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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Chapter 4

Unknown to himself, Seunghyun quickly shook his head to clear his thoughts.

He couldn’t afford to be careless. He must never forget what that man had done to him. As he reaffirmed his resolve, he continued to wash the mug.

This time, he would definitely handle Jin Soohwan for good. He didn’t know why he was acting that way all of a sudden, but it was clear he had some other scheme up his sleeve.

Scoffing, Seunghyun quickly finished cleaning the mug and returned to the counter. He gave his coworker a grateful nod for their help with the morning shift.

With the new semester about to start, he wouldn’t be able to work the morning shifts for a while. As Seunghyun glanced around the empty café, he caught a glimpse of the scar on his wrist hidden beneath his shirt sleeve.

Just a few months ago, Jin Soohwan had injured him in a struggle, pleading for them to die together when Seunghyun rejected him. The scar on his left wrist was still vividly evident.

Jin Soohwan was simply a lunatic. Seunghyun was well aware of the inferiority complex Jin Soohwan harbored as a recessive alpha. But so what? Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t harbor some form of inferiority complex? However, that guy’s case was particularly severe.

It would have been better if he were born into an average family, but being born with a silver spoon in his mouth only made him grow into a piece of trash causing harm to many, with Seunghyun being the greatest victim, constantly threatened with his life on the line.

But this time, Seunghyun wouldn’t just stand being a victim. Though Jin Soohwan’s sudden change of attitude was perplexing, it wouldn’t make him alter his plan.

It wouldn’t be long before Jin Soohwan revealed his true colors. He would again display his filthy desires to possess Seunghyun and turn ugly. Seunghyun might not even have to wait for a heat cycle or rut.

And that was precisely what Seunghyun aimed for. This time, he would gather thorough evidence to file charges against Jin Soohwan. He didn’t care anymore if the big corporation backed him. Seunghyun had been tolerant enough already.


Even in the early morning, Seunghyun massaged his stiff neck as he exhaled. He felt absurd for never standing up for himself while being stalked or threatened by that guy. Why had he never thought to fight back sooner?

Something that had oddly dulled his mind recently seemed to have lifted, making him feel he could now accomplish anything as long as he put his mind to it.

Is this what people called unwarranted confidence? murmured Seunghyun inwardly. But as soon as he heard the bell ring, he raised his head again.


With a perfect smile, Seunghyun portrayed the image of a café staff member.

Although he had told Soohwan it would be for a month, Seunghyun believed the end would come much sooner. And what each of them envisioned that end to be, Seunghyun had yet to realize.

“Hmm, is this enough?”

Back in the hotel room, Soohwan tilted his head while he half-heartedly packed his belongings. Most necessities were provided by the hotel, so he didn’t have much to carry. Besides, Jin Soohwan’s belongings would be available at the house once he returned since the place originally belonged to him.


Honestly, Soohwan couldn’t completely comprehend how things had come to this. All he thought was that he had accumulated too many bad deeds and now had to pay for them.

Sighing, he picked up his small bag and left the hotel room once more.

Going back home wasn’t particularly difficult. Despite many twists and turns, the mental map formed during a previous visit remained vivid in his mind.

With a tense expression, Soohwan stood in front of the door. Since Seunghyun was still working his part-time job, the house should be empty. Yet, his heart pounded nervously for some reason.

It felt like the tension before meeting an undesirable boss he didn’t want to confront. Letting out another sigh, Soohwan extended his hand to press the buttons on the electronic lock.

Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, Click.


Luckily the password hadn’t changed—0912. As he pressed the familiar digits, the lock disengaged and the door opened.

“Hmph, hm…”

He cleared his throat unnecessarily and carefully walked through the door, which opened smoothly with no resistance.

As soon as he stepped inside, a sharp, citrusy scent tickled his nose. Did they place a diffuser at the entrance? Looking around, he couldn’t see any diffuser anywhere.

Well, Jin Soohwan wasn’t meticulous enough to do so. Seunghyun, living in someone else’s house, wouldn’t bother either. Assuming it was just his imagination, Soohwan took off his shoes and proceeded inside the house through the connecting corridor.


Emerging from the corridor, a spacious living room greeted him. Given Jin Soohwan’s obsessive behavior, he expected a stark and dreary interior, but it wasn’t the case. The beige wallpaper exuded a warm ambiance, and the furniture in dark brown added a sense of stability. Amazed by the unexpectedly neat décor, Soohwan couldn’t close his mouth.


Living on the top floor of the expensive Tower Palace by the Han River, one wall of the living room was entirely made of glass, with sunlight streaming in freely. Below, the gleaming blue river sparkled under the sunlight.

No wonder rich people lived in expensive places. Soohwan felt detached, thinking inwardly.

“Maybe living as Jin Soohwan wouldn’t be so bad.”

Previously, he was too concerned with surviving to notice, but indeed, the power of money was unparalleled. Soohwan unconsciously smacked his lips.

During his previous visit a month ago, the circumstances were different. Draped with the remnants of a night spent drowning in alcohol, his mind muddled as though someone had jumbled it.

It was then a person appearing from the living room called his name quietly.

‘…Jin Soohwan?’


Meeting the main character for the first time, Soohwan staggered back in terror. An intense impulse surged within him, but the unfamiliar sentiment overwhelmed him; he didn’t know how to handle it.

Immediately, he fled the house and wandered around, gradually recalling bits and pieces of the novel’s plot. Since then, Soohwan couldn’t bring himself to return to Jin Soohwan’s house where the main character lived, resorting to staying in a nearby hotel instead.


Looking back, it felt utterly foolish. If the real Jin Soohwan had witnessed that scene, he would have clicked his tongue and hurled curses. From his viewpoint, the table was already set, and I just kicked it away.

Nonetheless, he didn’t regret it at all. If he had succumbed to that violent urge and assaulted the main character, he would undoubtedly have faced a dead-end scenario. As long as he could preserve his life, Soohwan didn’t mind appearing foolish.

“But, where’s my room….”

While roaming the living room, Soohwan decided to search for his room. Walking aimlessly, he discovered a long corridor connected to the living room. At the end was a closed door, with a couple more doors in the middle on each side of the corridor, also closed.

Hesitatingly, Soohwan halted before the first door. The familiar citrus scent wafted from there, the same scent initially encountered at the entrance and subtly permeating the living room. However, this door emitted a stronger aroma.

Could it be…

Raising his trembling hand, Soohwan grasped the doorknob. A gentle push, and the door opened with a click.


Opening the door unleashed a wave of overpowering fragrance that nearly toppled Soohwan to his knees. He barely restrained himself, covering his nose and struggling to breathe.


This wasn’t just a diffuser scent.

It was an omega’s pheromone.

The potent citrusy smell stung Soohwan’s nostrils, and his heartbeat quickened.

He couldn’t detect any scent from Seunghyun earlier in the morning, likely due to his adept skill at masking his pheromone as a dominant omega. But spending a month in a house meant his pheromone would inevitably linger.

“Haa… Haa…”

Seunghyun’s pheromone seemed to mess with his head. Despite its calm and gentle nature, it elicited a wild excitement within him.

He realized he lacked any immunity to someone’s pheromones. Unlike Jin Soohwan, who frequently replaced his omega lovers, Soohwan was an ordinary person newly inhabiting an alpha’s body.

It wasn’t until a month had been spent in this world. Out of that time, a week was dedicated to analyzing the situation in a hotel room. The remaining period was spent lazily working as an intern and meeting the elders to get the broken engagement approved. Most company personnel were either alphas or betas, making Seunghyun the first omega he’d encountered.

Regret hit him late. Could he resist the allure of an omega’s pheromone unscathed? Meeting it face-to-face, fear gripped him. What if he became a monster swayed by pheromones?


Panic-stricken, Soohwan fought his trembling knees and retreated from the room. The sight of the room’s interior barely registered to him. Backing away, Soohwan grabbed the door handle of the opposite room and turned it hurriedly.


A monochromatic room, resembling a hotel room, greeted him, providing a sense of stability. More importantly, there was no scent, allowing Soohwan to breathe freely.


Calming himself a bit, the lingering citrus scent at the tip of his nose unsettled him. Weakly, he slumped into a grey chair.

Perhaps he didn’t think things through enough. Could he manage a month without any incidents…?

Soohwan braced himself, shaking his head to dispel anxious thoughts.

He had promised Seunghyun to prove his innocence over a month without laying a finger on him. Right now, the main character held his life in his hands. The only option was to endure the pheromones’ temptation, somehow.

Resolutely, Soohwan unpacked his belongings. Sweating a bit, he took a shower before dozing off in a leather chair. It was already getting dark outside.

Seunghyun would soon return.

Rising from his seat, Soohwan hesitantly walked into the living room. He ventured into the kitchen, which he had only glimpsed earlier.

Avoiding contact with Seunghyun would be preferable, but perhaps sharing a meal on the first night could help ease the tension. After all, Koreans often felt a sense of familiarity after sharing a meal.

However, Soohwan’s face turned disheartened upon realizing the kitchen’s state.

“Why is there nothing here?”

Usually, in such expensive homes, a housekeeper would regularly be present to cook. Surely, Jin Soohwan wouldn’t have cooked himself.

Lost in thought, he slowly muttered an understanding.

A housekeeper? Jin Soohwan, intending to confine someone, would hardly let people come and go freely.

Soohwan assumed Jin Soohwan had likely dismissed the housekeeper before his arrival. The novel primarily described the main character’s miserable conditions, without detailing dining habits.

Did he practically make Seunghyun starve? Peering into the empty refrigerator, Soohwan clicked his tongue.

Whatever with Jin Soohwan’s tendencies, how had Seunghyun managed during his stay? The empty fridge suggested he didn’t cook there. Did he eat where he worked? Or did he order takeouts?

Pondering, he heard the digital lock disengage.

Beep, Beep.

Instinctively, his fingers tensed. He closed the fridge door and slowly turned around. The sounds of small footsteps drew nearer.



Seeing Soohwan standing by the fridge, Seunghyun froze. His bright brown eyes cautiously regarded Soohwan. Feeling awkward under his gaze, Soohwan was the first to speak.

“Welcome back.”


An awkward silence stretched between them after this short exchange. Unable to bear the awkwardness, Soohwan spoke again, pointing towards the fridge.

“The fridge is empty.”

Seunghyun’s eyes glanced at the large fridge. During the past month he lived here, there had always been only water and beer inside.

“Yes, it is.”

His calm tone suggested he had no concern in the matter. Confused, Soohwan spoke again.

“What about meals then?”

“I eat outside.”

“Oh, I see.”

That ended the conversation again. No, considering the original work, having this level of normal conversation with Seunghyun was already impressive. Though he responded to questions, Seunghyun still seemed unconvinced, studying Soohwan with a stranger’s unfamiliarity.

“I’ll figure something out for myself.”

Avoiding his stare, Soohwan left the kitchen and moved to the living room, planning to order takeout quickly. Fortunately, the nearby hotel provided regular takeouts, so changing the address would suffice.

Seunghyun watched him order food for a while before retreating to his room. Hearing the door click shut, Soohwan finally let out a breath he had been holding.

Sharing meals seemed unlikely from now on. Resolving in his mind, he silently ate his delivered meal alone.

Feeling full, Soohwan dozed off again. Oddly, being in this house made him constantly sleepy. Perhaps the body felt uncomfortable in the hotel. Leaning against the living room sofa, he closed his drowsy eyes.


Waking up later with a groan, Soohwan’s throat felt dry, signaling a need for water. Attempting to rise from the sofa, he noticed his body wouldn’t move as intended, his brow furrowing in confusion.



A cold metal clinking sound reached his ears. Awkwardly sitting up, Soohwan glanced down at himself.

His wrists were shackled with handcuffs.

“Huh? Why…”

Half-open eyes staring at the handcuffs, he mumbled. The cold shine of silver cuffs under the light seemed unreal, despite seeing it with his own eyes.

Staring absent-mindedly at his wrist-bound cuffs, he heard a low voice above him.

“Awake now?”


The voice snapped him fully awake. Startled, he looked up to see Seunghyun’s expressionless face gazing down at him.

“S-Seunghyun… why?”

His words came out disjointed, overwhelmed by surprise. His mind spun in confusion. With only the two of them in the house, only Seunghyun could have shackled him. But why? What made the main character do this to him?

“Why? I should be asking that.”

“Huh… Knock it off and unlock these.”

Despite Soohwan’s words, Seunghyun still looked down at him indifferently. Observing him, seemingly studying his reaction.

With an inward sigh, Soohwan extended his hands, slightly shaking them, signaling Seunghyun to unlock them. Seunghyun’s intelligent gold-brown eyes observed his hands momentarily.

Seunghyun’s hands reached out, and gently pressing the short chain connecting the cuffs, slipped down Soohwan’s arm, forcing his hand lower. Startled, Soohwan gazed up at him, perplexed.

“These were meant to tie me up, right?”


“Not true? They were in the house.”

With Seunghyun’s words, Soohwan rekindled his senses, staring at the silver handcuffs with trembling eyes.

He hadn’t seen them before. Naturally, he wouldn’t have bought such things. Nor would Seunghyun, an upright character in an R-rated, dark-themed BL novel. It was undeniably something the real Jin Soohwan must have acquired for Seunghyun.

“That’s… not what it seems…”

Opening his mouth to explain, words failed him. Although they weren’t his, the house belonged to Jin Soohwan, and he was Jin Soohwan. Despite not purchasing them, they became his belongings.

Likely, Jin Soohwan procured these to restrain Seunghyun. Uselessly, fragments from the novel flared in his mind. Despite being mere words, vivid images of Seunghyun gagged and bound flashed before his eyes.


Blushing besides himself, he realized Seunghyun might misconstrue this situation, despite it being involuntary. Inwardly, he cursed the now-gone real Jin Soohwan as he nervously bit his lip.

“What did you plan to do with me?”

“No seriously, it’s a misunderstanding.”


Skeptically, Seunghyun tilted his head, his face angelically flawless yet cold. Watching him, dripping with charm, Seunghyun’s emotionless face seemed equally captivating, causing Soohwan to nervously break into a sweat.

“There are more things too.”


“You know, right?”

Damn it…

Seunghyun clearly referred to more “adult” items stashed around the house. With difficulty, Soohwan nodded, acknowledging Seunghyun’s words.

Soohwan knew perfectly well what Seunghyun suggested. Apart from the visible items, Jin Soohwan’s home inventory would undoubtedly include various hardcore adult toys. Alongside these, a particular omega partner had initiated him into BDSM, which subsequently influenced him into tormenting the confined Seunghyun around this time in the novel.

“Clearly, you know.”

“No, wait, it’s not like that.”

Desperately shaking his head, Soohwan tried to deny it. Those preferences belonged to Jin Soohwan, not himself. He sincerely didn’t wish to do such heinous acts on Seunghyun, especially when merely feeling the cuffs on himself made him tremble.

However, it was Soohwan’s perspective. To Seunghyun, torment shrouded his past experiences with Jin Soohwan, making it inconceivable. Indeed, it only came off as deceitful to Seunghyun. How much longer did this loathsome act intend to persist? Seunghyun’s fair face twisted in disdain as he glared at Soohwan.

“Perverted bastard.”


Facing the protagonist’s fury, Soohwan froze. Misjudged grievances aside, Seunghyun had valid reasons for his disdain. Understandable considering the torment inflicted by the prior Jin Soohwan. Soohwan clearly sensed Seunghyun harbored prolonged suffering beyond what he knew from the novel.

Apologetically, Soohwan bowed his head.

Regrettably, the stark realization dawned that Seunghyun’s half-year dominance over Jin Soohwan relegated Soohwan to nothing but empathy for Seunghyun’s plight over his misfortunate misunderstandings.


Head bowed, Soohwan persisted apologetically. Jin Soohwan, a senior at university, from Seunghyun’s freshman year, had evidently violated the latter over numerous

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The Main Character is Obsessed With a Foreign Substance

The Main Character is Obsessed With a Foreign Substance

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