CH 5.1

Leveling up, Taejeong’s mana was restored and his magazine was reloaded.
Along with new weapons and skills.
Sealed speed [185km/h]
Ammunition: 5.56mm
Energy bullet range: [15m]
Base destruction – 170
“This time is a rifle?”
Taejeong took out the newly arrived item from the equipment window and muttered to himself.
“The range and speed have increased a bit.” As he scanned the information of the gun, he soon opened the skill window.
[Energy bullet] lv1 [Rifle]
Bullet using mana.
1 bullet: 15mp
*Damage varies according to stats.
[Gun Summon] Automatically summon guns.
Specify through ignition.
“It seems that gun summoning is calling from the inventory … Is the bullet the same?” Taejeong, who roughly grasped the skill, soon guarded the surroundings.
Because it was not yet completely safe, there was no time to look in detail.
He started running again and soon left the gathering place.
After that, Taejeong, who arrived early on the road on the other side of the mountain, finally breathed a sigh of relief.
“Well done. Still, here’s the possibility … Huh?” Thinking of walking to the city through the road, Taejeong realized that a large number of vehicles were coming from far away.
And it was the cars he knew well.
* * *
Agency office.
“So everyone left their seats, is that right?”
Taejeong, who returned safely to the office by riding an agency car, lowered his head with a feeling of helplessness to the words of the official.
“No, we were still in our seats when the monsters suddenly attacked us.”
“So it’s strange. That gathering place was outside the White Ground area and there had been no problems for the past six months.”
“How is that outside the area? Just cross one mountain and it’s a hunting ground.”
“Hmm. So what’s the point? What’s the reward? Whatever happened, I survived and didn’t see any damage.”
Taejeong lost his words to the official’s arrogant attitude.
Even if the Porter can’t get the favor, this is too much for someone who barely survived the gates of hell with the agency’s tyranny.
“Well. Yes. That’s good. Anyway, I won’t listen….. Please take care of my daily wages today.”
“Of course. We are not a bad company. “
“Right. And what about the other people who died. The reward is … “
“I don’t think Taejeong has anything to do with it. According to company policy, we will take care of the matter and provide compensation accordingly.”
Taejeong laughed to himself upon hearing the representative’s words.
‘Just shut up, who you are. I’ll spread it all over the press.’
After deciding that, Taejeong took his first-class pay and left the office.
Right then, the representative called him.
“Be careful with your words.”

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SSS-Rank Mechanic Player

SSS-Rank Mechanic Player

SSS급 메카닉 플레이어
Score 6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: Korean
In a world where all the military equipment from modern times has disappeared, Tae-jeong discovers the awakening stone during a time of crisis. [You have succeeded in awakening as a mechanic class.] “What the hell is this weird job?” The era of playing around with swords and magic is over. Now this floor belongs to the mechanics.


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