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    A World Beyond / So We Are Told
    Mukhyang Cover
    Action Adventure Fantasy


    by admin

    The human who sought the end of martial arts could not be left alone by those around him. Inevitably entangled in the complex chains of hidden plots, Mukhyang is branded as the worst demon in history. However, he is a true ‘great man’ who walks the path of the ‘Great Mind’, solely pursuing the ultimate in martial arts. He is more dragon-like than a dragon itself!

    Mukhyang, who has lived a life of a hundred years, traversing the martial world and the fantasy continent, ensnared in conspiracies. After decades, he returns to the martial world, intending to untangle the hidden plots he has encountered over the years. He begins to sort out the chaotic Central Plains.

    1. Mukhyang Chapter 1
      2,227 Words
    2. Mukhyang Chapter 2
      1,444 Words