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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

CH 2.2

They were waiting for time to pass, chatting with each other, when suddenly a loud scream came from somewhere.
“Shit!” As if it were a signal, almost all the Porter’s heads turned at once.
They weren’t speaking to each other, but they were all in a state of extreme tension.
What entered their field of view was a corpse of a dead man with his head split open by a blunt object.
“What, what the hell?!” “Mo, monster!” There was a moment of panic.
“Run!” At the sound of someone’s shout, people began to scatter in all directions.
So did Taejeong.
He reacted to the corpse at the same time and was running in the front compared to other people, and next to him was Jogeun Kim.
“Sir! Run faster! We’re going to die!” “Go! Don’t worry about me and just go!” “Sir!” “I said go! We’re being chased!” Even while looking back at Kim who was gradually falling behind, Taejeong couldn’t slow down at all.
He was afraid that the monster’s claws would catch up to him from behind at any moment.
‘Fuck.’ Taejeong couldn’t believe the reality of the situation.
No, he was more disappointed in the Hunters who left them behind and went ahead.
The ones in front of him now were only six guards who were more than enough to deal with.
It was only natural for him to be angry at the thought that he might die because of those bastards.
“Fuck, that bastard…” Just as he was about to say another curse, he slowed down at something that fell in front of him.
A bloody corpse of a man who had been torn to pieces.
He turned back instinctively.
“Shit!” “Sa, save me…” “Crack!” The people running together were being massacred one by one from the back.
At the sight of their hopeless faces, he was momentarily at a loss for words.
The monster was already upon him, about to catch up to him from behind.
“Ah, sir.”
Kim grabbed Taejeong’s shoulder without hesitation at the shocking sight.
“What are you doing, idiot! Run! Do you want to die?!” At his shout, Taejeong’s mind snapped back into focus and he started running again.
But even he couldn’t run for long.
Soon, the monster caught up to him from the left and snatched the body of Kim who was running in front of him in an instant, leaving only his lower half.
The sight of his body disappearing like that.
“Ah, sir.” At the sight of the man’s body being torn in front of him, he froze in place for a moment.
But the two other Porters who were running on either side of him passed him by and ran ahead.
And when he tried to move his feet.
Splat! Right in front of his nose, blood sprayed, and the man who was running in front of him was split in two by the two horns.
And the sight of the common monster’s tentacle.
“Oh. Oh……” Just as it was, Despairing moan came out from the mouth of Taejeong, who had frozen in place.
But fortunately,
The tentacle that was wriggling in front of him shot towards one of the remaining men, and Taejeong started to turn around and run towards the right side of the road.
Since then, he repeated running only with the will to live.
He wanted to look back, but he was afraid that would be that would end of him, so he just looked ahead and ran.
“Huh. Huh.” His breath ,It rose to his throat, and his legs began to cramp.
His body was hot and his hands were cold, But in the extreme fear, he didn’t feel any pain.
Taejeong, who was running like a crazy man, He realized that he had reached the place where the hunters had hunted.
He had crossed a mountain.
‘Ah. Of all places.’ It was an unavoidable situation because of the wind, But Taejeong cursed his own judgment in this desperate reality.
In this situation, It was the same as if he had entered the tiger’s den with his own feet.
He looked around and while taking a deep breath, he soon looked up at the sky.
‘The sun is setting. Now what?’ He had given up on this whole area, but the hunting ground was a hunting ground.
No one knows what other variables there are at the beginning.
He also looked to see if there was anyone else who had survived like him, But nowhere did he see a human figure.
He was almost in a state of panic, and he began to move instinctively.
‘First of all, I have to hide my body.’ I didn’t need anything else Security was urgent.
Just then, a suitable building appeared in his sight.
It was a villa building that was in better condition than the others.
He entered the building carefully he began his search from the second floor.
‘It’s locked. The door is gone here.’ Like any other abandoned the inside of the hunting ground was full of traces of monster invasion.
But somehow He had to find a place to hide.
Taejeong moved as secretly as possible, he prayed that a safe place would come out.
So he searched for a while.
When he got to the third floor, Halfway through the door, one place where the door was open came into his sight.
He was so out of breath that he couldn’t even breathe, as he cautiously entered the house.
‘Please, please don’t.’ Fortunately, the house he entered there were no traces of monster invasion.
Not only the furniture, but even the TV was intact.
He looks around the room carefully, making sure there are no dangers lurking inside, before cautiously making his way back to the entrance and locking the door behind him.
A sigh of relief escapes his lips as he does.
“Whew. At least I’m alive.” Taejeong first secures his safety by drawing all the curtains in the room and living room.
He then collapses onto the dusty sofa, running his hands through his hair in frustration.
“10 steps. Now what do I do?” He’d found a place to hide, but now the real challenge began.
“It wouldn’t be long before the Hunters arrived, but would they even bother searching this far? To put it bluntly, the odds were not in his favor.
There would already be corpses here, and it would be an obvious conclusion that he’d been killed.
“This is really bad. This is already a cleared area so other teams shouldn’t be coming here, but…” There was no hope left.
Even if there was a chance he could be rescued by another team, it was still a problem.
He’d already used up all the food he’d brought with him, and he had nothing left to drink or eat.
Now he had two choices: die of thirst or hunger, or be killed by the monsters.
‘I can’t last more than a few days without water. It’s at least 10 km from here to the next safe zone. If the monsters have taken over that area too, then the next safe zone is even further. I’d have to walk at least 30 km… Can I even make it that far on my own?’ It was an impossible task.
A person usually walks an average of 5 km per hour.
Even if he walked quickly, he could only manage 6-7 km.
Of course, if he was determined to make it, he could probably run the 10 km in an hour.
Taejeong actually had the experience of running a 3 km race in under 13 minutes.
But there was no guarantee he’d be able to keep up that pace, and he didn’t know the way so it would definitely take longer.
Plus, what if he ran into a monster along the way? He was on a express train to hell.
Even so, Taejeong knew he had to keep moving as long as he had the strength to do so.
“Think, think,”

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
SSS-Rank Mechanic Player

SSS-Rank Mechanic Player

In a world where all the military equipment from modern times has disappeared, Tae-jeong discovers the awakening stone during a time of crisis. [You have succeeded in awakening as a mechanic class.] “What the hell is this weird job?” The era of playing around with swords and magic is over. Now this floor belongs to the mechanics.



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