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    A World Beyond / So We Are Told
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    The smile on her face was odd, with her eyes wide open and only her mouth smiling.
    “You, really….”
    At the same time, Milane, the head of the Shapeshifter Academy, had a shocked expression and buried her face in her hands.
    “You really are a deer.”
    Laughter escaped from Milane’s gap between her fluffy lips.
    The portrait in the student record was just a portrait, but it was a different story when faced with reality.
    Bendy’s lightly colored black hair and watery gentle eyes were a type that could not be found in carnivorous shapeshifters.
    That’s not all.
    Her skin was so fragile that even a slight scratch on her claws could cause it to tear, and she had a unnecessarily soft appearance.
    All of these elements allowed for the possibility of stimulating the curiosity of carnivorous shapeshifters.
    “No, absolutely not.”
    Bendy observed some of the monstrous students roaming the academy pass by Milane’s eyes.
    “It’s not just those guys that are dangerous.”
    If there were an accident, even within the academy….
    It could even escalate into a racial issue if it was an accident between herbivorous and carnivorous shapeshifters.
    Milane, who drew the worst hypothesis, walked towards the sofa unsteadily.
    “Please, have a seat.”
    Bendy realized that the atmosphere was not good and hesitated to sit next to Milane.
    Milane Edent, the head of the Shapeshifter Academy, was someone that everyone who knew something knew of.
    She was a short-haired elderly woman who was the exact opposite of the impression that usually came to mind when one mentioned “academy head.”
    Her cold blue eyes were very suitable for the stalk she held in her hand.
    If anything, she was more suited to being a drill sergeant rather than an academy head.
    Bendy cautiously sat down on the sofa, keeping her guard up.
    “-Bendy Hakdo.”
    “Please speak, Head.”
    “I don’t know what misunderstanding there was, but this academy is a place where there is not a single herbivorous shapeshifter.”
    “In other words, it’s a place where all students and faculty members are carnivorous shapeshifters. The majority are those who have never even met a herbivorous shapeshifter.”
    Milane, with her eyes shining coldly, emphasized her point.
    “Do you understand what that means?”
    It meant going into a place where it could be dangerous, to the point where her life could be threatened, as a herbivorous shapeshifter.
    “There is no one here who will have any favor towards you.”
    Bendy understood Milane’s intention with her rough words and bit her lip.
    She was having trouble even making eye contact with the Head or the Head’s secretary.
    To live with adolescence, in other words, much younger and rougher carnivorous shapeshifters, was a legitimate concern.
    “So that’s what I’m saying.”
    Milane glanced at Bendy, who had her head down, then hit the floor with her cane.
    “I will be direct. I am prohibiting your admission.”
    Bendy, whose heart sank, raised her head forcefully.
    However, Milane, who had opened her eyes wider, narrowed her chin.
    “I’m serious. Though it may not seem like it, I care a lot about this academy. I don’t want anything to happen that will tarnish its reputation.”
    “….What do you mean by that?”
    “If you are a herbivorous shapeshifter, you will inevitably be involved in problems. I don’t want you to burden yourself with such dangerous risks.”
    “Dangerous risks.”
    Bendy muttered softly as she clenched her fists.
    Milane, who noticed the veins on the back of her hand bulging, softened her voice.
    “In return, I will submit a recommendation letter to another academy. The most prestigious academy where herbivorous shapeshifters are studying!”
    “Wouldn’t that be much better than risking your precious life?”
    Bendy was faced with the Head’s subtle persuasion and bit her lip in response.
    It wasn’t a completely unexpected turn of events.

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