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Heavenly Abyss Chapter 5

The vast territory of the Northern Wilderness, one of the Five Realms, was home to countless stars. Chen Qingyuan, a former prodigy of the Northern Wilderness, had broad knowledge. However, he had never heard of anyone having a legendary flawless Golden Physique.

The preciousness of this Golden Physique was clear in Chen Qingyuan’s heart and could be deemed priceless.

“Senior, this…” Chen Qingyuan’s expression gradually became complex as he was no longer fully immersed in joy. He hesitated and said, “This is too precious, and I feel unworthy of such a gift.”

“In accordance with the orders of the Elder from the Heavenly Abyss, the Dao Bone is bestowed upon you,” the old man shook his head, indicating that it was not his merit, and explained the specific situation.

“Heavenly Abyss.” Suddenly, Chen Qingyuan thought of the Red-dressed girl, his heart filled with fear, and inexplicably, a sense of longing.

“Rest well, young man. I’ll leave this secret chamber first,” the old man said and then departed.

In the quiet secret chamber, Chen Qingyuan fell into deep thought.

After a while, Chen Qingyuan organized his thoughts and understood his current situation, no longer indulging in wild conjectures.

With an intact Dao body and a perfect foundation, as long as Chen Qingyuan’s Dao heart remained steadfast, his achievements in the future would be boundless, and limitless.

Chen Qingyuan changed into a clean and tidy set of clothes and walked into the courtyard.

In one corner of the courtyard, the old man sat on a wooden chair with his crutch by his side, splitting firewood with the broken sword.

Watching the old man split firewood, Chen Qingyuan hesitated for a moment before walking over. “Senior, why would you waste such a good sword like this?”

“The sword is broken. What’s the use of keeping it good?” the old man replied indifferently.

“My foundation was broken, but you were able to repair it. The sword is broken too, isn’t there any way to fix it?”

Chen Qingyuan really couldn’t bear to see such a good sword being used for chopping wood and felt a sense of pity.

“I’ve tried many times, but all have failed,” the old man’s chopping action paused slightly, and a complex look flashed in his eyes.

Hearing this, Chen Qingyuan didn’t know how to respond and fell into silence.

“What is the name of this sword?” After a while, Chen Qingyuan asked.

“It’s called ‘Guiyang’,” the old man pondered for a long time before revealing the name of the sword.

“Guiyang… I seem to have heard it somewhere before,”

Chen Qingyuan murmured softly, feeling like he had some recollection, and he contemplated with lowered eyebrows. After a moment, he suddenly looked up, a hint of astonishment flashed in his eyes, followed by reverence, and he exclaimed, “You are Eternal Star Sword Immortal!”

Hearing this title, the old man’s body trembled slightly, his expression complex, and his voice hoarse, “It’s been many years since anyone has called me that.”

It was evident that the old man admitted his identity. Initially, he was reluctant to reveal who he was. However, after witnessing Chen Qingyuan’s fusion with the mysterious Dao Bone, the old man changed his mind.

“It really is you, unbelievable,” Chen Qingyuan was stunned, experiencing intense emotions, and took a while to calm down.

Eternal Star Sword Immortal, whose real name was Li Muyang, was once a renowned supreme expert whose name shook the world. He hailed from the top swordsmen of the Northern Wilderness.

According to records, Eternal Star Sword Immortal was last seen ten thousand years ago. Legend has it that he traveled to the Central State, also known as the Emperor State. He cleaved the Purple Cloud Mountain, symbolizing the will of heaven and earth, with a single sword, all in pursuit of the pinnacle of the sword path.

The sword that cut the Purple Cloud Mountain angered the heavens, and divine punishment was brought down upon him.

In that battle, Eternal Star Sword Immortal was defeated, and people thought he died and vanished, buried by the laws of the heavens.

Since then, the life of Eternal Star Sword Immortal became a legendary story, and he became an insurmountable monument in the eyes of countless sword cultivators.

“It’s all empty fame; it has long dissipated like clouds,” Li Muyang dismissed these things indifferently.

“How could the Sword Immortal Senior stay here?” Chen Qingyuan had heard the stories of Eternal Star Sword Immortal since he was young and greatly respected him.

Without exaggeration, if Li Muyang was willing, he could effortlessly establish a top-tier force.


“The starved camel is still larger than a horse. No matter how down and out Senior may be, but Senior is not someone ordinary cultivators can compare to.” Chen Qingyuan thought.

“Is this the way, you sharpen the sword?” Chen Qingyuan looked at the scattered firewood on the ground and couldn’t quite understand.

“Mister, what do you think is the most important thing for a sword cultivator?” Li Muyang put down the broken sword in his hand and looked at Chen Qingyuan.

“Generally speaking, for a sword cultivator, having a sword that fits oneself is crucial, as well as possessing superior sword techniques. However, in my opinion, no matter which path one takes, the most important thing is the Dao Heart. In cultivation, the heart comes first,” Chen Qingyuan continued, “Cultivating the heart is the first and most important step.”

Hearing this response, ripples appeared in Li Muyang’s eyes, and he remained silent for a while.

After a long time, Li Muyang let out a long sigh, “If I had such wisdom as you do, I would never have ended up in this situation. The truth of cultivating the heart first, I only truly understood it in my later years.”

Li Muyang was not sharpening a sword, but his Dao Heart.

In his youth, Li Muyang considered himself gifted, and everything went smoothly for him, suppressing countless peers who dared to raise their heads. At the peak of his power, Li Muyang even claimed to be the third in the world, making countless sword practitioners look up to him.

Why did he call himself the third in the world?

The world comprises one and two already.

He called himself the third, as no one dared to claim the first or second, fearing to provoke the way of heaven and earth.

Later on, Li Muyang found it difficult to find a suitable opponent among fellow sword cultivators. He believed that his strength had reached a high level and headed towards the revered Purple Cloud Mountain, intending to challenge the heavens with a single sword strike.

Unfortunately, Li Muyang was defeated and disappeared from then on.

“May I ask, Senior, where is the other half of the treasured sword?” Chen Qingyuan had been looking at the rusted broken sword.

The reason for the rust on the treasured sword was that its Spirit had fallen dormant, reducing it to an ordinary weapon. If Li Muyang could ignite his sword’s heart, he could restore its former glory and sharpness.

“It remains on the Purple Cloud Mountain,” Li Muyang said as he gazed into the distance, lost in thought.

The Purple Cloud Mountain in the Central Province was a forbidden place.

Chen Qingyuan followed Li Muyang’s gaze in silence, not saying a word.


In the days that followed, Chen Qingyuan began his cultivation.

On the first day of his re-cultivation, Chen Qingyuan stepped into the Houtian Realm.

The Houtian Realm and Xiantian Realm were the foundation of cultivation, each consisting of nine levels.

In a short month, with his extraordinary innate talent and comprehension of Golden Physique, Chen Qingyuan broke through the ninth level of the Houtian Realm and entered the Xiantian Realm.

After stabilizing his foundation for several days, Chen Qingyuan continued to diligently enhance his cultivation.

This kind of life continued for half a year, and Chen Qingyuan’s cultivation reached the early stage of the Qi Condensation Realm.

‘Establishing your foundation and reaching the Qi Condensation Realm in just half a year, it’s unbelievable,’ Li Muyang remarked.

If he hadn’t witnessed it with his own eyes, he would find it hard to believe. In his memory, there was hardly anyone who could compare to Chen Qingyuan, relying solely on absorbing the spiritual energy of the heavens and earth without the aid of Spirit Pills or the guidance of powerful experts.

Moreover, Chen Qingyuan’s foundation was extremely stable, without any flaws to be found.

“Finally, I have reached the cultivation of the Qi Condensation Realm,” Chen Qingyuan achieved his first goal, and he could breathe a little easier.

Soon after, Chen Qingyuan stayed in the room and took out a dark-colored bracelet from his belongings.

When Chen Qingyuan managed to leave the Forbidden Area of the Heavenly Abyss region alive, it was because he made a pact with the Red-dressed girl. He agreed to help her complete nine tasks, and only then would their karmic relationship be settled.

Chen Qingyuan had no right to refuse such a request.

Only by reaching the cultivation of the Qi Condensation Realm could he use the special technique taught by the Red-dressed girl to unlock the restriction on the bracelet.

“What is the first task she asked me to do?”

After being busy for a while, Chen Qingyuan released the restriction, and a strand of consciousness entered into the bracelet.

Heavenly Abyss

Heavenly Abyss


Chen Qingyuan, a hundred years ago, ventured into the forbidden area of the Heavenly Abyss, and his soul lamp was extinguished, The world believed him to be dead. However, against all odds, he emerged from the forbidden area alive. Despite his survival, his cultivation was depleted, and his spiritual roots were shattered.
“Chen Qingyuan I am giving you two options either become my dao Companion or..”
Chen Qingyuan: ” I choose second”.



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