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    A World Beyond / So We Are Told
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    Episode 8
    The stone wall was cold and damp. The floor covered in green moss was slippery, and the smell of the underground permeated the air. Nox sat on the floor, facing the iron bars. He couldn’t tell how many days had passed since he was brought to the underground prison.

    His arms, bound and connected by chains, had been numb for a long time. Sensation was now hard to come by. His shoulders were stiff, and the cold floor made him shiver.


    It was when he twisted his shoulders in the diminishing numbness. The prison door opened, and knights entered, carrying ropes and cloths in their hands.

    “Stay still.”

    Their manner of speaking was unfamiliar to Nox, except for his late mother’s. Nox found the situation he was in amusing and smirked. Upon seeing this, they openly furrowed their brows.


    One of the knights struck Nox’s face. His head turned, and his mouth burst open, filling his mouth with the taste of blood. Nox spat out the saliva mixed with blood onto the floor with an indifferent face. The knights soon covered Nox’s eyes with the cloth and unfastened the chains.

    “Seems like you still consider yourself a noble.”

    And then, they tightly tied his arms with rough ropes. Nox stood still without resistance. He even considered rebelling and dying here, but it seemed that rebelling wouldn’t lead to his death.

    If they were going to kill him, they would’ve done it already. He was led by the knights as he pondered this. With his vision obscured, he couldn’t tell where they were going. But it was obvious. Since that day, he had known whose possession he had become.

    They ascended the stairs. Soon, he felt the wind. It seemed like they had emerged outside. Nox was soon thrown into the carriage, and he hit the ground, rolling his head.

    “Why did that kid want me?”

    There was a persistent grudge, not suitable for saying it was from his childhood. Did he mean that he wanted to torment him by his side? Although it would be better to have cut his throat instead.

    He thought of his father. My dirty, foolish father who held the head of the crown prince and cut it off. Nox blinked slowly with his vision obscured.

    “Speaking of which, where is Mother?”

    His mother had been alive since that day. Carrying that torment, she even lived longer than his father. Who would have known that things would turn out like this? Since his title was taken away, the mansion would be the same. Probably ceased a long time ago, but he had no idea where his mother had gone.

    “She probably couldn’t avoid death.”

    In fact, it was a stroke of luck that the traitor like himself had survived until now. All thanks to Khalid, who requested ownership of him.

    The carriage was still moving forward. He couldn’t tell how much time had passed. How far had they gone?


    The carriage stopped. Soon, the knights opened the door and dragged Nox out. Even if his feet got entangled and he stumbled due to his vision being obstructed, there was no way they would stop. He felt like they had been moving for quite a while. They also climbed the stairs. It felt like they had passed a long corridor. Then, they suddenly stopped. He heard the sound of the door opening, and they took a few more steps in.

    Soon, one of the knights forcefully struck the back of his knees. Thump. Nox naturally knelt down. The back of the knee that was kicked felt numb and cold.

    At that moment, someone firmly grasped his chin.

    “…Who did this?”

    It was Khalid’s voice, who had become stronger. Nox unknowingly stiffened his body. One of the knights who had grabbed him answered.



    It made a louder sound than when Nox was struck by the knight. Nox flinched unconsciously, and the hand gripping his chin tightened even more.



    Both knights answered at the same time, and soon the sound of them walking away could be heard. The sound of their armor grew distant. Then, the door was closed, and Nox held his breath. It felt like he was left alone with Khalid. Besides his own, there was no other presence.

    Soon, Khalid roughly loosened the cloth covering Nox’s eyes. Nox frowned and looked ahead.

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