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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Eating with my friend’s mom:-Becoming Friends with My Friend’s Mom – Episode 1

〈 Episode 1 〉 Friend’s Mom Jung-ah (1)

* * *

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“Ah….. my head…..”

The alarm clock rings without fail today as well.

The cold air filling the room gives me a headache.

‘Why is this damn house so cold even with the boiler on’

I pressed the floor with my hand, but there were warm spots and cold spots.

‘It’s miserable’

For some reason, I felt like crying on the cold floor.

Going to school at my age.

Going to school is a hassle for me, so I force myself up.

A year ago, an unexpected accident left me alone.

Head of the Household.

Although I’m still in the prime age of twenty, others call me the head of the family.

Because of an unexpected loss, my graduation was delayed for a year, and I had to go to school at an age when others were heading to college.

I never expected things that happen in dramas or books to happen to me.

‘The unexpected always comes from behind’ like a movie quote.

In fact, I grew up not knowing any lack.

Love from family, affection for family?

I had never thought about those things.

Because it was filled with love.

Thinking about it now, I think I never felt a lack because it was filled with my parents’ love.

Waking up in the morning to my mom’s nagging and going to school,

Finishing school roughly and coming home to play computer games or locking myself in my room to read books was my only joy.

My dad, who ran a small construction company, was incredibly busy from a young age.

He would leave early in the morning and come back late at night.

The constant phone calls and work stressed him out daily.

My main memory of my dad was him holding a phone in one hand and a steering wheel in another.

That day was the same, my father was holding a phone in one hand and a steering wheel in the other.

­ Beep!! Beep!! Beep!!

The chick alarm clock on the desk rings.

It’s the alarm clock’s last warning.

If I’m any later, I’ll be late.

I quickly run to the bathroom and start washing my face.

If I’m late again today, it’s obvious that the call from ‘Paddle’ teacher will come.

I will probably have to clean the bathroom all afternoon.

‘Paddle’ is our homeroom teacher’s nickname.

Looking somewhat like a celebrity with a hardened jaw, Paddle-teacher carries a wooden paddle shaped like a paddle.

If you get caught by that paddle, you have to endure a painful hit to the head.

I roughly dry my hair and quickly change into my school uniform.

I briefly glance in the mirror and brush my messy hair over.

‘I must’ve lost some weight because I haven’t been eating well.’

My pale face looked even more gaunt.

If someone saw me, they’d probably think I’m a rookie overloaded with work.

As I was about to step out the door, I heard someone calling.


“Oh! You scared me!”

Turning around, I saw the lady from the first floor.

She is the mother of my friend, Sungdae, who lives on the first floor of our villa.

“Dongho, did you have breakfast?”

Sungdae’s mom brushed her slightly wavy hair back and smiled.

Her smile was unwrinkled.

Maybe because of that, she looked quite young for her age.

With fair skin and a pretty face,

she wasn’t skinny but had a moderate, curvy figure, making it hard to call her an “aunt” just by looking at her from outside.

She also paid a lot of attention to her clothing style.

When I sometimes visited Sungdae’s house, she would be wearing thin home dresses.

The slip dress clung to her waistline and fit snugly to her body.

Online, these kinds of clothes are called ‘missy-look’ outfits, right?

When going out, Sungdae’s mom sometimes wore black long boots with short leather skirts.

She wasn’t a young lady but definitely didn’t look like a mother with high school-aged children.

‘Style-savvy’ suited her well.

As a hormonally driven teenager, I naturally glanced at her.

While visiting Sungdae’s house, I would sneak peeks at Sungdae’s mom.

Her backside, especially when cooking or cleaning, caught my eye.

Sometimes, I would sit uncomfortably for a few minutes due to tension in a certain area.

“Hello, ma’am!”

In a hurry, I respectfully greeted her.

Her loose short-sleeved shirt slightly opened, revealing a glimpse of her chest line.

Dongho tried hard not to stare and looked into her eyes instead.

“Yeah~ Are you heading to school?”

“Yes~ Has Sungdae already left?”

“Yes~ Lately, he’s been leaving very early, but did you have breakfast?”

Sungdae’s mom often took good care of me since my parents passed away.

Probably out of pity for me.

“No~ I’ll just have lunch at school.”

“Oh no, that won’t do.”

Sungdae’s mom goes back into her house for a moment.

She returns with a warm soybean milk and hands it to me.

The lady smelled of lavender.

I liked that floral scent coming from her.

It reminded me of the scent from my mom’s room and clothes.

The smell evoked memories of my mom’s perfume.

It made me feel a bit emotional.

“Make sure you eat breakfast, okay?”

“Yes! I will. Thank you.”

“Okay, and could you stop by this evening? I have something to ask you regarding Sungdae.”

‘What could she ask?’

I pondered for a moment, but couldn’t figure out what she wanted to ask.

“Sure… I’ll come by this evening.”

“Alright, have a good day at school~ See you later!”

I hurriedly greeted her and headed out the door.

The clock showed 8:45 AM.

If I ran, could I make it through the school gate?

The timing was tight.

By the way, why did Sungdae leave for school so early? Sungdae and I had something in common.

He, like me, had to repeat a grade. However, he had to because he had attended school abroad when he was younger.

Honestly, Sungdae wasn’t very interested in academics.

With an outgoing personality, he loved sports and hanging out with friends.

Many friends gathered around him.

He was what you’d call a school ‘insider’.

In contrast, my personality was more introverted.

Though I didn’t avoid social interactions, I didn’t particularly enjoy them either.

Sungdae’s family moved here about three years ago.

We lived in a three-story villa; my family on the second floor, and Sungdae’s family on the first.

Because we lived in the same villa, our families occasionally interacted.

One of the most memorable events was a trip to the valley in summer with Sungdae’s family.

Our three family members and their three piled into a single car.

Despite running a local supermarket, Sungdae’s dad made an effort to close shop for that day, just for Sungdae.

The mood was cheerful.

The most memorable part was being with Sungdae’s mom.

In a sky-blue tank top and dolphin shorts, she played in the water like a young girl,

and my eyes kept being drawn to her.

The contours of her chest swelled prominently through her top, moving and jiggling as she moved.

Her ample thighs glistened in the sunlight through her tight shorts.

As she emerged from the water, her shorts slid slightly downwards due to the water’s weight, revealing her white, enticing derrière.

I remember thinking how large and white a woman’s butt could be.

The response from my body due to watching my friend’s mother left me embarrassed, forcing me to submerge deeper into the water.

Since becoming alone after the accident, Sungdae’s mom had particularly looked after me.

She comforted me, standing by my side during my parents’ funeral.

I felt gratitude towards her for that.

She was the only adult I could lean on in this world.

­ KaTalk

[Are you on your way to school?]

‘Who is messaging me at this hour?’

I opened KakaoTalk and checked the profile.

A young, beautiful woman in jeans and a white t-shirt was smiling cheerfully.

[You were surprised this morning, right? Have a good day at school, and save this number~]


It was Sungdae’s mom.

Dressed like that, I didn’t recognize her at first.

On her profile, she was wearing a white t-shirt and tight skinny jeans.

‘No one would guess she’s an aunt.’

I started flipping through her profile pictures one by one.

She had about ten pictures, half of which were family photos.

The photos included a balding man with a potbelly, who was her husband, and Sungdae.

There were solo pictures of Sungdae’s mom, looking like a young woman.

It seemed she had quite an age difference with her husband.

There were also pictures from our trip to the valley with my family.

Even in the sky-blue tank top, the prominent contours of her chest were captured.

[Good morning, thank you for the soy milk. See you later!]

I quickly replied and started running to school.

The winter morning air was surprisingly refreshing.

It seemed like I could smell something pleasant in the breeze.

‘Is it lavender?’

It was the first time in a long while that I felt excited feelings like this.

Maybe someone had lifted my gloomy morning mood.

As soon as I arrived at school, I checked Sungdae’s desk.

Sungdae was sleeping next to it, while his partner Sooyeon was looking at the blackboard.

‘Why come early if you’re just going to sleep?’

I clicked on Sungdae’s mom’s KakaoTalk profile.

One of her pictures showed her in a bikini, probably taken overseas.

Sungdae’s mom, wearing sunglasses, was shyly covering her chest with her hands.

It was a distant shot, so I carefully zoomed in with my fingers.

The photo highlighted her ample bosom in the black bikini and toned legs.

‘How does an aunt have a body like this…’

My trouser front started to tighten.

Fearing someone might see, I pulled my chair closer to hide my growing erection under the desk.

The next photo showed her with Sungdae’s dad.

It captured just their upper bodies.

In a loose black short-sleeved shirt revealing a hint of cleavage, Sungdae’s mom beamed brightly.

Beside her, an obvious middle-aged man with sparse hair was smiling.

The mismatched couple’s photo made me feel strange.

I suddenly imagined Sungdae’s dad on top of her naked body.

I pictured her clutching his buttocks, embracing his throbbing hardness, with a seductive expression on her face.

Closing my eyes, I enjoyed the fantasy.

By now, my erection was straining against my school pants, the veins visible.


Sungdae’s dad’s hips moved vigorously.

Below him, she muffled her moans and cries with hands as her breasts jiggled.


“What are you doing?”

By my side stood Sungdae, looking bewildered.

“Why are you staring at my mom’s photos?”

‘Oh no.’

As I imagined her bouncing breasts, precum had started to ooze from my throbbing cock.

* * *


We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
Eating with my friend’s mom

Eating with my friend’s mom

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