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    A World Beyond / So We Are Told
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    “Goo Pyeong-ho said, ‘I cut down that punk Duk-tan Sook-su.'”
    “I will deny it at the Hyeolcheon Water Pavilion.”
    “Doesn’t matter. There are many eyes and ears here, seeing and hearing everything.”
    Since all the kitchen staff witnessed it, there’s no point in denying it.
    “If you did something dirty, bad rumors should spread. Spread rumors! Make the campus dogs bark ‘San-gong, San-gong’!”
    “Let’s go.”
    Ian, who was following behind, spoke cautiously.
    “Ah… You seem different today.”
    She, who looked at me up close while I practiced calligraphy, was the first to notice my change.
    “You even made jokes you didn’t used to. Your actions and words have changed.”
    “Starting today, I have decided to live a different life.”
    “Yeah, suddenly. I don’t think people change a little bit every day. It’s when there’s a trigger that they change drastically. It’s difficult and doesn’t happen often, so people say that others don’t change, right? Let’s go.”
    Without giving her a chance to ask what the trigger was, I moved forward again.
    * * *
    “Do you really need all this?”
    Ian was surprised when he saw the equipment I prepared for hunting with my father.
    I nodded as I carefully packed the items in a large leather bag.
    “It’s necessary.”
    “I didn’t know that the Lord had experience with camping.”
    Ian, no one at the school has as much camping experience as me.
    “Because I’m going with my father, I need to prepare a lot.”
    “I hope you have a good time.”
    “Will that happen?”
    It wasn’t an unnecessary dramatics. I was confident about everything else except my relationship with my father. I was even more unsure since I had lived longer than my father… I was actually more unsure.
    “You have to make it happen. It will happen.”
    Ian smiled and greeted me.
    “Have a good dream tonight.”
    But I couldn’t sleep well that night.
    I had a proper nightmare. In my dream, I was still looking for the materials for the Return to Regression Art. I was wandering around because the materials weren’t where they were supposed to be.
    Then I heard Ian’s voice.
    “My Lord, are you okay?”
    I must have screamed in my dream.
    “I’m fine. It was a dirty dream.”
    “What kind of dream did you have?”
    “If I were to metaphorize it with your case, it would be a dream of starting as the lowest servant again?”
    “Ah! I’d rather be killed.”
    I sat on the bed and looked at the painting on the wall. It was as if to say that it was just a dream, my younger self appeared.
    Seeing my younger self, I felt happy again.
    Yes, if I can experience this youthful morning again, I don’t mind having nightmares every day.
    “You seem nervous.”
    “You’re scarier than a tiger to travel with.”
    “If it were me, I wouldn’t even be able to breathe properly.”
    “I’ll go wash up. Prepare a new set of clothes for me.”
    When I was struggling in my past life, I imagined what I would do if I could return. Just the imagination itself made me feel good and helped me endure the pain.
    But there was no hunt with my father on the day after my return in any of those countless imaginations. Whether my instinctive choice was right or not, I would find out as soon as the hunt was over.
    After finishing all the preparations, I carried the large leather bag and slowly walked towards the Cheonmajeon, where my father was waiting.

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