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The dawn of the fourth day was coming.
Taejeong, who had activated his skills, sat down and fell into deep thought.
Even if he had awakened, he couldn’t just move recklessly.
He reasoned that the monsters here weren’t particularly strong, although there were differences between classes.
Hunters of the warrior class could hunt one or two monsters after awakening.
The problem was the performance of the gun he was holding.
“What’s the speed of this gun?” It was a natural question.
He didn’t know why, but the speed of the gun had been downgraded to a serious degree.
Of course, he didn’t know much about guns.
He had only heard about it in history class.
But he knew that the speed could break the sound barrier.
But 156km/h? Even more so, the 10-meter range was too meager.
Could he really penetrate the monsters’ wild muscles with this?
“The range is only 10 meters… so I have to shoot it right in front of its face.” Thinking about it, Taejeong remembered what Sirius had said before.
He said that most of his power was sealed. Could this be related to the performance?
“Let’s try it out first.” Knowing that there was no answer to his pondering, Taejeong waited for the day to be completely bright.
Afterwards, he cautiously left the villa and headed for the parking lot.
He found an old car with all the windows broken.
‘The tires should be torn for it to be possible.’
Before leaving the building, he had finished loading the gun and held it with both hands, aiming the muzzle at the wheel.
The distance was about 9-10 meters.
If the wheel was pierced, there was a possibility, and if not, he had to think again.
He took a deep breath.
His index finger grabbed the trigger.
With a loud noise, a light bullet was shot from the muzzle.
At the same time, the tire that was hit exactly made a loud noise and the car body sank to the ground.
It was a great success.
‘Oh. So it was pierced so easily? Is it a magic bullet?’ The light bullet shot from the muzzle had a different effect from what he had seen in war movies.
Apparently, the bullet was using mana, so there was a difference from ordinary bullets.
So the destructive power was good compared to the mediocre performance.
He couldn’t know exactly how good the monster’s skin was, but if the rubber tire exploded, there would be enough advantage.
After checking the power of the gun, Taejeong checked how much mana he had left.
‘So I have 19 shots left?’ Thinking of the number of monsters he had seen since coming here, the mana was enough, but there was no other choice.
“Okay. Let’s try it with 19 shots.”
He made up his mind and soon began to move.
He entered the first alley, avoiding detection as much as possible by using the surrounding objects.
Because the number of bullets he could fire was only nineteen, he had to move carefully in order to go through more dangerous terrain.
Fortunately, he did not encounter any monsters in the city.
The problem was the open terrain.
There was no place to hide, so he had to be even more careful in his movements.
“It was over there, I think.”
There was only one path he had taken.
He tightened his gun and started running, still keeping an eye on his surroundings.
He couldn’t forget that monsters could appear at any time and any place.
The remaining distance was about 3km, and after that he had to climb the mountain.
After running for a while, something came into his view.
It was a distant group of four monsters.
“Block.” It was one of the monsters usually hunted by novice hunters, and it had quite good mobility at this level.
Most of the remaining Porter had been hit by that monster, so it was no less than a terrifying monster to Taejeong.

SSS-Rank Mechanic Player

SSS-Rank Mechanic Player

In a world where all the military equipment from modern times has disappeared, Tae-jeong discovers the awakening stone during a time of crisis. [You have succeeded in awakening as a mechanic class.] “What the hell is this weird job?” The era of playing around with swords and magic is over. Now this floor belongs to the mechanics.



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