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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Chapter 7: A Strong and Loyal Teammate

Why did the hidden mainline get triggered?

And what is this “Escape Mode”?

The sudden change made Ji Xun’s first reaction that he was being kept in the dark about something.

But a glance at his temporary teammate made him dismiss this suspicion.

Even with a gas mask on, the mechanical-armed girl’s momentary body tremor indicated her extreme shock at this change.

It turned out that Ji Xun was not the only one confused, his teammate was equally baffled.

This mysterious attack was like giving the monster a berserk state. The most direct evidence was the prompt on the witch’s head changing from a B-level disaster to an “A-level”.

The psychic field on its body was like a stone thrown into calm water, causing invisible ripples throughout the room.

Visibly, its strength had increased significantly!

This made the hunting plan that the two had originally smoothly executed suddenly become several times more difficult.

Just now, Ji Xun was barely able to stay conscious, but now facing the evolved disaster, his mind was like being hit by a muffled stick, completely confused.

Various danger warnings flashed frequently.

The data on the attribute panel dropped rapidly.

Death was closer than ever.

Ji Xun was not clear what this disaster level change meant.

But his teammate obviously understood.

The mechanical-armed girl clearly sensed the monster’s strength and cursed under her breath, “Damn it, how did it become an A-level mutant!”

Almost at the moment when the mutant power surged, the invisible energy field on the “Disaster Witch” rolled, and suddenly shattered the spell chain that had been locked tightly.

The barrier can’t control the monster anymore!

However, the bad situation did not stop there.

The card in the mechanical-armed girl’s hand turned into powder as the barrier collapsed, and she was shocked by the backlash of her own blood, and a scarlet whip came at her like lightning.


There was no way to avoid it, and the whip hit the girl.

The whip made a sonic boom in the air, the shock wave shattered her cloak in an instant, and hit her chest solidly.

The power of this whip was so great that it directly deformed the metal exoskeleton on her chest and left a bloody wound on her flesh.

A mouthful of blood spurted out,
The figure flew backwards.

With a “thud”, it hit the wall heavily.

Upon closer inspection, the scarlet whip turned out to be a centipede-like long tail that sprouted from the monster’s body.

At this moment, the “Fallen Witch” had completely transformed into an unexpected monster form, not only with a big bloody mouth, but also a centipede long tail and four spider-like long legs.

Because she vomited blood, the lens of the mechanical-armed girl’s gas mask was covered with scarlet, blocking her vision, so she tore off the mask and gasped for breath.

But as Ji Xun guessed, she was not old. Although her face was covered with a bloody gauze that covered her mouth and nose, her skin was tight, her eyebrows were delicate, and she had a pair of deep black pupils, sharp and divine.

The “Fallen Witch” revealed a completely monstrous form, and its combat power soared a lot.

It realized that the human behind it was a great threat to itself, and its hatred shifted instantly.

After the long tail whipped the mechanical-armed girl and flew, the monster ignored Ji Xun, the “food”, its four spider legs grabbed the ground and moved quickly. Looking at its bulky body, it moved extremely fast, and in the blink of an eye, the spider spear had been stabbed.

The mechanical-armed girl’s eyes were cold, and she pulled the trigger of the steam cannon on her right arm.

With a “bang”, white steam instantly covered the entire room.

In the fog, the monster’s huge body was also blown away by the high-pressure airflow.

However, the scene of the monster being sprayed into blood by a cannon did not appear.

The girl’s pupils shrank sharply, and she keenly captured this point.

Her reaction was also very decisive, taking advantage of the recoil to retreat violently, and in mid-air, she drew out several cards.

The sound of “whoosh” and “whoosh” passed by.

The three cards that flew out in a Y-shape turned into three vortex wind blades in an instant, cutting into the fog.

Ji Xun, not far away, was also quite surprised when he saw this scene.

Are they just a few cards that turned into wind blade flying knives as they flew?

A thought flashed.




There was no sound of cutting, but like touching metal, the sound came from the fog, and the girl’s face changed drastically.

She had just landed and had no time to catch her breath, and the fatal crisis had already come. She instinctively wanted to dodge.

Even if her reaction was so fast, it was still too slow!

Almost at the moment she exerted her force, a shadow suddenly shot out from the fog.

The girl had no time to dodge, and with a “bang”, the centipede long tail burst her magic shield on the surface of her body, and the whole person was once again thrown out and hit the wall.

This whip was much stronger than before!

The girl only felt a burning sensation in her throat, and she couldn’t help but spit out another mouthful of turbid blood.

In the blink of an eye, the fog dissipated, and the monster had changed again.

At this moment, it was surrounded by a ripple-like psychic field, and its body was covered with scales. On the centipede tail, you can see three faint cut marks, which are the traces cut by the “Wind Blade Card”.


Even an A-level disaster wouldn’t be so!

Seeing this scene, the mechanical-armed girl’s expression changed, and she thought of an incredible possibility, and exclaimed in shock: “Secondary mutation! How could it appear on a first-order disaster!”

The mechanical-armed girl was hit again and was already seriously injured.

The situation took a sharp turn for the worse, and it seemed that they were about to be wiped out.

No one expected the situation to turn out like this.

Ji Xun, who was not far away on the bed, was also affected by the high-pressure shock wave of the jet cannon, and fell heavily in the corner.

Fortunately, this corner is safer.

And the monster’s attention was attracted by the girl, Ji Xun was thrown by this, and also recovered his sanity and control of his body in that abnormal mental state, calmly observing the two sides of the battle.

The monster easily broke free from the long-established barrier, clearly possessing overwhelming combat power.

Without other means, the two are almost certainly dead.

But Ji Xun didn’t think his temporary teammate only had this trick.

He looked at the partner who had been thrown twice and vomited blood, and murmured in his heart: “If you have a trump card, it’s time to take it out.”

From beginning to end, the mechanical-armed girl only showed the strength she wanted people to see.

But intuition told Ji Xun that she was hiding her clumsiness.

As for Ji Xun himself, even in such a crisis, he was still extremely calm.


If death is inevitable, those negative emotions that will affect thinking are completely redundant to him.

Sure enough!

At this moment, it was already on the verge of death, and there was no room for hesitation at all.

The girl’s eyes flashed coldly, as if she had made some decision, and she shouted: “Release!”

Ji Xun watched as his pupils shrank sharply.

After hearing that shout, it seemed as if some mysterious power was released, and the temperature in the room suddenly dropped a lot.

He knew that his teammate had made a big move.

At the same time, with a “pop”, the witch’s tail whip came for the third time.

The speed was faster than before!

Obviously, this monster was inspired by the said mysterious power and was still getting stronger.

This whip, if it were the girl before, she would probably be seriously injured again.

However, the next scene was unexpected.

The long whip was so fast that it left a fan shadow, but the girl with her chest full of blood had no panic on her face, nor any intention of avoiding it.

She stood up, raised her hand calmly, and the centipede long whip stopped a foot away from her palm.

As if there was an invisible force field lingering in her palm, she squeezed it hard, and the tail was like a snake with its neck stuck, struggling hard, but unable to escape.

Upon closer inspection, the mechanical-armed girl’s momentum suddenly changed.

Her silver hair moved without wind, and the cold air was pressing. A flame-like cold air field lingered around her body, blocking the corrosive acid sprayed by the monster.

And a semi-transparent strange phantom appeared behind her.

At this moment, she was like a demon god descending.

Ji Xun just glanced at it, and it felt like being stared at by a demon god, making people feel scalp numb: “So strong!”

I don’t know if it’s an illusion, he feels that the energy emitted by this teammate at this moment is more like a demon than the “witch”.

The breath of his temporary partner suddenly changed, and suddenly became unfathomable.

Ji Xun was not too surprised when he saw this, and pondered in his heart: “The materials that need to be exploded by the witch, indeed have psychic abilities. But what is this, telekinesis? And the ice power is not normal cold air.”

He had been very curious before, his own psychic power was so high and still affected by the monster, but his teammate seemed to be fine all the time.

If it’s not the resistance effect brought by the equipment, then it’s because her own psychic power value is also very high, which can be immune to the psychic pollution that the witch is constantly spreading.

Now at a glance, it is indeed a strong psychic power.

And no matter what she showed before, mechanical equipment, cards, close combat skills are obviously cover-ups, the real trump card is the super psychic power and ice power at this moment.

“No wonder it’s so mysterious, this ability is a bit high in recognition.”

Although Ji Xun didn’t know much about this world, looking at her this big move form, such a high recognition ability is absolutely not ordinary.

But it’s hidden and not revealed, I’m afraid there’s a reason why the identity can’t be seen.

But now is not the time to think about these.

The mechanical-armed girl’s momentum suddenly changed at this moment, she no longer dodged the monster’s tail whip, her fists condensed into a fierce rush of cold air, and she launched a crazy output towards the monster.





A muffled sound like a bell resounded throughout the room.

The girl was fearless of psychic pollution, her fists wrapped in frosty flames, heavily hitting various parts of the monster’s body.

With each punch, a large area of the monster’s armor was frozen, causing the monster to retreat step by step.

However, it was an A-level disaster after all, and under the pressure of its rank, it was difficult to determine the winner for a while.

Ji Xun squinted his eyes in the corner, watching the battle, and couldn’t help but mutter to himself, “It seems to be lacking a bit.”

He thought that his meager combat power would not be needed, but looking at the current situation, he had to do something.

The “disasters” in this world can be roughly understood as bosses.

The silver-haired girl could face an A-level disaster head-on, which shows that her strength is definitely outstanding among her peers.

But obviously, it’s not enough.

The “Fallen Witch” is a psychic monster, and its close combat ability is not strong.

However, its shell is very hard, making it very difficult to kill.

Looking at the girl’s advantage, it would be difficult to determine the winner in a short time.

But that’s not the key issue.

The problem is that the battle between one person and one monster is very intense.

There are more than one monster in this alternate dimension space.

Gunshots have been heard outside the door, obviously someone is engaging with other monsters.

They can’t drag this on any longer.

Ji Xun made a decisive decision when he thought of this.

He stretched out one hand and made a tactical gesture of holding a gun.

Obviously, his teammate saw it very keenly.

She saw it, but a look of disbelief appeared in the mechanical-armed girl’s eyes: What help could this guy provide?

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(End of this chapter)

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
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