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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Cataclysm Card Emperor :- Chapter 20: The Devil’s Feast

Chapter 20 The Devil’s Feast

  ”Is this the T-level cataclysm source?”

  Ji Xun looked at the card in his hand. Previously it only had two lines of text, now it had an image of a funny clown wearing a pointed hat.

  Although it was a two-dimensional image, the clown on the card seemed like a three-dimensional being reduced to two dimensions, immensely realistic. Its eyes were filled with mockery towards the world and scorn towards death. It grinned widely, with a devilish smirk that raised its lips to a terrifying degree, giving off a chilling and sinister feeling.

  Just by looking at it, a strong sensation of mystique and evil washed over, causing a subtle sense of unease.

  However, Ji Xun felt no discomfort.

  It felt like looking into a mirror.

  He saw his own shadow on the card, familiar yet mysteriously fitting.

  The clown’s appearance gradually turned into his own likeness.

  Immediately after the clown image appeared on the black card, it seemed to activate some ritual, causing the entire card to melt and transform into clusters of black glimmers that swirled around Ji Xun’s body, gradually merging into him.

  This was not a card everyone could see in its true form.

  At least Chu Jiu beside him didn’t see the clown image on the card.

  She just took a glance and then looked away.

  She didn’t clearly see which source card it was, nor did she intend to.

  Ji Xun didn’t know the value of the card, but Chu Jiu knew it very well.

  A black iron quality demon mark found in the black market of the dungeon was already considered a rare card accessible to ordinary people.

  Silver ones were even rarer, considered treasures that were hard to come by.

  Gold cards were strategic resources almost monopolized by high-ranking individuals.

  As for legendary cards, they were like legendary treasures that ordinary people might never see in their lifetime.

  Above legendary, there was still another kind of card in this world that very few had truly seen.

  These were the “Fifty-Two Epic Source Cards” recorded in history.

  The fifty-two epic source cards corresponded to fifty-two powerful demon gods from legend, bestowing pure demonic power upon curse card masters. These are ancient relics from before the great cataclysm, said to be crafted by ancient deities.

  Any time one of these cards appeared in the world, it would inevitably cause disputes.

  Yet Chu Jiu didn’t have any intention of taking it for herself.

  She knew very well that treasures chose their masters. Only those with highly compatible resonance could fully see the demonic power on these fifty-two demonic source cards and integrate it.

  Otherwise, the probability of mutation was very high.

  Just like this inter-dimensional space [407 Anomalous Creature Containment Facility], according to the records, this was a secret bunker initially used to study this source card. But without exception, all experimental subjects mutated and they still couldn’t figure out what card this was.

  This card had been preserved here for thousands of years.

  Chu Jiu looked complicatedly at her teammate who was currently integrating the card and awakening, saying nothing.

  She saw a distorted light gate appear before her and knew she could leave.

  Integration would still take some time, so Chu Jiu decided to go out first to check the situation, walking over without hesitation.

  But upon approaching the distorted light gate and seeing the final rewards, her rarely seen joy appeared, “Huh?”

  The rewards for clearing such a difficult inter-dimensional space were beyond imagination!

  After some time, Ji Xun came out of that strange feeling.

  The black card [Grey Joker] in his hand was gone.

  ”Am I a transcendental now?”

  Ji Xun understood what had happened.

  This was a world of curse card masters.

  From the information gathered so far, the “Demon Mark” was the key to opening the ultimate mysteries of the human body, and upon awakening, it allowed individuals to obtain supernatural powers that surpassed human limits from the demon gods indicated by the cards.

  At this moment, a door to a new world opened.

  He looked at his attribute panel again but then remarked, “Ah, strength, physique, agility, none of them increased at all.”

  The card that seemed very powerful did not visibly enhance his physical attributes.

  The basic attributes on the panel hadn’t changed; things like elemental resistance and comprehension were hidden attributes.

  But that “transcendental” feeling was very real.

  It felt like a rebirth; at this moment, he felt that the world he saw was completely different.

  He could clearly perceive those tiny particles in the air, which were the four basic elemental particles of earth, wind, water, and fire.

  ”What a magical sensory world!”

  Ji Xun very much enjoyed the sensation of his senses being infinitely magnified, making the entire world appear clearer.

  Deceiver, Misfortune Gambler, Wildcard, and Devil’s Feast.

  The abilities described by these four entries were very exaggerated.

  He didn’t know much about this world and couldn’t fully comprehend what benefits [Grey Joker] brought.

  But the most intuitive thing was that a new active skill appeared on his panel—[Devil’s Feast Lv0 (1/500)].

  The ability to absorb extraordinary properties from corpses?

  He turned to look at the nearby two iron cages, where the corpses of the old servant and the mercenary were still fresh.

  ”Why not give it a try?”

  With this thought, Ji Xun walked over without hesitation.

  At this moment, the corpse, with its blood not yet dried, looked completely different in his eyes.

  Soft wisps of smoke were emanating from its surface.

  This was the uncontrolled curse power and extraordinary properties.

  Previously invisible to the naked eye, these mysterious substances were now visualized before him—a wondrous experience.

  He tried using the feast, releasing a gray mist from his body to come into contact with the blue smoke.

  Like a giant whale opening its mouth, it swallowed large quantities of seawater.

  ”You used the feast to devour, physique +001″

  ”You used the feast to devour, strength +001″

  ”You used the feast to devour, resilience +0007″

  ”You used the feast to devour, fire element affinity +04″


  The corpse, freshly dead, had a very dense outflow of extraordinary properties. Even with large amounts devoured, there was still more flowing out continuously.

  Attributes were increasing!

  Continuously increasing!

  Not just attributes, it could even absorb elemental affinity.

  Ji Xun looked at the constantly changing values on his panel, spirits lifted, “Directly devouring to increase attributes?”

  Although subtle, it was indeed increasing.

  The feast turned the extraordinary properties of corpses into his own.

  The doors to a new world had opened!

  ”Although it’s slow to absorb, this [Feast] is practically a divine skill for the late stages!”

  Ji Xun looked at his basic attributes, which continued to change, feeling inspired.

  The later the stage, the stronger it would become.

  He wasn’t sure how long it would take to fully absorb the extraordinary properties of the two corpses, but estimated that increasing strength by 1 would take at least six hours?

  This was clearly related to his lack of familiarity with the skill.

  After upgrading from Lv0, the efficiency of devouring should have a lot more room for improvement.

  But obviously now wasn’t the right time to devour.

  Although the inter-dimensional space was cleared, there were still potential crises out there.

  Taking this final reward wasn’t something everyone could do like his teammate without feeling envious.

  At least the fourth young master of the Cao family certainly wouldn’t agree.

  Moreover, it was still unknown what the outside world was like now.

  Considering the previous situation where dozens of people died in just one inter-dimensional space, this world was likely very harsh.

  Yet Ji Xun found himself liking it here more and more.

  Not delaying, he walked toward the distorted light gate wanting to leave.

  At this moment, upon awakening, he was slightly surprised, “There are still final rewards?”

  Not only were they there, but they were also very generous.

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Cataclysm Card Emperor

Cataclysm Card Emperor

Apocalypse Card Emperor, CCE, 灾变卡皇
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“Doctor, it seems there’s something wrong with my emotions.” “There’s a clown in the West City Circus who can make everyone laugh. I think he can help you.” “But doctor… I am that clown.” “…” This is a fantasy world after a major catastrophe, where countless ancient dungeons lie buried beneath the fog-shrouded earth. In these dungeons, there are traps, monsters, and other-dimensional spaces, as well as ancient godly taboos and countless treasure legends left over from the old days. Disasters, steam, curse runes, ancient relics, a sequence of poker cards with extraordinary magic. Remnants of the old world, ancient relic shelters, poker monk associations, witch associations, fire thieves, the wall of the world… In the shadowy corners of the world, a treasure hunter wearing a clown mask walks alone in the darkness. He is Joker Ji Xun, the Cataclysm Card Emperor!



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