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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

CH 1

Do you know the blue planet Earth? This is a story that happened there.
* * *
The seventh dimension of the first universe, the Paraman system. The figure of a man who was looking at the monitor while sitting on the throne was seen.
The man’s identity was at the Sirius of the seventh dimension, the god who presided over the dimension. The woman who was watching him next to him was also a 3-dimensional existence, and she was also a god of the same rank as him. She looked at Sirius and asked, “What are you looking at?”
Sirius pointed to the blue planet in the monitor and said, “Is that the test planet that the Emperor Tiankhan designated? The system code name was Apocolypse.” At Sirius’ words, Iris opened her eyes wide as if surprised and answered.
“What? How do you know that? That’s a system that was made after you were locked up in the abyss of hell.”
“Heh. There’s nothing in the universe that my body doesn’t know. That wicked son of ****, he made this even after he locked me up.”
“You’re interested in that?”
“I’m not interested, I’m wondering how I can destroy it.” Sirius’ absurd remark made Iris lower her head as if she had no choice.
“That’s not possible, is it? That place was designed to be beyond the power of the Central 72.”
“I know that. Maybe he made it in preparation for me.”
“Hmm. That’s not wrong either. You’ve been to dozens of planets so far.”
“So I’m going to try to approach it in a legal way.”
“Listen. It is said that for each dimension, the highest god can submit one class.”
“Right. But it’s too late. Almost every class is already in.”
“That’s your opinion.”
“You’re not going to make something strange again like last time, are you? Like I said before, this planet is different from the previous test planet. There’s no such thing as a standard.”
“Just the point.”
“Hmm. First of all, it must exist, or have existed. Of course, there can be processing, but if the processing exceeds the subject, it will fail. In other words, the principle or effect can be seen with the naked eye, but the unique ability is beyond modification. In addition, there is a limit to the ability even up to a certain level. For example, a level 1 swordsman can’t be a sword master or a war mage. Of course, this is not something to worry about too much. Most classes show their limits before the upper limit is released. ”
“So what did you submit?”
“I submitted the Master Timer, which is our dimension’s pride. You know how great a timer is.”
“There are a lot, and they’re all very good. Most of the classes are full, so there are quite a few that are just different names for the same thing.
So what are you going to do? In our dimension, ancient magic is still being used, so how about pushing for magic? That’s different from magic in other dimensions, so if you’re good at it, maybe you can even get into the Hall of Fame this time?” As Iris said this, Sirius chuckled and replied, “The Hall of Fame? That’s still such a childish game.”
“That’s why the gods play it.”
“Those foolish people. The people who say that the color red rules the universe are so obsessed with a game.”
“As always, it’s better to get rid of it.”
“Sirius, you’re really… You’ve lived for 3000 years, and you’re still the same. You haven’t changed at all. How is that possible? They say it’s hard to even last 100 years in the Abyss.”
“That’s something you don’t know. If it existed, it could be anything, right?”
“Maybe? Do you have any idea what you’re thinking?”
“I do. It’s the perfect material to completely destroy the balance of the game.”
After Iris returned to her own dimension, Sirius immediately accessed the central system.
What he was looking for was the data that had been permanently discarded from each dimension.
In other words, the top-level danger factor that could completely collapse the balance of the game.
[The Forgotten Glory of the Past]
“This is the place.”
The category was only accessible to the gods in the center.
Sirius was originally one of the 72 high-ranking gods in the center.
3000 years ago, he was demoted to a god of nothingness after breaking the law and participating in the game directly.
For him, who was born as a god of fun, it was a cruel fate.
At least he thought so.
But even he was surprised that there were more than 100 places that had been completely destroyed.
The only source of fun in his free life was gone, and the other gods couldn’t just sit and watch.
Based on the last game, he was approved by all 72 gods and fell into the prison of the abyss.
After that day, all his powers were taken away from him, but he was once in charge of the central system, so he was able to access the trash can with just one hand.
[1st dimensional 33A Magitech Engineer] Grade 1.5
[4th dimensional 24B–1 Interdimensional Necro] Grade 1
[6th dimensional 1–1B Great Mage] Grade 1
[6th dimensional 1–7A General Sword Master] Grade 1
[9th dimensional 16…]
“There‘s a lot of them.”
Some of them were occupations he was already familiar with.
When they were discarded, there was a possibility that he had worked with the Emperor. The problem was that in order to restore the data that was discarded here, the information of the corresponding dimension was required.
“There‘s no way those guys would give me this. Wait, the test planet is our dimension, and there wasn‘t anything like that there, right?”
Before he fell into the abyss, in other words, 3000 years ago, there wasn‘t anything like that. The 7th dimension he was in charge of was an extremely ordinary place. But now, after all this time? With expectant eyes, he scanned the 7th dimension, and soon one category came to mind.
[7th dimensional 1–1 Mechanic]
“Oh. What‘s this? There was something like this in our dimension too. As expected, as time goes by The times also change. Let‘s see where the danger level is… Zero? Zero? “
The expression on Sirius‘s face changed strangely as he read the measured level.
Zero grade?
That was something that could never happen according to his common sense.
Zero is a number that is only given to gods.
But that wasn‘t the only strange thing.
[Discarded data – 13,049 pieces] [Note: Core retrieval]
[Feature time regression 1000 years]
[Reason – severe balance collapse]
[Reason – ??? ]
“The power of the core was used in Hanbat Games. And he completely reversed the time of one planet… What the hell happened while I was there was it? “
It was natural for Sirius to be puzzled by this [ Core].
The core refers to the nucleus of the saint.
It is the only finite substance in the universe and the only one of the forces necessary to constitute a dimension.
The so–called all–encompassing power is all derived from this. It is usually taken out when a dimension collapses or a saint is in danger, but the enormous power of Hanbat Games was used.
He couldn‘t understand why. And the absolutely forbidden time warp was carried out. This could not be simply explained by a balance collapse.
“It seems like there‘s a real reason why the bastard deleted it, but I can‘t see it. There‘s only one category, so why are there more than ten discarded data? Is that how many jobs are derived from it? Is it just a job that can destroy a system in 3000 years? Even on one planet? I guess I‘ll have to look into it more.”
A few days later.
“Huh. So this is really what humans have created.” Sirius, who had recovered the missing information, could learn one amazing fact.
It wasn‘t a job.
It was a set of advanced weapons that had existed on Earth during the test.
As I looked at each performance, I understood why the 72 central ones were unmeasurable, that is, they were grade zero.
“It‘s faster than the speed of sound. Even if there‘s just one of these, it‘s almost an S–class. Even the best swordsman can‘t avoid it. The unbelievable thing is that this is the most basic and common weapon. What happened that made humans able to possess such science and technology? This seems more magical than the discovery of magic. “
To be honest, it was an unbelievable event. If all the information here is true, there is no being that can defeat the humans of the Earth in the whole dimension.
Especially the civilization before the retrieval was close to the divine, and the theories of the universe that they had at that time were really amazing. I was looking at the same place as the new gods. Of course, it was just a theory, but if even one of them was realized, it would be enough to be a very sacred event.
The 72nd of the Saints judged that the probability that humans could obtain the position of God within 100 million years was 1 in 70 trillion. This was a very high probability for them to feel fear from the standpoint of the gods.
“This is it. They were afraid to challenge the humans while using the power of the core. They were stupid, but they made one big mistake. They should have blown up the planet itself if they were as annoying as the time warp. 1 in 70 trillion… Hmph. I‘ll cut this body into 100 units. “ Sirius, who was already single and carefree, began to make a plan.
The hardest thing was the stat.
If I just revived it as it was, there was a high chance it wouldn‘t even pass the first guard.
They said the standards had been greatly increased, so I probably need to lower the stats a lot and modify it to fit the system.
There were also various other problems, but he didn‘t care about them at all.
He had been locked up in the depths for so long and found one great thing.
It had been five years since Sirius had escaped from prison.
“Hahahahaha! It‘s done. Finally completed. Finally, this bastard is complete. Hey! Is anyone outside?”
Hearing the grumbling voice, one of the employees who had been waiting quickly opened the door and came in.
“What‘s the matter?”
“Oh. Harima, you were just in time. Now, put the device in the center immediately. The owner of the 7th dimension, Sirius, is going to enter his class into the test planet.”
“Ah. Yes, sir. but….”
“It‘s just that… the balance of the dimension has been broken for a long time.”
Sirius looked at him with annoyance, as if Harima was reporting.
“So? What else do you want to say?”
“No, no. I‘m just… “
“Don‘t say anything unnecessary. Put the device in. I have to register this as soon as possible.”
“Yes, sir.”
After a while. Sirius, who had received permission from the center, arrived at the temple in an instant.
The temple is a place where the procedures for class registration are carried out.
After receiving the guidance of the administrator, he entered the room and transplanted the data he had created into the system.
[The procedure for class registration has begun.]
[Planet Earth.]
[Codename Apocalypse]
[Status: Test–1]
[Submission Dimension: 1–7]
[Reading all data in the universe.]
[There is data for the test taker.]
[The test is in progress.]
[… 72% of the data matches.]
[… 81% of the data matches.]
[One stone of awakening is selected due to the maximum value.]
[The test taker‘s data is copied to the Apocalypse main code.]
[***–type items are added to the open store.]
[New monsters and items are added.]
[The class registration is completed.]
[The class is commercialized.]
[The awakening stones are randomly placed.]
“As expected, it passed in one go. I don‘t know what kind of bastard you‘ll be, but please survive and twist as much as you can, so that your day may bring destruction to the entire universe.”

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
SSS-Rank Mechanic Player

SSS-Rank Mechanic Player

In a world where all the military equipment from modern times has disappeared, Tae-jeong discovers the awakening stone during a time of crisis. [You have succeeded in awakening as a mechanic class.] “What the hell is this weird job?” The era of playing around with swords and magic is over. Now this floor belongs to the mechanics.



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