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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

In the evening, the sun sets in the west! A young child, sitting on the steps of a wide courtyard, stares at the ground in a daze, looking like an old man. This child is named Qimu Qianye, the son of Mu Ye Baiya Qimu Shuo Mao, and he has an older brother named Qimu Kakashi.
“Life is full of hope and then disappointment,” Qianye said with a sigh of helplessness as he looked up.
Qianye was originally a poor loser in the 21st century, but he accidentally crossed over to the world of Naruto after watching the anime of One Piece and playing the game of Naruto.
At first, he was delighted to become the son of Qimu Shuo Mao and thought he could change his life and become a rich and handsome man.
But other crossers either went to the Uchiha clan or the Thousand-Handed clan, and even had a powerful system lord. They were all invincible and had no chance to fight back.
Qianye thought about it and found that he was born in the Qimu family and had no special bloodline limit, no powerful system, only a little talent that he didn’t know was good or bad.
Perhaps, Qianye was the most unsuccessful crosser, not getting any benefit at all.
So, since he couldn’t change his starting point, he had to work harder to practice. He didn’t want to be the worst crosser in this chaotic world and become a cannon fodder.
After complaining, the four-year-old Qianye started a new round of practice before it got dark.
After all, his six-year-old brother Kakashi was a genius. He had graduated from the Ninja School and became a Chunin at this age, and was very famous in Konoha Village.
As Kakashi’s younger brother and a crosser, Qianye must not be weaker than Kakashi and must surpass him.
According to Qimu Shuo Mao’s opinion, he hoped that Qianye would not practice ninjutsu before the age of five, but spend more time and energy to consolidate his physical foundation and improve his physical fitness, which would be more beneficial for his future development.
After another round of practice, Qianye’s tender cheeks were already sweating, and he lay on the ground exhausted, panting.
“If I had a powerful system, my father wouldn’t have to practice so hard. He could just turn on the cheat and it would be great. Damn crossing, why didn’t it give me any benefit?” Qianye couldn’t help but complain.
“The host’s physical strength has reached the system binding requirements. The One Piece system is binding!” A sudden voice sounded in Qianye’s mind.
“What!” Qianye, who was lying on the ground, instinctively sat up.
“System binding completion rate 20%”
“System binding completion rate 50%”
“System binding completion rate 80%”
“System binding completed, congratulations to the host for obtaining the One Piece system.”
A pleasant female voice sounded in Qianye’s mind.
“oh god, I thought I was an ordinary time traveler, but the system only appeared now. It’s really worth the wait. Chiyo was excited and stood up from the ground, cheering and dancing with joy.
“The host’s data is as follows:
Host name: Chiyo Qimu
Gender: Male
Age: 4
Height: 120
Physical strength: 250 (normal person is 100)
Ninjutsu: None
Chakra attribute: Lightning, Fire
Score: 0 (used to exchange various skills and weapons)
“System Lord, since you are the Pirate King system, are the attributes related to the Pirate King?” Chiyo slowly calmed down from the initial excitement and asked.
“That’s right. The things the host exchanges from the system mall in the future will be related to the Pirate King.” The system responded to Chiyo.
“Then this is our first meeting, can you give me a powerful Devil Fruit ability?” Chiyo asked eagerly.
If he could get a Logia Fruit, and get such an ability, then Chiyo would be happy, it was almost invincible, and he could crush his opponents.
“The host’s current score is 0, and cannot buy Logia Fruit.”
“Then I’m poor now, what benefits can I have?” Chiyo shrugged and said.
“The host has successfully bound the system and can get a chance to draw in the mall. Do you want to draw?” The system prompted Chiyo.
“Draw, draw, I must get a big prize.” Chiyo said impatiently.
The Pirate King system immediately switched to the mall interface and then drew.
“The host’s luck is really good, drew the Logia Fruit.” The system mall interface changed and the Logia Fruit appeared.
“My luck is not ordinary, if there is a chance to draw again, maybe I can draw the Rumble Fruit.” Chiyo was so excited that he cheered and couldn’t calm down.
“The host gets the Logia Fruit ability, and it has been modified by the system. Even if the host falls into the water, he can still use the ability and will not be afraid of Sea Stone.”
Chiyo was worried about cultivating ninjutsu before, but now he has the ability of Logia Fruit, and he doesn’t need to think about those things. He can immediately use the powerful fire, which is comparable to Fire Release.
“Let me try the Logia Fruit ability.” Chiyo couldn’t wait to try.
I saw that his right hand was raised, a flame burst out, floating on his palm, constantly jumping and changing shape.
Then Chiyo’s body shook, the flame quickly rushed out, surrounded his body, as if he was submerged in it, reflecting him, looking very powerful.
Although Chiyo is only four years old, his strength is very good, and he is not a problem in the battle of ninjutsu.
“Haha, cool, it should be so domineering.” Chiyo laughed, although his voice was a bit childish, but it did not affect his good mood.

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Pirate in Naruto World

Pirate in Naruto World

Score 4.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: Chinese
Crossing into the world of Naruto, and acquiring the One Piece system, with all the powers of the world of One Piece, swordsmanship, devil fruit, domineering. -Do you think that your fire is very powerful? I have the burning fruit. -Do you think that your thunder is very powerful? I have a thundering fruit. -Do you think that your otter is very powerful? I have the frozen fruit. -Did you said you want to die? Don’t worry, I also have a nickname: Death Doctor.



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