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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Taming the Obsessive Attachment chapter 15

Last time he’d managed to insert about half of it, but this time, it seemed possible to push it in all the way to the base. Seo Uiwoo’s flushed face, eyes burning with excitement, pulled down Jaejin’s hindquarters. The bedsheet wrinkled as Jaejin’s stretched-out body slid downwards. Synchronizing with the movements, a tremendous shock hit right at the end of his inner walls as if hammered upon. The continuous pounding sent his head spinning.

“Ah! Ah! Aah, heek…!”

Jaejin’s lower abdomen rose visibly with each thrust as the head of Uiwoo’s member molded it into its shape, bulging and then collapsing beneath his diaphragm. It felt like being hit in the heart, leaving him breathless with a numbness spreading within his belly. Jaejin convulsed a couple of times before ejaculating again, this time the fluid was more diluted, sullying his chest with a messy spread.

“Ah, hah, what should I do, ah, this feels too good… If you put all of it in, it might feel even better. Why is it always just a bit short? Just a little, really just a little more, please.”

“No, I can’t, I just, I already reached… Please, slow down… ah, wait, please!”

Seo Uiwoo did not listen.

Driven by instinct like an animal in heat during its first mating, he was desperate to shove it in down to the very root. Uiwoo struck deep inside again and again. Even so, he could only hit the curved wall near the entrance to the colon.

Despite the ordeal, Jaejin was relieved that Uiwoo hadn’t realized there was another way to push further in. The day Uiwoo learned it was possible to penetrate even there would be the day Jaejin truly perished.

“I can’t wait, I don’t want to wait any longer,” Uiwoo muttered as he shook his head from side to side, leaning his upper body down. His thick chest pressed down on Jaejin like an immovable wall. Despite the fierce urgency of his body, his youthful face pressed against Jaejin’s neck. Uiwoo parted his lips, licking along the neckline to the earlobes, taking the soft flesh into his mouth and gently biting with his canines.

“I’m begging you… I have to ask Jaejin to stop that sound. Please, can you stop?”

His rough voice pierced directly into the ear, sharp as an awl.

“Ah, ah! Ah…!”

“You’re not hurting anymore, are you? You’re making those sounds because it feels good.”

As he stirred the sensitive area with his tongue, Uiwoo trailed his fingers down Jaejin’s ribs. His touches seemed crazed, desperate to be closer in contact as if starved for more skin-to-skin contact. His fingers pressed against the lined ribs then moved lower to grasp Jaejin’s still twitching member, post-ejaculation.

“You like it this much after making such a mess…”

“Seo, Uiwoo…”

Jaejin belatedly tried to grab Uiwoo’s arm to stop him, but Uiwoo was already wildly shaking his grasp, ignoring Jaejin’s feeble attempt to restrain him.

“Why do you keep asking me to stop? Why? Just enjoy it with me.”

“Ah! Ah!”

“That’s it, just like that. Enjoy it, and everything will be fine!”

Despite the rough handling, Jaejin’s vision sparked with figurative fireworks.

“Don’t tell me, you don’t like it? Do you still dislike it?”

“No, ah, again… I’m going again…”

“Maybe… I should have licked you more, huh? Should I pull out and go back to licking you? Is that what you want?”

“No, not that, stop, don’t pull out!”

Jaejin, clawing at Uiwoo’s arms, curled his spine into an arc.

Then he shook his head vigorously, conceding to the situation.

“It’s okay, it’s alright now. It doesn’t hurt anymore, just feels good.”

Unable to gather his thoughts, the squelching sounds from below were too loud and distracting, and Uiwoo’s heavy breathing was too close. Jaejin reached a point where he just couldn’t care about what happened anymore. He let go of the last strings of his rationality.

“Ah, if only you… did this from the start, we both would have… enjoyed it from the beginning. Instead of making things complicated… you damned rascal…”

Jaejin lashed out with frustration.

“Instead of always doing as you please, you should listen to me sometimes… because of you, I always end up… in such a mess!”

Flailing his hand, Jaejin grabbed Uiwoo’s harness and dragged his face close, biting into his lips.

Nibbling at the supple lower lip, Uiwoo naturally extended his tongue for a kiss. Unbeknownst to him, Jaejin’s eyelashes were already damp with tears.

“Seo Uiwoo, Se… Uiwoo, ah! Ah!”

From then on, their memories continued until they became hazy.

They lost count of how many times they climaxed.

Jaejin cursed while sobbing, and Uiwoo cursed nonsensically too.

When they finally took a moment to breathe, deep night had fallen.

At dawn, the sound of running water filled the space.

Jaejin, still groggy from sleep, was barely aware of his surroundings. It seemed that someone was in the shower. He tried to open his eyes, but the exhaustion was too much to overcome. His eyelids were heavy as lead. Even if he managed to open his eyes, he felt he would fall back asleep instantly.

‘Maybe I should just pretend to be asleep…’

Uiwoo would probably take care of the cleaning, so there wasn’t much point in waking up…

‘No, that’s not right. I can’t let my guard down now. He must have realized by now that giving in to mere temptation could ruin everything, and yet here I am, almost slipping into complacency again.’

Jaejin frowned and forced his eyes open.

The bathroom lights were blindingly bright, making the room almost dazzlingly white. Hot water poured into the plugged tub amidst rising steam.

Jaejin was already lying in the bathtub, and Uiwoo was in front of him, taking off his combat attire.

He tossed aside the leather harness that crossed his chest and removed the holster strapped around his thigh.

As he crossed his arms in an ‘X’ to pull off his shirt, his broad shoulders and thick chest revealed the dog tag necklace swaying freely. It was an identification of a Psion, his identity and affiliation.

With a stiff neck, Uiwoo stepped out of his lower garments, revealing the whole of his body, akin to a finely cut diamond. It was composed of tightly packed muscles with no visible fat. Despite his innocent face that looked like a well-brought-up young master or prince, his body was undoubtedly predatory.

“Oh… you’re awake now. I was about to wake you up.”

With a lazy smile, Uiwoo entered the bathtub where Jaejin was, water splashing around as he did. Naturally, Uiwoo reached out and pulled Jaejin close into his embrace.

Jaejin, slipping in the tub, tensed up instinctively; Uiwoo adjusted his position to hold him tighter, resting his chin on Jaejin’s shoulder. Their legs intertwined, pressing into each other to the point of heavy bearing down.


“Don’t shrink away. It’s just water, after all.”

What did the water have to do with anything?

‘Ah. Guiding efficiency?’

Of course, even water, if mixed with impurities, drastically reduced guiding efficiency, Jaejin remembered.

“Just stay like this. I’ll wash you.”

Uiwoo summoned body wash with his psychokinetic power, unscrewed the top, and filled his hand with its contents, creating a lather by rubbing his hands together. As he gently washed Jaejin’s limbs, even in the contaminated water where guiding was hardly effective, Uiwoo felt an undercurrent of excitement. There was a slight dryness in his throat, a tinge of impatience.

Perhaps the afterimage of the intense guiding session was to blame. Uiwoo dismissed the minor disruption with ease, too elated at the moment to care about such trivialities.

“Jaejin, what should I do? I think… I’m happy.”

“Out of nowhere. Elaborate, please.”

“Earlier, I hoped that today would never end.”


“I wondered if I were born just for this day… Had a bit of that thought too. You wouldn’t understand, right? This is something only Psions would know.”

“Yes, I wouldn’t know about that. Nevertheless, it wasn’t so bad… I enjoyed it too.”

“Yes, it was good. Wasn’t it? Haha.”

Jaejin heard Uiwoo’s cheerful laughter. His fair face blushed, and his gray eyes warmed.

The innocent face that resembled a big, young dog looked so naturally happy it drew Jaejin’s gaze, holding it.

He appeared like a ripe peach, so soft and blushingly pink, emanating a sweet scent that made one want to reach out and touch.

“Should I tell you a secret? Before I met you, I hated being a Psion. I thought all Psions were disgustingly greedy for guiding.”


“And here I was, just one of those messy creatures. It’s ridiculous.”

Amused by his own realization, Uiwoo hummed a nonsensical tune under his breath.

The tune’s lyrics were utterly absurd: something about baby Jaejin and his soft, adorable body. Startled by the oddity, Jaejin splashed water at Uiwoo.

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
Taming the Obsessive Attachment

Taming the Obsessive Attachment

Second Time Taming the Obsessive Top, 집착광공 길들이기 2회차
Score 7.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: Native Language: Korean
He regressed to the first day of confinement. 4 years ago, Kwon Jae-jin, an ordinary person, appeared as the only guide for the S-class esper Seo Eui-woo. Seo Eui-woo kidnapped him and demanded that he be guided without consent. “Shall we check now? I wonder if you are a guide that matches me or not.” “Hurts, it hurts, ah, ngh! Ugh…… Stop……!” “See, you can do guiding on me…….” Seo Eui-woo’s crazy behavior, which seemed ruthless at first glance, had a good reason, and after 4 years that felt like war, Jae-jin eventually understood and accepted Seo Eui-woo. Not only that, he was taken in by Seo Eui-woo’s persistent love offensive and their relationship developed romantically! They lived happily ever after……! ……It would’ve been great if it had ended with such a happy ending. One sunny day, a gate in the yard burst, and Kwon Jae-jin got caught in it. He died with his limbs torn to pieces. BAD ENDING. That was the story of Kwon Jae-jin’s first life before returning to this point.



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