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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Eating with my friend’s mom: Chapter 12

〈 Episode 12 〉 My Secret Partner (3)

* * *

She calmed her surprised heart and began to follow Seongdae again. Seongdae and Sooyeon were walking slowly while talking.

Why did my hand have to touch her chest? When I grabbed her chest, the soft sensation lingered on my fingertips. It happened so quickly that it was unclear whether it was intentional or accidental. When I grabbed the bottom of her breast, I remembered the way her mouth slightly opened. My ‘thing’ was already as big as it could get.

Awkward air filled the car. She adjusted her posture as if trying to focus on driving. Her thighs were spread apart, and her denim skirt had ridden up slightly. If I lowered my head, I might be able to see her private parts, and her firm thighs were exhibiting a sexy appearance.

“Uh? They’re going that way?”

Suddenly, Seongdae and Sooyeon entered an alley. Because I was familiar with this neighborhood, I knew what was located inside that alley.

It was a motel.

When Seongdae and Sooyeon entered the alley, we stopped at a place where we could see the alley. She hadn’t yet figured out where they were heading.

Seongdae took clothes out of his bag and began to change right there.

“Oh my, what is he doing?”

She covered her mouth in shock after seeing Seongdae’s actions. I could predict what their next move would be.

After quickly changing clothes, Seongdae and Sooyeon went straight into the motel in the alley. Since it was a dead-end alley, there was no chance of anyone seeing them. The motel had been newly built not long ago. Especially at this hour, who would be going to a motel? They entered the motel as if they had been there once or twice before.

Seongdae’s mother’s face turned pale. She looked as if she was facing a situation that never should have happened.

“A-Are you okay?”

I couldn’t help but ask about her well-being. She seemed to be contemplating various things about what to do now.

“They really…..entered the motel, didn’t they?”

She managed to speak with difficulty. She seemed to want to confirm that what she was seeing was real.

“Yes…. that’s correct.”

For them to go to a motel, of all places. I had always wondered what they were doing together, but it turned out they were just going to satisfy their sexual desires. I was quite disappointed.

I was particularly disappointed in Sooyeon. Given her level, she wouldn’t need to hang out with a guy like Seongdae to have fun with men. No matter how good Seongdae was, he wasn’t enough to match her beauty.

“What should… we do?”

The car was still parked on the road. Ending the drive date with her here felt too wasteful. It was close to getting dark, so I wanted to take her for a spin out of town.

It was a time I could give her as a gift, different from her everyday, repetitive life. I wanted to share new experiences with her in a different space.

“Let’s…. go in too.”


“It’s okay, right?”

Did I hear her wrong? She wants me to go into the motel with her…?

Her expression became resolute. She didn’t seem to be planning to give up on tracking down Seongdae.

But what after going inside? I wanted to ask if she had any plans.

“Yes… it’s fine with me, but…”

“Then, let’s go.”

She released the brake and pressed the accelerator with her firm thighs. Her face was flushed red. It seemed she was determined to drag Seongdae out. The thought of dragging Seongdae out of a motel room made me chuckle.

Heh, let’s see him get a taste of his own medicine.

She drove straight into the motel parking lot. Going into a motel by her car, what a situation. Or should I say, what luck?

She skillfully parked the car. Stepping out, I saw her standing there for the first time. The slightly risen denim skirt above her thighs and the tight white tee matched her perfectly. From a distance, she could be mistaken for a college student, her dangerous curves making her innocent style even sexier.

Her firm thighs pressed together, forming well-toned legs. I thought about how big her hidden behind must be under those leggings. Her denim skirt barely covered the enticing mound.

“How many?”

An old motel owner came out and asked about the number of people. Soon, she was going to ask about their whereabouts and rush upstairs. Then, she would drag Seongdae and Sooyeon out by their hair.

“Just two.”

She told the motel owner the number of people and paid. She was trying to enter a room in the motel with me. This wasn’t what I had in mind! I was curious about what she was up to.

“Thirty thousand for a short stay! No cards!”

The owner demanded cash from her harshly.

“I’ll give you cash, but could you give us the room next to the couple who just went in?”

“Why the next room?”

The owner looked curiously at her face. She seemed to hesitate for a moment and then started whispering in the owner’s ear. As soon as she finished, the owner glanced at my face and chuckled.

“Well, alright. But the next room is the special room; is that okay?”

“How much is it?”

“Then fifty thousand!”

A room that costs twenty thousand more because it’s ‘special.’ What could be so special about it?

“Room 602. Take the elevator next to you.”

“Thank you.”

She received the room key and amenities and moved toward the elevator. She seemed to have decided to monitor them from the room next to Seongdae’s.

Upon opening the door, a light scent of Febreze greeted us. It seemed recently cleaned and was quite tidy. As with any typical motel, there was one bed, a table, chairs, and a computer.

Huh? What’s that?

Next to the bed was an oddly shaped piece of furniture, partly a chair and partly a sofa. A sticker labeled ‘Love Chair’ was attached to it. There were also various adult toys on the table, including a whip, handcuffs, and blindfolds, along with other strange items whose purposes were unknown.

Ah, so that’s why it’s a special room.

“Oh my.”

Her face began to flush red upon seeing the displayed items. She had come here just to check on her son, yet she was now in a love motel with a strong guy. She wouldn’t be entirely comfortable either.

She pretended not to see the items, covering them with a towel. Her pale face turned bright red.

“What do we do now…?”

I asked her to break the awkward atmosphere.

“Well… how about putting our ears to the wall?”

She didn’t seem to have a clear plan. Though she followed Seongdae here, pulling him and Sooyeon out would also take a lot of courage. She must have worried about the rumors to some extent. But is it a crime for a couple to go to a motel?

She climbed onto the bed and leaned against the wall. Her short denim skirt rode up slightly on her thighs. The white skin of her thighs shone through. She leaned against the wall, focusing.

I also leaned against the wall opposite her, putting my ear to it. I could hear her close breathing. Pretending to listen through the wall, I observed her face and body. She fascinated my gaze with her perfect, supple posture.

“Can you hear anything?”

Nothing significant came from the wall. The only faint murmuring sounded like the TV was on.


“Well…. what should we do?”

She seemed somewhat relieved when no sound came from the next room.

“Do you think they are doing some sort of hobby activity…?”

Her hopeless words made no sense. She held onto a false hope. What are a young, energetic couple going to do in there, play Jenga? Have a book discussion? Clearly, she had no idea about his school life.

Then it happened.


A card was swiped next door, and the door opened.

“Why did it take you so long to come?”

It was Sooyeon’s voice, asking someone in her uniquely calm tone.

Was someone else joining Seongdae?

No way… a threesome…? Nah, that can’t be.

“Sorry, had to feed the kids. Ran a bit late.”

A woman’s voice answered.

It was an unfamiliar, older woman’s voice. The TV sound turned off, and their voices became more distinct.

“Is this the friend?”


“He doesn’t look that great.”

“Hello there.”

It was Seongdae. He was greeting the lady who’d come in. His voice trembled slightly.

What on earth are they planning? A book discussion, really?

From the other side of the wall, Sooyeon and the woman’s voices were heard.

“Shall we start?”

“Yes, I’ll shower first. I got sweaty on the way here. Did you already shower?”

“Yes, I just did.”

She was talking to Seongdae and then the sound of running water followed.

I glanced over at Seongdae’s mom, her face had turned pale as she put her ear against the wall. Her shaking firm thighs peeked out from under her lifted denim skirt.

* * *

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
Eating with my friend’s mom

Eating with my friend’s mom

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