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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Don’t confiscate my citizenship Chapter:- 6

Chapter 6: World Masterpieces, One Filial, One Joyful

For a moment, the study descended into silence.

Lan Qi could guess from the atmosphere between him and his father that this conversation might be of significant importance to them.

Judging by his father’s expression, it was a talk about the future, responsibilities, and family honor.

So before his father spoke, he didn’t feel it was right to say anything first.

His gaze slowly moved, and Lan Qi noticed the butler smiling at him.

It was the same sly smile as always.

Lan Qi felt slightly uncomfortable and soon averted his gaze.

The only other place he could rest his sight was on the neatly arranged books on the towering shelves and the oil paintings hanging on the wall.

It was said to be an ancient masterpiece cherished by the family for a long time, illuminated by the soft magic lamp, which filled the whole study with an artistic atmosphere.

But obviously.

It wasn’t as good as Lan Qi’s paintings.

After a long while.

Noah finally seemed to have thought of what to say and opened his mouth: “Lan Qi, you’ve been an adult for a month now… In this period, the family has smoothed out too many troubles for you, I think you can’t continue to live carelessly anymore.”

Another brief silence followed.

Or a waiting time.

Noah wasn’t sure if Lan Qi would get angry and throw a tantrum because his act was exposed after saying this.

Because the change in Lan Qi these past few days seemed more like a temporary measure of acting in his eyes.

Lan Qi probably realized that the family would start to restrict his extravagant funding and reckless actions.

So, he must be tolerating his bad habits, trying to behave temporarily to get through this tough time.


Contrary to Noah’s expectations.

Lan Qi’s eyes remained clear and calm.

After reflecting on the question for a while, he nodded seriously.

And replied: “I’m really sorry, I promise I won’t do anything that dishonors the family name again.”

This response stunned Noah for a moment, causing him to squeeze the corner of his eye.

He took another look at Lan Qi.

No matter how you looked at it, he was a good young man.

Even for a moment, Noah felt proud to have such a knowledgeable and bright-eyed son.

This kid either really had a sudden epiphany, or he was still being stubborn.

Although Noah hoped for the former, he knew the latter was more likely.

It couldn’t possibly be that this silly son suddenly, due to some trigger, completely changed his mental state, right? But it didn’t matter.

Regardless of whether Lan Qi was acting or not, Noah had ways to fundamentally determine how to treat Lan Qi next.


Noah cleared his throat, straightened up a bit, and looked at Lan Qi,

“How are you preparing for the alchemy academy’s entrance exam?”

His tone seemed a bit milder, but his words were stricter, “You should know that although I need to be in the empire for transnational trade all year round, it doesn’t mean I completely neglect you. My tolerance for you is also based on the premise that you are living your life seriously.”


As soon as the voice fell.

The butler standing behind Noah couldn’t help but reveal a slight smile.

Three parts of it was schadenfreude for the young master’s predicament, and seven parts were out of interest to see how the young master would respond.


Lan Qi didn’t say anything for the time being, and his heart jumped at the words.

According to the memories of his predecessor, he had never studied at all!

The alchemy academy Noah referred to was located in the capital of the Hutton Kingdom, a branch of the oldest Eikelyt Academy in the country.

This academy enrolls young people with potential from the Hutton Kingdom and neighboring countries every year and is famous throughout the southern continent.

The alchemy academy is one of its four branches.

Known for alchemy craftsmanship and theoretical research, the entrance exam of the alchemy academy was so difficult that the predecessor gave up before even trying.

And the predecessor always lied about working hard to pass the alchemy academy’s entrance exam to gain the trust and reassurance of his parents, squandering a large amount of pocket money on play every day.

Damn, this damned predecessor.

Enjoying the blessings and now it’s my turn to take the blame! Lan Qi cursed inwardly.

But, in the original course of events, the predecessor really wouldn’t have this trouble.

Because Talya would help this stupid rich young master end his life’s troubles.

Thinking of this, Lan Qi suddenly frowned.

“Father, are there other businesses with the same name as ‘Wilfort Trading Company’ in this world?”

Lan Qi asked.


Noah seemed puzzled by Lan Qi’s suddenly off-topic question, but seeing Lan Qi’s serious eyes, he still answered proudly: “I dare not say if there are small businesses with similar names, but large trading enterprises conducting cross-border trade between Hutton Kingdom and Creys Empire, we are the only one.”

After Noah finished speaking, Lan Qi didn’t change his expression, just nodded silently.

Since he changed his destiny of “being killed by Talya” and survived, accordingly, he would also face some situations that the stupid rich young master would not encounter.

Lan Qi had long felt that his surname “Wilfort” sounded familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen it.

After hearing Noah’s words, Lan Qi finally remembered that in the game storyline two years from now, there was a side mission named “The Wilfort Tragedy”! The mission hint was that a cross-national trading enterprise, for unknown reasons, suddenly went bankrupt overnight, and people related to the enterprise’s higher-ups were also killed one by one. Players could choose whether to investigate, and the mission level was very high.

Since his surname is Wilfort, and the family business is also called Wilfort Trading Company, and there’s only this large cross-national company…

It seems like it’s definitely his own family.

It looks like he can’t just lay back and relax; at the very least, he must strive for a year and a half, investigate in advance, and solve the potential hidden dangers of the family!

The family’s money is the support for his retirement at 20. He must protect it well.

Thinking back to the information about Eikelyt Academy in his memory, “I promise I’ll pass the entrance exam smoothly.”

Lan Qi replied quite calmly.

He actually didn’t mind going to this academy in the capital.

Even you could say, in the memory of his predecessor, it was a dream-like academy—

Not only does it have the Hutton Kingdom’s most cutting-edge magical engineering technology and many advanced facilities and resources, but it also offers excellent protection.

He is currently a first-order classless person with no self-protection abilities and no status “enough to make big figures pay attention and protect him.”

Rashly investigating the root of potential problems in the Creys Empire is undoubtedly seeking death.

It’s better to first develop his potential in the Hutton Kingdom.

If he wants to rise to fame the fastest.

Even to gain the favor of some of the world’s major powers or the strongest people, accumulating contacts.

Then becoming a card master is definitely the most suitable shortcut for his talents.

Going to Eikelyt Academy and using the resources of the magical engineering academy is hundreds of times more efficient than studying card making alone in such a border city-state.

The capital is also a stage more suitable for him to thrive.

At worst, as long as he can make a fortune in the capital of Eikelyt, he can find a way to personally ruin his father’s Wilfort Trading Company and avoid family ruin! “Huh?”

Noah raised his eyebrows, and did not realize Lan Qi’s filial intentions at the moment, but was skeptical of Lan Qi’s confidence in passing the exam.

He thought his son, who behaved like a little gangster, would show his true colors here.

Unexpectedly, Lan Qi was still stubborn besides frowning.

Lan Qi’s response today was really beyond Noah’s expectations at every turn.

Although Noah did not have too much energy to care for Lan Qi’s daily life, whenever he asked the butler and the maids about Lan Qi’s condition, both of them tried their best to cover for Lan Qi.

But Noah was not stupid, and he could generally judge what state Lan Qi was living in normally.

“As long as you say so, if you do pass the entrance exam smoothly, then I have misunderstood you, and I will apologize to you…”

Noah said solemnly, his eyes, sharp as torches, deeply probing into Lan Qi’s emerald green pupils, “But if you can’t pass the academy’s exam, does it mean you have been lying to us about your trust?”

“Of course, fair enough.”

Lan Qi’s response was still unhurried.

“Then I won’t disturb you anymore today, continue studying hard. I will buy your train ticket to the capital in advance, you don’t have to worry about that.”

With that, seeing Lan Qi make such a straightforward promise, Noah was also satisfied.

Since Lan Qi still wanted to be stubborn.

Then Noah didn’t mind using this as a justifiable reason to let Lan Qi humbly accept his punishment after some setbacks.

Noah actually didn’t think Lan Qi could pass the alchemy academy’s exam.

Or to say, it was simply impossible.

Given the complexity of the alchemy academy’s exam and the number and extremely high passing standards, it would take at least two or three years of serious preparation.

And this year’s Eikelyt Academy entrance exam starts in three months.

Even the alchemy academy, which requires the least talent, Lan Qi can’t handle it.

When he goes to the capital and sees other tri-academy peers with extraordinary talent, he will probably realize how stupid, arrogant, and short-sighted he has been.

“I understand.”

Lan Qi said affirmatively.

Although his father has always been skeptical of himself, he has always spoken with high emotional intelligence and even intends to send him to the capital, Lan Qi felt respected.

Then he will definitely respond to his father’s expectations, “As long as you are sure you can send me to the capital to thrive, I guarantee you will receive the good news of my successful enrollment in the capital’s Eikelyt Academy.”


Noah almost laughed out loud when he heard that.

He picked up the teacup, took a sip, and suppressed the mockery that was about to appear on his face.

Still thriving.

You just go get into school, could you really make a big splash? Noah didn’t expect today’s conversation to go so smoothly; he had been prepared for their father-son relationship to become quite unpleasant.

Punishing Lan Qi was inevitable because he had to teach the arrogant and overly confident Lan Qi to pay the price for his mistakes.

Today, unexpectedly, because of Lan Qi’s sincere attitude, a good peace treaty was reached.

But to Noah, the difference is just letting Lan Qi see the world in the capital before punishing him.

Anyway, the Eikelyt Academy entrance exam, Lan Qi is just going to be a disgrace.

As for letting Lan Qi go to the capital, Noah is not worried at all that Lan Qi will become a wild horse off its leash.

In this small place in the border, Lan Qi, who has not seen the world, can be arrogant and domineering.

But in that Eikelyt Academy in the capital, the real stage of the southern continent, where big figures are everywhere, this son will definitely not stir up any waves.

After all.

Noah understands Lan Qi very well; Lan Qi is just that kind of paper tiger type of stupid dandy.

And not some hell-raising demon king who will evolve uncontrollably once in the right environment.

This is still very reassuring.

(End of Chapter)

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
Don’t confiscate my citizenship

Don’t confiscate my citizenship

Status: Ongoing
"In the first place, she was a demon; how could she have been corrupted after meeting a human like me? Those critics always say absurd things." In 1798, Archbishop Rance, in an interview with journalists, was asked about his past with the exiled princess of the demon clan and the recent signs of the demon clan's resurgence. He stated: "I have made too much effort to defend world peace. I am very certain that under her leadership, there is absolutely no possibility of the demon clan reviving." ... In the winter of 1802, the demon clan successfully revived. 【Based on the above material, please indicate who the main culprit for the revival of the demon clan was and explain why it was Rance. (10 points)】 ——Excerpt from "Classic Examination Questions of Imperial History"



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