C3 P2

C3 P2

Making the videos was easy.

First, he showed himself setting off on a trip with the truck and the camping box, then he edited and displayed scenes of him driving the truck and resting in the camping box.

Of course, he was careful not to show his face.

He captured the scene of preparing and eating dinner as an ASMR.

Although the progress wasn’t much different from other camping YouTubers, Woojin targeted that.

Adding 1% of novelty to the familiar development.

After a final check, Woojin shut down the computer only after finishing the upload.

“Woojin, are you done with the computer?”

Just then, his uncle came in with a cup noodle and a hot bar.

“Yes. Are you giving those to me?”

“What are you talking about? Move over a bit. I have a drama to watch.”

“A drama?”

“Yes. There’s a lot of fun stuff on Netflix.”

“Don’t watch too much. I didn’t buy it for you to watch dramas.”

“Hmm, this is my house. I pay for the electricity bill, you know?”

Ignoring his uncle, who sat down heavily on the chair to watch the drama, Woojin went into the space.


As if complaining about his late arrival, the cat came over to Woojin and rubbed its head against him.
“Sorry, I had something to deal with.”


The little creature seemed to accept his apology.

Come to think of it, he hadn’t given the cat a name yet.

“Hmm, what should your name be?”

Just for reference, Woojin was terrible at coming up with names.

When he was a child, he named his cousin Yoojung’s pet hamster ‘Squirrel’ and got smacked for it.

He thought it was a pretty good name, though.

What about a powerful name?

“How about Kaiser Soze? Shortened to Kaiser.”

Just then, the cat bit Woojin’s calf.

Clearly, it didn’t approve.

“You don’t like it that much?”

He had given the name quite some thought, thinking it was cool.

While petting the cat’s head, Woojin pondered and then snapped his fingers.

A perfect name for the white, snow-like furred cat came to mind.

“How about Milk? Milk.”

Apparently satisfied with the name Milk, the cat let out a happy meow.

With a smile, Woojin took a shovel from the truck and crossed over to the dense forest.

He had brought the shovel to collect young saplings to plant in his space.

As he wandered around, contemplating which tree would be best, a particular young sapling caught his eye.

“What a beautiful tree.”

Unlike ordinary trees, this sapling had a blue hue.

The glossy, turquoise leaves instantly captured Woojin’s heart.

“It’s not some kind of poisonous tree, right?”

Upon closer examination, he noticed signs of insects nibbling on the leaves.

“It should be safe.”

It was too beautiful a sapling to give up on due to mere suspicion.

Woojin started to dig around the sapling with his shovel, careful not to damage the roots.

After gathering 12 saplings, Woojin immediately returned to his space.


Milk, who had been resting at home, rushed over to greet Woojin.

“That’s interesting. Maybe because it’s still a kitten?”

People who keep cats are generally referred to as ‘cat butlers’.

Cats usually have their own solid world and rarely act affectionate, or so he had heard.

After petting Milk’s head, Woojin looked at the collected saplings.

Where should he plant them?

After some thought, he decided on a spot where the sunlight was strongest.

“The soil is pretty good, too.”

Despite being in his space, the soil was no different from ordinary ground.

He dug holes with his shovel and carefully planted each sapling.

The atmosphere, which had been somewhat barren, felt a bit revived with the planting of the 12 blue saplings.

Milk seemed to like the saplings too, taking a nap under them.

“Should I water them?”

The glossy leaves looked a bit wilted after being transplanted.

Woojin fetched water from the lake and watered the saplings.

Once watered, the leaves regained their glossiness.

They must have been lacking moisture.

But could they react so quickly just from being watered?

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Life is Great with sub-space

Life is Great with sub-space

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A half-hearted A-rank Awakened, Baek Woojin. He decided to retire and enjoy a peaceful daily life, but suddenly, he awakened a new ability. And this ability... It's quite something, isn't it?  


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