth. 

I was about to reject him, thinking we could go back to how we were before. Even though we hadn’t been close for a long time, I had my own way of seeing people. And his behavior and attitude for the past six months in front of me gave me some confidence. But at the moment he was about to say it, I was a bit tipsy. 

I thought for a moment. Honestly, I had received many confessions and there were people who were better looking and smarter than the person in front of me. But I hadn’t done it out of obligation, I just hadn’t had anyone I was interested in. So, would it be okay? He was a nice person and easy to talk to, and I hadn’t seen any bad or pretentious qualities in him. Even if this emotion wasn’t love, it would be a good experience to have my first relationship. With that thought,

 I said, “Sure, let’s date.” 

“Huh… sorry, I.. what?  Did you say date?”

 “Haha” His shocked expression as he dropped his glass made me laugh. 

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My girlfriend is very good to me

My girlfriend is very good to me

여자친구님이 너무 잘해줌
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
She's beautiful and treats me extremely well, even though I haven't confessed to her and she's the one who confessed to me. Why me?



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