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Hardworking Pay-to-Win Knight

Hardworking Pay-to-Win Knight

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It is the seventh work of the Chronicles of Syndroia, and is set in 2089-90, 70 years after the previous work, Above Your Head.

Living in the medieval land for 20 years, but it turns out that place was inside a game?

“Thank you so much for participating in the interview! These days, it seems like we can see Sir Jaeyeon’s face everywhere as you are actively engaged. Sir Jaeyeon, what do you think is the driving force behind such passion?”

“It’s the in-game purchases.”

“Oh, really! In-game purchases…yes?”

“Because you have to work harder to make in-game purchases.”

“Ah, I see…?!”

Making in-game purchases allows you to obtain items and abilities! However, in the end, don’t you have to earn money to make in-game purchases?

Today, as well as tomorrow, the knight works hard.


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