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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Holding Onto My Man: Chapter 10

This naive and innocent young man has a special charm.

Nan Lichen knew that he had never been attracted to a prey like this young man before…

And Gu Bai also began to secretly investigate Nan Lichen’s information.

Although he knew the plot, it didn’t mean he knew everything. This wasn’t his intention, and in fact, whether Gu Bai knew about Nan Lichen’s situation or not didn’t affect him completing the mission.

But this was one of Lu Rongqing’s wishes.

Lu Rongqing’s feelings for Nan Lichen were very complex, completely different from his first love adoration for Fu Zixuan. He both resented and deeply loved Nan Lichen.

He didn’t understand why Nan Lichen listened to Wu Zhenzhen’s words to harm him. If he needed money, Lu Rongqing could give it to Nan Lichen. Moreover, with Nan Lichen’s outstanding appearance and shrewdness, he wouldn’t end up mediocre.

If it wasn’t because of money, then he wanted to know why Nan Lichen could be so heartless to deceive him, pushing him into hell without any hesitation…

Chapter 9 Rebirth Cannon Fodder (9)

Gu Bai had a private detective investigate Nan Lichen’s situation, and it was done very carefully and secretly. He couldn’t let Nie Qingcang know about these things.

Gu Bai spent quite a bit of money, so the efficiency of the private detective was naturally high. In less than a week, they thoroughly investigated Nan Lichen.

Nan Lichen, 27 years old, from Guhe Village in S Province. His mother passed away early, and his family was poor. He came to the big city with his father at a young age to earn a living.

In the beginning, it was alright. Although his father was uneducated, he was strong enough to ensure their livelihood.

But unfortunately, when he was fifteen, his father developed a severe kidney disease. In order to survive, he needed a large amount of medication and medical support, all of which required a lot of money.

To ensure his father’s treatment and their own livelihood, Nan Lichen took on many jobs. However, due to his lack of education, the legitimate jobs he could find didn’t pay well, so their lives were extremely difficult.

Therefore, not long after that, he sold himself to a wealthy madam with a perverted mind… as a lover.

For the next five to six years, he was always mingling in high society.

He had an outstanding appearance and was cunning. He trained his lovers to be deeply infatuated with him, and even when they broke up, they wouldn’t make things difficult for him. He became a sought-after lover in the celebrity circle.

A year ago, his father’s illness suddenly worsened, and the doctor said he needed a kidney transplant.

The cost of the kidney and subsequent treatment was like a bottomless pit. Even if Nan Lichen could get money from his “patrons,” those wealthy people weren’t fools.

He was a male god, but there were plenty of male gods in the world. As time went on, others would get tired of him. It wasn’t possible for them to keep spending money on him, especially large amounts of money.

Furthermore, his father’s blood type was a big problem. His blood type didn’t match his father’s, and their family had a rare blood type, making it extremely difficult to find a suitable kidney source.

Until Wu Zhenzhen found him…

After reading the information, Gu Bai breathed a sigh of relief.

One had to admit that sometimes despicable people had pitiful aspects to them. Whether it was Wu Zhenzhen or Nan Lichen, they had their own hidden secrets that evoked sympathy from others.

But what about Lu Rongqing? Was Lu Rongqing not pitiful?

Wu Zhenzhen was indeed pitiful. In the previous life, she was so miserable because of the illegitimate daughter. It was understandable for her to seek revenge after being reborn.

But what about the original owner? He was just a cannon fodder who got blamed for someone else’s misdeeds. His entire life was destroyed by Wu Zhenzhen without the chance to start over.

Nan Lichen’s background was pitiful, and getting close to Lu Rongqing was forced and helpless, a matter of survival. But could his pitiful background be an excuse to harm others?

If so, how would you classify all the pitiful people in the world? Just because of their pitifulness, were they allowed to harm others without guilt?

Wasn’t it like a murderer claiming their pitiful background after killing someone to avoid punishment?

Regardless of the reason, the harm these people caused to Lu Rongqing couldn’t be denied.

Moreover, his opportunity to come here was exchanged with Lu Rongqing’s soul. Lu Rongqing really didn’t have a chance to turn things around.

However, Lu Rongqing’s feelings for Nan Lichen were very complex. He both wanted to retaliate against Nan Lichen and loved him. This mission really made people headache…

Nan Lichen’s pursuit became more and more intense, and Gu Bai clearly felt himself being surrounded by a “falling in love” atmosphere.

Gu Bai cooperated very well, showing a shy and embarrassed expression, nervously fidgeting with his clothes, showing the appearance of a naive and innocent young man.

Seeing his appearance of budding love, Nan Lichen finally decided to end the ambiguity and confess to him. A confession from a perfect male god that no one could refuse.

Nan Lichen was very good at creating an atmosphere. Holding his hand, they strolled by a secluded small river outside of school.

It was winter now, and the weather was a bit cold. The cold winds blew, making people shiver. Nan Lichen took off his own coat and draped it over Gu Bai’s shoulders.

“Thank you…” Gu Bai cooperatively smiled shyly, both hands holding the coat and fidgeting, displaying the appearance of an innocent and naive young man.

Seeing his bashful appearance, Nan Lichen finally decided to speak seriously and confess to him, with a perfect male god confession that no one could resist.

Nan Lichen lowered his head, gazed at Gu Bai with a gentle smile.

“Call me by my name. ‘Teacher’ is too formal. Besides, I won’t be your teacher soon. I’ve decided to resign…” Nan Lichen held onto his hand, warming it up while speaking softly.

“Resign?” Gu Bai exclaimed in surprise, sounding a bit anxious. “Why do you want to resign? Are you leaving?”

For some reason, when Nan Lichen saw the slight panic on Gu Bai’s face, he felt a burst of excitement in his heart.

In the time they spent together, he discovered that this young man was completely different from what he expected.

In the information provided by Wu Zhenzhen, Lu Rongqing was a rebellious and gloomy teenager, not likeable at all, always doing whatever he pleased because of his wealthy background.

At that time, Nan Lichen didn’t pay much attention. Regardless of whether the person was good or bad, it didn’t matter to him. He was in no position to sympathize with others since he was taking their money to shoulder their problems. He didn’t have the qualifications to sympathize.

Moreover, with the young man’s privileged background, he would always have the opportunity to bounce back even if he stumbled. But he and his father didn’t. If he didn’t do it, his father would die, and he would continue living that life of selling himself.

However, as they got to know each other, he realized that the young man was completely the opposite. He was so pure and pitiful, his shy smile so beautiful and innocent, making it hard to destroy.

Especially when he looked into the young man’s eyes, they were so clear, so pure, so special, causing a mysterious warmth to flow through him.

He liked it when the young man looked at him with a gentle smile, shyly speaking to him. After they became familiar with each other, he would occasionally act mischievously and boldly. He liked how the young man’s eyes only had his figure.

He suddenly looked forward to the young man falling in love with him.

He lowered his head, gazing at Gu Bai, the tenderness in his eyes nearly drowning people.

His voice was deep and soft, like a gentle breeze blowing, touching people’s heartstrings.

“Rongqing, I like you…”

Nan Lichen looked at Gu Bai, the tenderness revealed in his eyes almost overwhelming.

✧˚·̩̩̥͙˚̩̥̩̥·̩̩̥͙✧·̩̩̥͙˚̩̥̩̥˚·̩̩̥͙✧ 𝑔𝓇𝒶𝓋𝒾𝓉𝓎𝓃𝑜𝓋𝑒𝓁𝓈 ✧˚·̩̩̥͙˚̩̥̩̥·̩̩̥͙✧·̩̩̥͙˚̩̥̩̥˚·̩̩̥͙✧

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
Holding Onto My Man

Holding Onto My Man

HOMM, Ôm lấy ta nam nhân, 抱住我的男人[快穿]
Score 8.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2018 Native Language: Chinese
After an accidental death, in order to continue to live, Gu Bai had to choose to go through various wonderful books to complete tasks. Every time he became a variety of small cannon fodder inside the story, Gu Bai’s code of conduct when completing task is – by all means, don’t be inferior, don’t be shameless, don’t be upright… hold on to a golden thigh. … N times after transmigrating Cannon fodder: (angry contempt) … You’re already so powerful, why are you still shamelessly holding on to a golden thigh to deal with us!? Gu Bai: (deadpan) That… holding and holding… got used to it…



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