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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Blasphemy prolong

The Odysseus Temple, located at the foot of the Alaskan snow mountains, is one of the nineteen grand temples on the continent dedicated to the supreme Creator God. The entire temple is built of ivory-white marble, with twenty-four marble columns at the front, each large enough for two people to embrace. The columns are carved with praises for the Creator God and his followers.

At the top of the temple stands an angel statue, its wings radiating a soft, milky-white magical glow that envelops the entire temple.

The construction of the Odysseus Temple took sixteen years. On the day of its completion, thousands of horns sounded in the sky, petals fell like rain, and a white holy light descended from the heavens. An angel with wings appeared faintly in the holy light, blessing the temple with the divine spell “Angel’s Blessing”. Since then, the Odysseus Temple has always been enveloped in holy light, becoming the only temple among the nineteen where a divine miracle was shown upon its completion, apart from the Bright Grand Temple where the Pope resides.

The fifty-five-year-old red-robed bishop, Blaine, slowly closed the “Holy Prayers” in front of him, ending the evening prayer. The white-robed choir girls silently retreated, but the lofty and solemn hymns seemed to still echo in the air. Staring at the flames on the altar, Blaine felt an inexplicable agitation and palpitation in his heart.

When the moon Modis had passed halfway across the sky, Blaine finally identified the source of his unease. Yes, it was the saintly girl, Wina, who had just arrived at the temple today. Her face, with its classical sculptural beauty, her upright nose, her lips as if carved by a knife, all exuded a holy aura. Her every move, the curves faintly visible under her white robe, seemed to appear before Blaine’s eyes again.

“That’s an angel!!” Blaine muttered to himself. He felt his mouth dry, but he couldn’t find any water nearby. He cursed softly, stood up, and left the temple.

Saint Wina grew up beside the Pope, and no one knew where she came from. For seventeen years, this was the first time she had stepped out of the Bright Grand Temple.

Beneath Wina’s icy neck, the holy white robe could not hide the subtle movements that faintly revealed her fluctuations. That fluctuation kept expanding in Blaine’s mind, burning his nerves. For the first time, Blaine even wished he was a thief, so he could… Blaine gave a bitter smile. No kind of thief could deal with a level sixteen light mage, and he himself, after more than forty years of practice in the church, was only a level thirteen light mage. God is indeed partial!

He looked up at the moon, only to find a hint of blood-red in the moonlight tonight. As Blaine was somewhat surprised, his vision suddenly darkened, and the holy light of the temple disappeared!

Darkness is one of the things Blaine hates the most. He suppressed his panic, murmured softly, and drew complex symbols with his fingers, preparing to cast the third-level divine spell “Holy Light”. In addition to driving away evil, this spell can also temporarily serve as a light source.

A black hand, or to be precise, a hand bone, etched with countless magic symbols, silently touched Blaine’s throat from behind. With a gentle stroke of the index finger, Blaine’s Holy Light spell had no chance to be cast.

A fully armored warrior stood next to Blaine’s body. He was dressed in deep black full-body armor, holding a two-handed long sword burning with black magic flames. Only from the hand bone holding the sword could one tell that it was a skeleton. As it pointed its sword forward, countless skeleton warriors emerged from the darkness and swarmed towards the temple. Occasionally, an undead knight riding a flame bone horse would rush out of the darkness and into the camps of the temple knights on both sides of the church.

“What is this!! Guards! Guards! Get up!!”

With a commotion, the temple knights woke up. There are a total of four hundred temple knights in the Odysseus Temple. The well-trained knights quickly put on simple armor, some of them desperately blocking the seemingly endless skeleton soldiers at the camp gate, while others quickly armed themselves. Occasionally, priests have already started casting spells.

Under the dim holy light in the main hall, Wina’s icy face showed no fluctuations, she looked proudly at the undead mage in front of her.

The undead mage was draped in a black robe, with pale flames burning in his eye sockets.

“I am Rodriguez, the undead mage you have been looking for for three hundred years.” Rodriguez’s voice sounded directly in Wina’s heart.

Wina was immediately taken aback. With her power as a level sixteen light mage, she is already close to being a demigod. This undead mage was able to break through her mental defenses and speak directly in her heart, doesn’t that mean his mental power is so strong that he can control her? And this name, the most powerful undead mage Rodriguez, even thinking about it in her heart would be tainted by his evil!

“Let’s see the true identity of the saint!” Rodriguez’s voice sounded again in Wina’s heart. The undead mage’s eyes flamed up, and a cold mental wave rushed into Wina’s mind and exploded. Wina groaned, and a trace of blood flowed from the corner of her mouth. Then one mental shock after another exploded directly in Wina’s mind.

She staggered, amazed at Rodriguez’s overwhelming power. “Why, why would such powerful evil escape our Heavenly Father’s eyes??” With the arrival of another mental shock, a surging force suddenly erupted from the depths of Wina’s soul. The hymn of praise to God sounded again in the temple, and beams of holy light burst from Wina’s body, dispelling Rodriguez’s mental shock. A pair of pure white wings, flashing with a hint of golden light, slowly spread out from behind Wina. Under the power of the holy, Wina slowly floated into the air, her eyes had completely turned silver-white.

“In the name of the Holy Heavenly Father, I will destroy the evil before me!” Wina’s voice at this moment was still pleasant, but it no longer carried any human emotions. As she chanted, hundreds of light spheres quickly condensed around her.

“Hehe” Rodriguez laughed lowly, “I thought you were just an ordinary angel, but it turns out you are a mid-level Light Angel, it seems your supreme god has not blessed you.”

With the completion of the Light Angel spell, the hymn in the temple suddenly became high-pitched, and the light bullets flew towards Rodriguez like rain. The undead mage tapped his staff, and gray-white flames spewed out from around his body, forming a flame shield. Countless light bullets violently hit the flame shield, each explosion making the flames shake and dim a bit. In a moment, the undead mage had already endured the impact of hundreds of light bullets, and the shield was shaky. It was this moment of respite that Rodriguez’s spell was ready. As he finished drawing the last magic symbol with his finger, “bang”, his left hand completely turned into bone dust..

A huge magic circle appeared on the ground behind Wina, and black flames shot up into the sky. From the void above the magic circle, a huge bone dragon skull emerged. The bone dragon stared at the Light Angel, and its huge body slowly walked out of the void. Two-thirds of the temple hall was already occupied by this unprecedentedly huge bone dragon.

Wina, who had fully recovered her Light Angel battle form, should not be afraid of bone dragons, the strongest undead creatures. However, there was something indescribable about the bone dragon in front of her. Ordinary bone dragons are not this big, at most only two-thirds the size of the one in front of her, their skeletons are pale or dark gray, and due to years of sleep, they are often covered with dust and cobwebs. This bone dragon was deep black, and occasionally a few faintly visible curse symbols appeared on its bones. Wina’s unease grew stronger, as a Light Angel, she should be able to deal with two bone dragons, why would she be afraid?

“No, it seems I’ve never heard of a summoned bone dragon?!”

Wina’s wings retracted, her white robe fluttered without wind, and the hymn in the temple reached its peak. She released the strongest magic of the Light Angel, “Light Angel’s Protection”, a spherical milky-white light shield protected her.

“I’ve told you, the Supreme God did not bless you,” the cold voice of the undead mage echoed once again in Wina’s heart. The skeletal wings of the bone dragon flapped, its head raised to the sky, a silent roar spreading rapidly. Outside the temple, the temple knights and priests who were desperately attacking the undead creatures, trying to break into the temple, seemed to be hit hard. Some of the weaker knights spat out a mouthful of blood and slowly collapsed. Wina’s protective wall also fluctuated, pushing her back a few steps.

“Just barely withstanding the dragon’s roar, if it’s the dragon’s breath…” Wina didn’t have time to think, she turned and tried to run. Then, the silent dragon’s breath arrived. Wina’s protective wall began to fluctuate violently, appearing and disappearing. Suddenly, a strong light, almost blinding, accompanied by a sudden storm, swept everything in the temple.

When everything calmed down, Wina was embedded in the wall of the temple, her white robe torn into shreds. Her skin, like ice and snow, was mostly exposed, covered in blood. As the storm subsided, Wina’s body slid to the ground, leaving a shocking trail of blood on the wall.

“Hehe, worthy of being a light angel, you only suffered a minor injury after taking the breath of the demon dragon Attestegra. But now your divine power is exhausted.” Wina spat out a mouthful of blood, barely pulling up her shattered robe to cover her exposed breasts, and said with difficulty, “You should know that everything you’ve done today cannot escape the eyes of the Heavenly Father. Even if your power surpasses mine, you won’t be a match for any of the main gods. Cough, cough… Besides, the light of judgment will soon descend, no matter where you hide, you can’t escape the fate of being purified.”

“It seems you still don’t know what I want. As an undead mage, my power has reached the limit of this world. No matter what, the light of judgment will descend on me! God will not allow a power that can threaten him to exist! I’ve been hiding for three hundred years, I don’t want to hide anymore! Now, my lovely light angel, give me your soul.”

“What! No!!! No…” Wina suddenly screamed, completely losing the holy appearance of a light angel. The undead mage began to chant a spell again, and his left arm bone turned into ashes. As the spell was completed, a figure slowly walked into the temple from outside, it was Bishop Bren. His usually well-maintained face was now iron blue, the wound in his throat had bled dry, and the exposed flesh was pale. Bren saw Wina, his gaze gradually focused on her white, straight legs, which were covered in blood and bruises. His desire in life was amplified a thousand times under the effect of the undead spell! The bishop roared like a beast in his throat and pounced on the light angel.

Wina calmed down, gathering her remaining divine power, ignoring the red-robed bishop who was scratching, biting, and gnawing on her body, and mocked the undead mage, “Do you think you can get my soul like this?”

“Of course not just like this!” Rodriguez’s right arm exploded again, several strands of black energy emerged and quickly entered Wina’s body. Wina was horrified to find that the divine power she had gathered for self-destruction was completely driven away by these strands of death energy, and then these strands of black energy wrapped around her soul, preventing it from ascending to the heavenly realm.

“The undead curse that I paid with my body is not so easy to break, so, let our performance begin in this sacred place! Hahaha!” Wina and the bishop’s naked bodies slowly rose and flew to the altar. The holy light that had never dissipated on the altar was now replaced by a faint black energy, and the once most sacred place had become a paradise of evil, desire, and fear.

The bishop madly ravaged the white body beneath him, and turbid yellow liquid dripped from his tongue. His purple hands molded Wina’s full breasts into various strange shapes. Wina bit her tongue, and a sharp scream tore through the undead mage’s barrier and pierced the bloody night sky.

In several mysterious temples on the continent, some consciousnesses were waking up from deep sleep, looking in the direction of the temple. All the people in Pus Port woke up from their nightmares. Some people walked out of their homes and were shocked to find that the night sky had turned a dark blood red, and the temple that used to be visible at a glance had disappeared into the night. Slowly, it seemed as if the whole world was slightly shaking.

The temple echoed with the bishop’s heavy breathing like a beast, and the golden altar made a harsh squeaking sound, as if it couldn’t bear the weight. Outside the temple, white clouds rose quickly in the sky, rolling towards the temple. The blood cloud covering the temple was soon exhausted, compressed into a small sky directly above the temple, but still struggling to support. Angry thunder sounded in the white clouds, and holy light shot down through the clouds. The undead creatures at the edge of the temple began to burn immediately under the illumination of the holy light. Waves of painful, silent screams hit all directions.

The undead mage kept chanting spells, and the bones on his body exploded one after another. The flames in his eyes were even more intense, staring hard at the entangled bodies on the altar. With a roar like a muffled thunder, the most evil seeds were scattered all over Wina’s body.

Wina’s spirit finally collapsed at that moment. The undead mage’s eyes flared, and her skull exploded. A transparent, but black-wrapped figure flew out. The undead mage opened his mouth and spat out a bead, with layers of extremely complex magic arrays floating around the bead.

“Under this artifact soul bead, I’ll see where you can escape, hahaha!”

The transparent light angel’s soul was instantly sucked into the bead. The undead mage glanced at the soul imprisoned in the bead, and his low laughter was like thunder exploding in the sky. Then his remaining skull also exploded, and a strand of black energy drilled into the bead.

In the sky, the white clouds were shooting out strands of pale blue flames, the blood cloud had been burned almost completely, and Pus Port was also illuminated as if it were daytime. The residents of the city stood on the street, looking fearfully at the strange phenomena between heaven and earth.

The hymn that echoed through the clouds rang again, a white beam of light descended from the sky, and the temple covered by the beam began to burn, and strands of black breath quickly disappeared in the flames.

In the holy year 682, the Odysseus temple was desecrated by the undead. The most powerful undead mage, Rodriguez, was obliterated by the light of judgment descended by the angry sky god. The Odysseus temple, known as the Temple of Brilliance, was burned to ruins by the fire of purification.

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!


Born into an age of turmoil, God died. But did the truth die as well?
A man who would sleep until he naturally awoke. A man who counted money until his hands cramped. By a random stroke of fate, a despicable, cunning rascal who loves to fight and chase girls becomes the successor to the departed soul of a great necromancer who once challenged the gods.
Like a little fish in a big river, Rogge aimlessly seeks his fate. He gets involved with the fairy race, God’s realm, the dwarf country, and other dimensions, as well as in politics, war, and trade. Within his adventures, he finds lucky encounters left and right as his achievements spiral upwards to ever greater heights.



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