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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Hidden corner Chapter :- 27

Chapter 27 Going Part One

“Flower Scale Armor Evolution: 100%. Malice: 45.”

Li Chengyi did not feel surprised after sensing the progress of the Malicious Flower’s Flower Scale Armor.

As expected, these malicious thoughts must have come from Meng Dongdong in Dead End.

Although he did not know what kind of psychological changes she had experienced, in the end, she must have completely eliminated her thoughts.

“It seems that permanent coma and death can also be considered as ways to eliminate malice. This makes things much simpler.”

He calculated in his mind.

Walking into the residential area, he followed the tree-lined road straight ahead.

Li Chengyi’s mind suddenly recalled the last two words that Meng Dongdong hadn’t finished saying.


‘Could it be that he thought I was a modified person with a transformed body?’

In this day and age, not everyone could become a modified person. Ordinary prosthetic limbs are indeed not expensive, but modified people are different.

This requires a large amount of logistical support, real-time maintenance, and the establishment of an extremely powerful firewall and neuronal system. It’s an expensive surgery that ordinary people cannot afford.

Even capital companies are not willing to bear the cost of modified people lightly.

‘So, how could she think I was a modified person?’ Li Chengyi wondered in his heart.

In his previous life, he had never seen a modified person because it was said that modified people are equipped with special simulated skin that looks no different from ordinary people on the outside. It is only when their modification abilities are used that they reveal their differences.

After thinking for a while and not understanding, Li Chengyi put it aside. With the boss backing him up, he didn’t need to worry too much about many things.

The key now is that if the malicious thoughts can be collected as soon as possible, the Flower Scale Armor might be greatly enhanced.

From the first time he confronted the face monster, the Flower Scale Armor was completely destroyed.

To the second time he was ambushed by the face monster, the Flower Scale Armor was only slightly damaged and did not hurt the body inside.

The evolution of the Flower Scale Armor has obviously strengthened a lot.

Therefore, Li Chengyi also holds considerable expectations for the enhancement after completing the collection of malice.

When he got home, his sister had already gone back to her room to rest, and his father was filling up a water kettle. His mother, Feng Yurong, was preparing for breakfast the next morning, slowly picking off the old stems from a handful of green beans.

Li Chengyi entered the door, glanced at the two, but faintly felt that something was not quite right with the atmosphere.

“What’s wrong?” His mood is good now, not just because he adjusted his mentality, but also because he found a path to absorb malice, and got new clues about Dead End.

Additionally, Meng Dongdong’s death bought him probably more than a month’s time.

It’s just he didn’t expect that as soon as he eased up, there seemed to be a situation at home.

“It’s nothing. How’s your job going? You’ve been leaving early and returning late these days. Any progress?” Feng Yurong adjusted her expression and asked with a smile.

Li Chengyi changed his shoes and entered the house.

“I found one, the salary is good, a little over ten thousand, but it’s going to be very tiring, often needing to work outside.” He didn’t disclose his full salary, keeping it convenient for expenses.

“Over ten thousand? That’s really good,” Feng Yurong’s eyes lit up when she heard the salary amount, clearly in a better mood.

“Being tired is not a problem. It’s already very good to find a suitable job these days. You just do your best, and be honest in fulfilling your duties, the company will not fail to see your efforts.” Her old-fashioned view did not understand that work requires not only honesty and effort but more.

Li Chengyi did not want to argue, just perfunctorily nodded.

“I know, I know. I’ll do my best.”

“By the way, which company is it? What’s the name? We’ll help you inquire about the situation.” Li Zhao came out of the kitchen, also with a slightly relaxed smile on his face.

“Hongjin Bio-Medicine.” Li Chengyi took out his mobile phone, brought up an employment contract, and various certificates of the company, and even their specialized product, showing them to his parents.

Cindra had not just made up an empty shell for the sake of a perfect disguise. He actually established a real biopharmaceutical company with products that could operate and even profit.

It’s just that this company has quite a few additional employees who are not officially part of it.

The elderly couple carefully checked the phone for more than ten minutes, made a mess of searches on the search engine, and even found the company’s online product store. Seeing the somewhat exaggerated monthly sales, the elderly couple quickly believed that this was not a scam.

They repeatedly asked Li Chengyi to work hard, to be serious and conscientious in his job, to be diligent in learning, and to keep up with the times. They talked a lot.

In the end, Li Chengyi was about to go wash up, they finally remembered the weird atmosphere when they came in the door.

He immediately asked.

“By the way, was there something wrong earlier? Why did both of you seem not in a good mood?”

As soon as he spoke, Li Zhao’s expression changed, and he sighed.

“Your mother will tell you.” He did not want to say more and turned to go back to the kitchen.

Feng Yurong also sighed.

“It’s your sister, her spot was squeezed out.”

“Didn’t we pay the money?” Li Chengyi was astonished. His sister, Li Chengjiu, was applying for a certificate as an Intelligent Machinery Technician.

This certificate is very difficult to get and is highly valuable; just the registration fee and examination fee cost over a hundred thousand. It was unexpected

“We don’t know what happened either. We asked your sister, but she refused to say anything, just got angry. Now the money is paid, but the spot is gone. We don’t know what to do.” Feng Yurong sighed deeply, looking exhausted.

Li Chengyi also fell silent.

He had a very poor impression of Li Chengjiu, but he had a good image of his parents. In some ways, Li Zhao and Feng Yurong were very similar to his parents in his previous life.

So, many times, he naturally treated them as his family.

Now the family was already not well-off, and more than a hundred thousand had gone to waste.

“I’ll support you with my salary when I get paid.” He opened his mouth.

“How much money can you have? Just focus on your work. We’ll talk about it later. Take good care of yourself first, so we don’t have to worry. That’s enough for us.” Li Zhao impatiently said from the kitchen.

“Your father is right. You’re still young; you don’t need to worry about the family matters. Just take care of yourself. We can handle it.” Feng Yurong echoed.

It can be seen that they still treat Li Chengyi as a child, treating him completely differently from Li Chengjiu.

“Okay, I got it. If anything comes up, make sure to tell me.” Li Chengyi did not argue. If it were his previous self, he would have definitely talked back, saying something like “I’m not a kid anymore, what’s wrong with having an opinion on family matters?”

But he wouldn’t.

After resting a bit, he informed his parents about the business trip tomorrow. Feng Yurong immediately began to pack his suitcase, deciding what clothes to take based on the destination.

It wasn’t until 11 o’clock at night that everything was ready.

A night without dreams, Li Chengyi sunk into a deep sleep, pondering over the abilities of the Flower Language and the clues about Dead End.

He had never slept so peacefully.

The next morning, a series of phone rings woke him from his sleep.

“This world is beautiful, the past is like air, breaking upon touch, every day should be greeted with a happy smile, as suffering is plentiful, adding a bit of sweetness makes it better.”

This song was once his favorite, titled “Beautiful World”, by Huang Bin, who was both the composer and lyricist, a relatively niche second or third-tier singer.

The song, full of vicissitudes and flavor, sung by a man in his forties, had a unique charm that could sing ordinariness into depth.

After listening, Li Chengyi also liked it very much and made the climax part of the song his ringtone.

Picking up the phone, he pressed answer.

“Mr. Chengyi?” A deep voice came from the other end, “I’m Song Ran. The boss asked me to accompany you to Diya Mog. My car is at the residential area entrance.”

“So soon? Alright, wait for me ten minutes.” Li Chengyi sprang to action, quickly getting up and getting out of bed.

After quickly washing up and taking his ID wallet and mobile phone, he grabbed his suitcase, gave his father Li Zhao, who was sitting in the living room peeling fruit, a quick greeting, and rushed out.

Dragging his suitcase, he reached the entrance of the residential area.

The vehicle was rugged, a black off-road vehicle.

The entire car was shaped like a truck, with the latter half being an open cargo box.

The two square headlights on the front were as big as a human head, with a honeycomb-shaped rectangular black cooling grille in the middle.

The car only had two doors; the left side led to the driver’s seat, and the right side to the co-driver’s seat.

The side of the car was painted with red and green paint, drawing some messy lines without any obvious meaning.

“Let’s go, get in.” The driver’s seat window opened, revealing the face of a sallow-skinned man with a crew cut.

“Alright.” Li Chengyi dragged his luggage, pushed it into the rear of the vehicle, pulled open the passenger door, and sat in the co-driver position.

“This car seems a bit cramped.” He frowned slightly.

“As long as it functions.” Song Ran replied.

Li Chengyi then took the chance to carefully observe the guy.

The man was very sturdy, his arms almost as thick as the thighs of an average person, wearing a black T-shirt with a row of sloppy blue lettering on the chest that was unrecognizable.

His skin was somewhat pale, and his facial features were very distinct, somewhat foreign-looking.

Hum, the vehicle started, and the two accelerated along the road towards the distance.

“The boss asked me to accompany you there, I’ll help handle any problems. It’s a bit far, and we don’t have many people there, so remember to keep a low profile.” Song Ran instructed.

“Don’t worry, I’m so weak, even if I wanted to make a big deal, I couldn’t.” Li Chengyi answered seriously.

Song Ran didn’t say anything, just glanced at him. He certainly didn’t believe that someone who survived in Dead End three times could be weak.

“We’ll get there by driving for about three hours. Why don’t you take a nap to freshen up?”

“Is it just the two of us?”

“There are some other employees from the company there, but they’re all external. You don’t need to talk to them much, don’t mention Dead End.” Song Ran replied.

“Brother, are you from Yiguo?”

“My dad is.”


“My dad died, and my mom abandoned me. It was the boss who raised me.” Song Ran said flatly, which is why he didn’t want to talk about his mom.

“Alright.” Li Chengyi had nothing to say. It seemed he had touched upon a sore subject.

“Don’t mind it. I’ve talked about it so much it doesn’t feel like anything anymore. People don’t live for the past.” Song Ran said indistinctly. “When we leave the city, the car needs to be charged, so if you want to buy something to eat or drink, go to the restroom, solve it in advance. We should save time.”

“No problem.”

Seeing that Song Ran didn’t want to chat, Li Chengyi simply kept quiet, sitting in the seat and closing his eyes to rest.

He understood why they were driving there. After all, they were not ordinary people and needed to bring too many things.

He alone had two guns, three magazines, and a set of fully functional bulletproof vests.

(End of Chapter)

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
Hidden Dead Ends

Hidden Dead Ends

Hidden corner, 隐秘死角
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Have you heard of it? In the dead of night, if you turn on a music player, put on earphones, hide under the blanket, and listen to a single on loop… After it loops forty-four times, you will fall asleep. If you are unlucky when you open your eyes again, you will no longer be lying on your bed, but you will enter a strange space completely isolated from reality. That space… On the surface, it looks like the places we usually see—your bedroom, living room, underground parking garage, bathroom, basketball court, construction site, and so on. But if you observe carefully, you will discover that they are different… Everything is different. *** This is the experience of an ordinary person who, after acquiring superpowers, transforms and grows step by step in Dead Ends to reach the peak.



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