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The Shapeshifter Academy

The Shapeshifter Academy

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The Shapeshifter Academy, where only carnivore shapeshifters attend.

If there is only one exception in that place,

“…I don’t taste good.”

It was me, the herbivore deer, Bendy Reppy.

I planned to quietly endure until graduation by hiding the fact that I’m a deer, pretending to be a fox, but.

“This year’s student council president is, Bendy Reppy.”


No matter how I see it, I think it’s hopeless to graduate quietly.

Hiding my identity, avoiding the carnivore shapeshifters’ fangs, and even doing the Student Council President’s work, I’m so busy to death, but,

“Now, I think it would be a bit of a bummer if the President dies.”

I ended up getting involved with the fool white tiger, who’s crazy,

“It wasn’t long ago when I act annoyingly, saying that I’ll prey on you.”

The troublemaker wolf who feeds off of his own pride,

“Touch me.”

And even a real lion who abruptly asks me to touch him.

The Shapeshifter Academy in which they say that herbivore shapeshifters can’t survive.

“President, you look exactly like that.”


“A deer.”

I, surely should be able to graduate without getting caught, right?

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