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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Chapter 5 You Can’t Escape Fate (2)

Only then did Yeonghun seem to come to his senses and realize his mistake. He gave an awkward laugh.

“Ah, I’m sorry. I was suddenly distracted by something.”

“What are you talking about? How can you be distracted by something else in this situation? Anyway, let’s go. Ms. Lee Juhee, it’s no use holding on to him like this. We’ll be going now.”

Yeonghun was dragged by Taepyeong’s anger and got into the car.

As expected, Taepyeong started to yell at Yeonghun.

“You, what are you doing, you bastard!”

“I’m sorry. I just remembered something…”

“What kind of thing are you thinking about while working? Let me ask you one thing. Did you finish your military service? This is almost like a conscientious objector level.”

“I didn’t finish my military service.”

He had only attended elementary school and prepared for the middle and high school equivalency exams at the temple, so he was naturally exempted from the military service.

“Really? You did well not to finish it. If you went to the army with that mentality, you would have been screwed by many people. It’s a miracle that you didn’t kill yourself. You, don’t come to work from tomorrow. I’ll tell the boss for you.”

Taepyeong said that and started the car right away.

Yeonghun tried to argue, but decided to just endure it.

A little later, when his anger had subsided a bit, Taepyeong parked the car in front of Myeongdong Station and calmly said.

“I thought about it on the way here and I think you’re not suited for this job. Think about it carefully. If you can’t do it, I’ll talk to them nicely for you.”

“I understand.”

“Go ahead.”

Yeonghun got out of the car and watched it disappear for a moment. Then he immediately searched for public transportation on his phone.

He followed the directions on the route finder.

His destination was Lee Juhee’s house where he had just been.

He took the subway and got off at Daehwa Station. He took a bus for a while and arrived at the house again.

Yeonghun caught his breath in front of the gate and knocked on the door.

A moment later, Lee Juhee opened the door with a dark expression, just like before.

“Oh… Did you decide to give me another month of grace?”

Lee Juhee asked with a pale face.

Yeonghun hesitated for a moment.

He remembered his childhood when he saw the face of the girl who had grabbed his arm earlier.

Why did he think of that moment when he parted with his mother Yeongsun when he was six years old?

It was a coincidence and a cruel situation, he thought.

He saw himself overlapping with the monk who had changed his fate by finding him where he lived with his mother Yeongsun when he was young.

Was it too rash to intervene?

What if they were destined to meet anyway without me forcing them together?

Wouldn’t I become a shaman if I kept meddling in other people’s lives like this?

He had given up his youth entirely to avoid that, but was it fate that brought him back to where he started?

Many thoughts crossed his mind, but he concluded that he couldn’t pretend not to know once he knew.

And since he had started this, wouldn’t it be better to get his money back without harming anyone?

So he came back.

“Actually, no. Can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Huh? Yes… Please come in.”

Yeonghun sat down in the same spot where Taepyeong had sat earlier.

Then he met eyes with Eunji, who peeked out from inside the room.

He was right.

The girl’s face was not extraordinary or unusual in general.

It was just a face that could be common among people, but the problem was that she had a face that didn’t match the current situation of this family.

Physiognomy can usually be divided into three types: early luck, middle luck, and late luck. When he looked at the girl’s face, her early luck was very strong.

Wasn’t it strange?

How could she be born with such good luck in this corner of the house where everything was falling apart?

Sometimes there are cases like that.

Someone who was born with a very good fate, but couldn’t enjoy it because of their parents’ current situation.

It wasn’t common, but there were some cases like that, so he thought it might be one of them.

That’s why he stared at the girl’s face so hard.

It was because of that.

“Would you like something to drink?”

“No, thank you. I’m fine.”

Lee Juhee glanced at the copy of the contract in Yeonghun’s hand.

She seemed to read her anxious mind.

“I didn’t come to ask for the money right away.”

“Then why did you come?”

Yeonghun couldn’t answer easily.

He had calculated Lee Juhee and her daughter Jo Eunji’s fate on his way back from Myeongdong alone.

Lee Juhee’s fate was a miserable life. That was it.

There was no money, no education, no relationship, no husband’s luck, no fortune at all in her fate. Should he call it a bad fate?

He didn’t think it was strange when he first saw Lee Juhee because her face didn’t look like she had any luck either.

Her forehead was narrow and pointed, so she had no early luck or wealth, and her eyebrows were faint, so she looked like she had no one to help her.

She might have been called a beauty when she was young, but he understood why she was living in poverty. Her fate matched her face.

But when he saw Jo Eunji’s fate, he was shocked.

As he had seen in her face, her early luck was also very good.

He usually didn’t look at the fate of children.

An individual’s luck is influenced by the family’s luck, and the family’s luck is influenced by the national luck.

No matter how good an individual is, if there is a war or a national crisis like the IMF, they can’t help but waver.

Anyway, that’s why he didn’t need to look at the fate of young children who followed their parents.

But this time it was different.

Not only her fate, but also her face were the same. It was definitely strange.

So Yeonghun cautiously asked Lee Juhee.

“Can I ask you what your child’s father does?”

“Huh? He used to work on a ship, but he went to catch his friend who ran away with the money he guaranteed…”

He had heard the story.

Why this ordinary family became in such a difficult situation.

It was because the husband didn’t bring in any money and kept borrowing money until they ended up like this.

The husband who left home hadn’t returned for more than three years, right?

Yeonghun shook his head.

“No, I mean… someone else.”


Yeonghun took out a notebook and a pen from his bag and wrote something on it. He handed it to her.

It was to prevent Jo Eunji from hearing it.

[I’m asking about Eunji’s real father.]

Lee Juhee took the notebook from Yeonghun and turned blue. She started to tremble like a poplar tree.

“How did you know…”

He was right.

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
Company Employee Who Sees Destiny

Company Employee Who Sees Destiny

A child born with a destiny to become a shaman and disturb the world. In order not to be consumed by greed and to refuse the calling of the spirits, he tries to become an ordinary company employee. Choi Young-hoon, who foresees destiny through physiognomy and astrology. Can he really become an ordinary company employee?



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