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The Sick and Gloomy Bamboo Horse Was Stunned by My Kiss

The Sick and Gloomy Bamboo Horse Was Stunned by My Kiss

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Xu Mingyi is good everywhere, bright and dazzling, just like the scorching sun in the sky.
The only bad thing is that there is a white moonlight in his heart, and he doesn’t like Jiang Ning at all.
This point, Jiang Ning didn’t understand – until he abandoned his fiancée, Jiang Ning, in the car accident and chose to rush to protect his Bai Yueguang.
Yan Yixie is always isolated from the world, cold and eccentric, and only to Jiang Ning will the ice and snow melt.
He has protected her through an unknown number of dark and narrow paths.
He has created a business empire, transferred all his assets to her name, and was determined enough to commit murder for her after her death.
But he still could only watch her avoid him like a beast in silence.
Once she opened her eyes, she had returned to her childhood.
Jiang Ning freely turned over a new leaf and offered a glass of wine to the past – just take those years she liked Xu Mingyi as being fed to the dogs.
In addition to using her rebirth to save her sick relatives and study hard,heading towards a career in the world,she firmly walked step by step towards Yan Yixie, who saved her life in the car accident.




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