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    A World Beyond / So We Are Told
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    “Are you crazy? Did you purposely ruin the taste like that? What kind of song are you singing right now?”
    Seo Yoo-woo, are you out of your mind? It’s not even the hot summer, why did the taste go bad with winter approaching?
    Even though Kwon Jae-jin looked at Seo Yoo-woo with astonished eyes, Yoo-woo just smiled with a charming gaze. He casually brushed his wet hair back after receiving the baptism. Transparent water droplets were woven like decorations on his long, thin eyelashes.
    “Why are you like this? I’m not joking. I’m not teasing. Kwon Jae-jin, your temperament is really soft and chewy.”
    “Here, touch it.”
    Seo Yoo-woo grabbed Jae-jin’s wrist and made it touch his own forearm. It felt like touching a warm rock.
    On the outside, it’s a peach but on the inside, it’s a stone.
    ‘Seo Yoo-woo is really solid.’
    By the way, Kwon Jae-jin was well aware of the fact that Seo Yoo-woo’s body was not only tough but also hard. They spent a long time together, attached to each other. Even if he didn’t touch it, he knew well.
    “Look. Awakening individuals train and recover from wounds from a young age, so naturally their skin and bones become strong. They’re not as soft as Jae-jin.”
    I know. I know.
    ‘Isn’t the problem that you don’t think that’s the issue.’
    Kwon Jae-jin, who had lived as an ordinary person, had exercise as a hobby and enjoyed rock climbing, so even if he had a muscular body, Yoo-woo saw him as having a weak body.
    The awakened individuals gathered in special residential areas, so there was no opportunity to interact with ordinary people, so Yoo-woo thought it was understandable that Jae-jin, who was born as an ordinary person and met them for the first time, could find his body fascinating. That’s understandable, but whether it’s then or now, the babbling now only increases disgust.
    “Well then, just compare it to something else that’s soft. Don’t speak ill of babies. What crime did those young things commit? Aren’t those young things pitiful?”
    “But Jae-jin is cute like that…soft and squishy…”
    “Shut up. Keep your mouth shut.”
    “I really like it.”
    “What should I do? Damn it! Stop touching me. I’ll wash myself. Don’t touch a single hair.”
    “Ah, got it. I won’t do it anymore. Jae-jin, are you angry? I won’t do it, really.”
    An untimely wrestling match broke out.
    Kwon Jae-jin forcefully pushed Yoo-woo away, so Yoo-woo grabbed him with a smiling face. He held Jae-jin’s arms, even supporting his body weight, tightly hugging him. It was a struggle for Jae-jin to resist.
    “Damn it, if I knew this would happen, I would have learned boxing or judo.”
    Of course, even if he knew martial arts, he probably couldn’t beat Yoo-woo. Once he was caught in psychic power, it would be over. Even so, he wish Yoo-woo was a little less formidable than now. It’s infuriating in many ways.
    “Look here. Didn’t I clearly…tell you? Seo Yoo-woo, you brat…”
    “Yes, you did. I remember it clearly.”
    “Then what is it? What’s the point if you still act like a child? Are you giving up on charming me now?”
    “I wouldn’t do that. I’m doing everything you ask. I’ll listen to anything. I’ll lick you better next time I receive guidance. It’ll take more time and effort, slowly and gently…Is that fine?”
    Yoo-woo touched Jae-jin’s cheek and then his chin. He brushed his fingers against Jae-jin’s arms that were held tightly. He washed them continuously, one by one. When he washed the inside of the armpit with his soapy hand, he moved slower than other areas with special care.
    Jae-jin suppressed the ticklishness and twitched the tip of his toes in the invisible bathwater. It felt like Yoo-woo was crawling on his thin skin.
    “Oh, right…since you said it’s Yoo, can you tell me what happened now?”
    Yoo-woo sat Jae-jin on his lap and wiped his chest. There was semen stuck in his well-defined chest bones, so he had to clean it thoroughly. When he lifted the part folded under the chest, the inside was slightly sticky.
    Yoo-woo stroked Jae-jin’s chest as he pleased.
    “How do you know me? Tell me. I don’t remember having such a clear memory. But how did I become your Yoo…?”
    Yoo-woo lowered his head and whispered in Jae-jin’s ear.



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