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    A World Beyond / So We Are Told
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    Episode 9

    It was the season when leaves had just started to fall. The season when the trees in the garden slowly turned red. A time when the heat subsided and everything held its breath for the new season.

    During such a time, the emperor changed. And the mansions of numerous nobles that stood tall collapsed. Among them was the house of Nox Renerio. A long-standing family that was more resilient than any other, ruined by the hands of only one father.

    “No, it’s not solely his fault.”

    Even the foolish herself had been deceived by Petion, who had now become the emperor. Nox forced a self-deprecating smile. She had no right to resent anyone, being someone who sat alone in someone else’s room, unable to leave or stand.


    At that moment, the bathroom door opened again. And out came Halid, wearing the same robe as Nox. He looked at Nox, who was gazing out the terrace window, and spoke slowly but firmly.

    “Jumping from here with that appearance will only break your legs.”

    “No thought of escaping…”

    Nox suddenly realized that her words were inappropriate.

    “…I do not have any.”

    Upon hearing her words, Halid’s mouth curved into a lopsided smile. Nox looked directly at him instead of lowering her head. She had a lot of questions.

    What happened to him afterwards? Was your life okay? …How much did you resent me? If you did, how come you kept me alive? There were too many things she couldn’t say aloud.

    Nox looked at Halid, who was wearing a similar robe to hers. She couldn’t remember what he was wearing when she first saw him. Oh, right, he was wearing a rusty armor that smelled of blood. Nox glanced at him with a shallow gaze, unable to discern his intentions. And with that gaze, Halid strode towards her and grabbed her neck.


    “Why. Do you think you can see into my soul by looking at me like that?”

    Halid twisted Nox’s neck with one hand and pulled her forcefully onto the bed. Nox, who had been suffocating, coughed briefly. But before the cough could stop, Halid grabbed her shoulders and climbed on top of her. Slowly, but roughly, as if overpowering her. Like a predator who knew that there was no one to stop him.

    Lying forcibly on the bed, Nox tried to grasp the bed and sit up. But her sturdy body wouldn’t allow it. She couldn’t move. She wasn’t a small child that I had held in my arms before. That fact became clear to her again, and a strange sense of fear overwhelmed her.


    She called out the name that should not be called in her anxious state. Halid’s gaze changed in an instant. He soon leaned in and pressed down on Nox’s neck again, pinning her to the bed.

    “The title you should call me is not that.”

    His voice sounded low.

    “That’s not a name you are allowed to call me.”


    Nox pressed her lips tightly and asked hesitantly. It felt like the words I had said long ago had come back to haunt me. Nox couldn’t say anything and stared down at Halid. And he whispered in her ear.

    “From today, this is what you will do.”

    Halid released Nox’s neck and sat up, unbuttoning his robe. Nox slowly exhaled, looking at the man who was occupying her body.

    From his shoulders to his feet, Halid was covered in wounds. His firm physique, thick arms, and waist were visible. And…


    Nox discovered a large erection standing beneath him. She was unable to speak. She couldn’t believe that the little boy she used to know had grown up and was now filled with desire as a slave. She unknowingly tried to pull back the sheets to escape. But then, the tight grip on her shoulder pressed down again.

    “If you defy me here, it will be even more hellish for you.”

    Nox stuttered.

    “No, this, this isn’t right…”

    It doesn’t seem right. After hearing her words, Halid let go of her shoulder and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her backwards.


    “What’s wrong?”

    His words were whispered quietly.

    “This is what I brought you here for.”

    Nox felt like she couldn’t breathe.

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