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Chapter 1

1: Are Gods Bored?

“Hey, are you Yatsurugi Yoruto?”

A little shota in front of me confirms my name.

That’s right

I try to answer, but no words come out

I wonder why, and look at the shota, who is nodding for some reason

“Yeah, it seems like you’re the one. Well then, I have a big announcement for you!!! You’re going to be reincarnated in another world from now on!!!”

I’m slightly taken aback by his expression, which looks like he’s about to pop up a “Bam!!!” like in a certain manga

“Unfortunately, you don’t have the right to refuse, you know? Being in this space means that you’ve died and left your original world. ”

…I died?

“Yeah, you died. Yatsurugi Yoruto, age 25, died from a deep wound he received from a thug who was trying to attack a woman. ”


I vaguely remember something like that…

“Oh, don’t worry. The woman was safe and the criminal was caught. What you did wasn’t in vain. Good for you!”

That’s not the pointttttttttttttttttt!!!

I’m glad, but!! I’m glad, but!!

I’m dead, aren’t I?!!!

“You’re dead, yeah… But it was your own choice, right?♥”

That’s not it♥!!!

No, it’s over!!! My life is over!!!

“No, no, you’re still better off than most people. There are many people in the world who die unjustly without even choosing their own fate. Compared to them, you should accept the fact that it was your own choice. ”

How can I accept that?!!

I mean, I might not be desperate about that world, but I don’t want to go to a completely unknown world either

I’d rather live in a low-risk low-return world than a high-risk high-return world

“Eh… That sounds boring. Why would I do something like that? If I’m going to spend my effort, I want to see some interesting results from it. ”

…This shota is trying to observe my life

“No, no, I’m not just observing you. I’m observing everything that’s happening right now. You know what the religious people in your world say, right? The sun is watching us, or God is watching over us. ”


“Enough of the hard talk. Well then, off you go to some world!!!”

While I’m in a state of mental shutdown, the shota presses some switch and I suddenly lose consciousness

And then… I regain my awareness by hearing a baby’s voice from somewhere

【Gender Ratio 1:10】If I Were to Reincarnate…【A World Kind to Me】

【Gender Ratio 1:10】If I Were to Reincarnate…【A World Kind to Me】

The protagonist reincarnates into a world with a gender ratio of 1:10. He doesn’t want to stand out and tries to live inconspicuously, but naturally, things don’t go smoothly in a world with such a gender disparity.




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