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    A World Beyond / So We Are Told
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    Episode 15

    In response to Marlene’s voice that was slowly revealing the reality, Nox nodded his head. The room she guided him to was one of the guest rooms on the first floor. It was just an ordinary room with nothing special. After Marlene led him to the room, she turned around.

    “You can wait here, and when the duke calls for you, you can come straight after preparing.”


    Nox thought. What kind of preparation was she talking about? Was it enough to just dress neatly and go, or… Nox shook his head. And as he watched Marlene, who was already walking far ahead, he opened the door.


    The door finally closed.

    Meanwhile, Khalid, who went to the palace, was making a proclamation to the emperor. The people gathered in the emperor’s office were individuals who were not overwhelmed by the power of the crown prince and supported the second prince, making them the center of power in this new empire. Among the people gathered, there were a total of six, among them were Khalid Bia, who directly went to assassinate the crown prince that night, and Ellerdin Vais, who worked as a chamberlain beside the second prince. And…

    “No matter what anyone says, your contribution is significant.”

    “No, Your Majesty.”

    The second prince, or rather, the now emperor Petion, greeted those words with a smile.

    “Valtias, if you hadn’t informed me that there would be an attack that night by infiltrating the Rainerio mansion, none of us would be here right now.”

    “I…was just doing my duty.”

    Valtias Deron, who disguised himself as a servant and infiltrated the Rainerio ducal mansion, was the person who did the job of being the crown prince’s errand boy. With only the rank of a viscount and a masked personality that didn’t reveal his true identity to the social circles, it was possible. Nobody had high expectations for him, but he provided numerous information to the second prince like an experienced spy.

    Valtias Deron bowed his head deeply, not conceited, in response to the emperor’s words. Everything was fine, but he couldn’t do anything about his timid personality. The emperor thought that way.

    “Now you have become a viscount and one of the central figures in the power as a marquis, but you are still so timid.”

    Petion said with a laugh. Khalid, who was startled, soon raised his head and spoke.

    “Uh, I will somehow try to overcome it.”

    “No, it’s not a request to force yourself. It’s just that I am worried.”

    “There, there is no need to worry.”

    “Yes, considering your great success at the Rainerio family this time.”


    He lowered his head deeply again at those words. Meanwhile, Khalid Bia became curious about one thing when he heard that Valtias Deron had spent time at the Rainerio ducal mansion.

    Nox Rainerio. It was about his slave who lost his title and became Nox. His back was covered in old whip marks. More than himself. Khalid opened his mouth about it.

    “When you stayed there…?”

    Has Nox Rainerio been whipped? But the words didn’t come out to the end.

    “Yes, yes?”

    Valtias blinked his eyes, surprised. When their eyes met, Khalid realized what he wanted to ask.

    ‘Huh, how can you figure it out yourself.’

    Would he sympathize with that fact together? Or would he feel sorry for it? He laughed at himself. It didn’t matter what kind of wounds he had or how he lived as someone who betrayed him. All he needed to do was soothe his betrayed heart with his own body. He soon raised his head.

    “Not at all.”

    “Yes, yes…”

    “By the way…”

    At that moment, the emperor looked at Khalid with a smile.

    “You seem unusually docile today, Duke Khalid Bia.”

    “…Is that so.”

    Khalid Bia frowned. He knew that the emperor said those words to make fun of him. From the past, the emperor had always pulled jokes to embarrass Khalid, who didn’t respond to his jokes.

    “Nox Rainerio… When you said you wanted him, I was so surprised.”

    “Is that so?”

    Khalid Bia replied with a wrinkled nose. Petion laughed and tilted his head at him.

    “He seems like a difficult person to tame.”

    “…Not really.”

    “That’s true.”

    Marlene spoke in a relaxed tone.

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