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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Eating with my friend’s mom: Chapter 21

[Translates the provided text from Korean to English]

Episode 21: Her Shy Sex Class (6)

Inside her tensed thighs, I lapped at her spring like a dog drinking water.

  • Lick… Smooch…


The friction between her private part and my tongue was filling me with an erotic sound. She didn’t know what to do, tilting her head back and savoring it as my tongue worked on her.

  • Lick… Lick…

Despite the roughness where her pubic hair snagged on my taste buds, it wasn’t important. The taste of her white and firm thighs and deep groin was exquisite. To think that licking her groin with a soft tongue would be this delicious.

She held my head and wouldn’t let go. The sight of her commanding me to go harder was different from her usual kind self. The woman who always greeted me warmly and leisurely was now nothing but a wanton begging for her private part to be licked.


A moan she couldn’t hold back burst from her mouth. I started to delve deeper into her vagina with my tongue. As I gently buried my tongue into the slippery mound, she grabbed my head and started to scream.

“Haa…! Haark…!”

“Smooch… Smooch…”

Her protruding clitoris caught on my taste buds. With all my strength focused on my tongue, I began to stimulate her clitoris.

“Ahng…! Dong-ho…!”

Her mouth, which seemed like it would never utter my name, naturally called out my name. As if we were lovers or partners from long ago, all our sexual acts felt natural.

“Lick… Mm… Lick…”

I savored the taste of her vagina, enthralled by the bewitching scent of her lower parts. Some people apparently dislike oral, but it was certainly my preference. Maybe this was my taste.


As her waist arched like a bow, I had to prepare for the next position. I lifted my head from her private part and wiped my mouth. My lips were sticky with her slippery fluids.


With an embarrassed expression, she wiped the fluids from my lips with her hand. Lying beside her, I turned her onto her other side.

Next to me was her curvy backside exposed in full. Still lying on my side, I grabbed and lifted one of her thighs. She entrusted her whole body to my hand.

As I lifted her leg, her pink inner flesh and black pubic hair were revealed. I positioned my penis near her buttocks.


As the tip of my penis touched her moist private part, another moan escaped her lips. I began to rub my glans against the entrance of her slippery vagina.


It felt like my organ was being sucked into a black hole at her entrance. I couldn’t easily insert it just like this. I didn’t want to give her what she wanted so easily. I wanted to use my penis when she desired it the most, right before she passed out. Only then would she realize the value of my penis.

I started to tease her by rubbing the tip against her private part.


“Do you like it?”

“Yes… Dong-ho, I like it…”

Her moans were tinged with anticipation. I could feel her buttocks twitch every time my glans rubbed against her private part. Her white and full buttocks were grinding against my organ as if they immediately desired it.

“Put it in… now…”

She gave the signal for the first insertion. Her face, already flushed red, showed how aroused she was. The hair that was slick with sweat stuck to her face, making her look quite sexy.


“Ahng… why…?”

At my refusal, she playfully acted coy. Ah, is this how middle-aged men feel all the time? Despite her request for penetration, who was the man who hadn’t had a relationship with her for a year? Was he a monk?

As feelings of frustration toward the bald man who had been hearing her playful voice for so long surged, I vowed to one day make love to her in her bedroom.

“Say, ‘Please put it in. Do it.’”

“Huh?… Ahaha…”

“Beg me, ‘Please put it in.’”

“Ahng… It’s embarrassing…”

“Should we stop here?”

I pretended to be confident. Being anxious for a second that she might agree, I saw her flushed face moaning deeply, realizing it was unlikely.



I pushed half of my glans into her vagina. My blunt glans slowly rubbed and slid in between her private parts.


“Should I take it out?”

I made a gesture of pulling my hips back, almost removing the half-inserted glans.


A baby-like cry came from her mouth. Her firm thighs were trembling as if having a spasm.

“Put it in…”

“What did you say?”

“Put it in… please… Haahk…”


“Put it in…! Please put it in!… Aahng…”

Hearing her pleading voice, it felt like blood was rushing to my penis. My fully engorged glans was completely inserted into her vaginal opening.


A gasp of surprise burst out from her mouth. Lying on my side, I lifted her thigh further. Her taut buttocks entered my view. Slowly… very slowly, I began to shove my large penis into her private part.


The room was filled with her lascivious moans and warm air. As my penis penetrated her private part, her entire body trembled as if she was having a spasm.


Feeling the grip of her vagina on my penis, a deep moan also slipped from my mouth. With this level of tightness, I didn’t want to send her back home. I felt like I could endure a few more ejaculations with her.


Holding her thigh and thrusting into her sideways made me feel like I was reaching the end of her vagina. More deeply rooted, my penis was wriggling inside her.

“Aak… It’s too big!”

“Do you like it being big?”

“Ahn… Don’t say that…”

“Do you like it or not?”

“Ahhk… I like it…”

“How much do you like it?”

“I want… to keep… doing it…”

“Do you want to be penetrated continuously?”

“Yes… continuously… I want to be penetrated continuously…”

Her mouth poured out lascivious words. She was just a woman full of sexual desire who could speak such naughty words. The instincts hidden as someone’s mother, wife were coming out one by one.

I slowly started to piston. As my penis that had been lodged in her private part slowly moved, she began to writhe her body. I grabbed her lower thigh and relentlessly thrust into her trembling private part.

“Huhh… huhh…”

She moaned and writhed her hips in sync with my penis. Her movements to feel it deeper and more intensely seemed pitiable. This time, I decided to gift my penis solely for her satisfaction.

Thud… Thud… Thud…

As my organ entered her vagina in a steady rhythm, her mouth opened wider. I turned her head and inserted my index finger inside her mouth.

The finger that had been exploring her private part was now being sucked by her eagerly.

  • Slurp… Slurp…

Her expression sucking my finger was truly erotic. Her white skin with a blush, her shiny disheveled hair sticking to her face with sweat. She looked so sexy that I couldn’t stand it any longer.

I lowered her thigh and, while lying on my side, grabbed her pelvis from behind. The curves of her waist fit perfectly in my hands.

Thud… Thud… Thud…

As I penetrated her from the side, she began to scream as if she was about to faint.

“Aahng…! Aang…! I- I feel like I’m going to cum!”

Matching her cry, my penis began to move faster inside her vagina. My hardened penis seemed to be reaching the end of her vagina.

“Aahng… aahng… I- I feel like I’m going to cum…”

She grabbed my wrist, seemingly unable to hold back. But I didn’t intend to let her go.

I lifted my hand and covered her mouth. In my imagination, she was tied up on the bed, being penetrated by my penis. I wanted to make this situation even more erotic.

I wanted to ravage her so that she could not make any sounds, raping her.

“Mmmp… Mmmp…!”

As I covered her mouth, her erotic moans seeped through my fingers. Her nasal sounds mixed with her moaning made my penis even harder.

“Uugh… Ah… Mmmp… Mmmp…”

As I covered her mouth and mercilessly thrusted my penis into her buttocks, her moans didn’t seem to stop.


I removed my hand from her mouth and began to focus on her clitoris. With my large penis filling her from behind, my fingers started to torment her clitoris from the front.

Her eyes rolled back, and she began to let out a mixture of moans and screams.

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
Eating with my friend’s mom

Eating with my friend’s mom

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