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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

I became a cult leader in a game: Chapter 24

Chapter 24 – It had to be a front company, but one that also had direct income and performance. Charles then thought of his vineyards.

"The vineyard was huge."

The vast land on the outskirts of Metropol, vast enough to be called a large farm, could it be used in any way?

"Let’s use the vineyard to start a company. A wine company would be good. I’ll use the wine company to line my pockets."

Charles didn’t know much about wine, and running a company while attending college was challenging, so he needed a professional manager. He thought of Jaeken.

He was Charles’ butler and managed the vineyard. However, it seemed like too much to entrust Jaeken with the wine as well. He was only one person, and his capacity would be limited.

He called Jaeken by shaking the bell hanging on the library wall, and the butler appeared shortly after.

"You called, master?"

"Jaeken. I’d like you to listen to my plan."

Charles explained his plan, which he had thought about so far. He didn’t mention that he was setting up the company for money laundering and instead asked what Jaeken thought about creating a winery to expand the vineyard.

"A winery, you say? Hmm. There is someone who comes to mind."

"Oh? Who is it?"

"His name is Bernardo Provenzano. He’s not very well-reputed, but he’s said to be quite skilled."

"Just by the name, he sounds like a foreigner."

"Yes, that’s correct. Would you like me to arrange a meeting if the opportunity arises?"

"Let’s do that. I’d like to meet him and see what kind of person he is."

When Jaeken said he would arrange a meeting for next week, Charles nodded. Meanwhile, there was something he needed to do, and that was related to the church.

Charles had consistently held gatherings. He had worked hard on ‘metabolic reform’ by going out, talking here and there, or mediating disputes. As a result, it had now declined enough to be called an ordinary church. They even stopped accepting donations they had been receiving until now.

Charles had been using his own money. He discarded the eerie robes and masks he had been using.

While holding gatherings, Charles realized one difficulty: he didn’t have enough time to continue leading them. He had too many things to do.

So he needed a second disciple to handle the congregation on his behalf.

Flora was much better suited to assist than to take the lead. She could manage the congregation to some extent, but she couldn’t deeply infiltrate them.

Thus, another person was needed.

The chosen occasion was today’s gathering, the ‘baptism’ ceremony. The candidate for baptism was Esaena, whom Charles saw in the mental world.

The observation over time convinced him that she could exert stronger political influence than the elderly middle-aged people.

When he entered the gathering place, today’s noise was louder. This was because the baptism ceremony had been announced in advance.

"Who will receive the baptism?"

"I don’t know."

"Whoever it is, I’m envious. I want to receive the master’s baptism too."

When Flora, dressed in the prepared uniform, appeared, the noisy congregation quieted down. Charles appeared behind her.

He was wearing much more splendid ceremonial robes than usual and carried a brass cup filled with cold wine in his hand.

"We’ll now begin the baptism ceremony."

Here, baptism involved raising enlightenment using the master’s lamp magic. Charles called forward one person. Having informed them beforehand yesterday, they were prepared.

"Come forward. Esaena Plak."

"Esaena? Esaena?"

"Esaena is receiving the baptism. She is becoming his second disciple."

"So touching, our daughter!"

People were surprised as they looked at the girl walking through the central empty space. Esaena was the daughter of the Plaque couple, the bakery owners on Mundake Street.

Esaena was now seventeen, had dropped out of middle school, and was helping her parents’ bakery.

She had blue eyes and dark orange hair. She had some freckles, but they seemed like they would fade over time, revealing a stunningly beautiful woman.

Charles trusted her even more because she had devoutly believed in the master’s doctrine.

The bright-eyed girl stood on the platform, not knowing what was ahead. She showed no fear. The Plaque couple, if anything, looked pleased.

However, Charles still experienced ripples in his heart due to the gap between the game and reality.

"Haah. Am I really doing the right thing?"

Charles briefly had such skeptical thoughts, but growing the congregation was indispensable. To increase influence in the secret realm, the number of people had to grow.

The more people, the greater the power of the mental world, and they could absorb the power of the gods. Demonstrating supernatural abilities was essential. As Charles’ finger lit up with the lamp spell, the congregation let out a collective gasp.

"Aah–! What a beautiful light."

"That’s the light of baptism."

"How can a person create light? Amazing!"

The congregation watched in awe as Charles’ hand touched Esaena’s forehead. The light seemed to transfer and seep into her forehead.

Charles knew Esaena was momentarily lost in silence and contemplation. She wouldn’t awaken easily, so he took the opportunity to check her state.

One thing he recently learned was that he could see the disciple’s status screen as clearly as if it were in the mental world.

[Devotee of the 5th Order of the Nameless Church]

[Esaena Plak]


[Body 1, Mind 4 -> 5, Luck 1, Enlightenment 2]


[Mental Manipulator, Psychologist, Keen Senses]

[Seed of Psychology] – Can extract conflicts from people’s minds or plant seeds to trigger emotions. These seeds can be triggered when needed, amplifying or calming emotions.

As he expected, Esaena’s enlightenment score increased, awakening her spiritual powers. If enlightenment rises too much, one may go mad or turn into a monster, but kept at a manageable level, it grants strong spiritual power.

Esaena faintly smiled as she opened her eyes.

"Thank you, Master."

Esaena’s spiritual power was not yet clear, but judging by her tendencies, she seemed likely to either become a sorcerer or an inquirer.

Unlike Flora, who possessed physically powerful abilities, Esaena had the power to control minds. This would be extremely powerful in a modern city.

"You are now my second disciple. From now on, you will learn to handle spiritual power from me."

"Do you understand your abilities?"

"Yes. I think I understand vaguely."

"Then, I will delegate one authority to you. You are now entrusted with recruiting new believers."

"Thank you."

Esaena smiled broadly. The smile was the same as before the baptism but hinted at a complete transformation.

Esaena had always stood out among the believers. Unique people stand out in ordinary groups.

There was a reason the congregation didn’t murmur strangely when Esaena was designated as a disciple.

Charles concluded the gathering for the day. Because Esaena was attending a nearby school as her public role, she couldn’t work at Charles’ house like Flora but would come on holidays to learn about handling spiritual power.

It couldn’t be this week. There was an invitation from Lady Evren Linden.

Mundake Street is not far from Sundake Street.

If Sundake Street collected the sheer despair of Metropol, Mundake Street housed somewhat better-off middle and lower classes, with some partial mafia activity, but they didn’t flaunt themselves as openly as on Sundake Street.

Yet House 99 was close to Sundake Street, causing considerable insecurity. Men and women alike avoided wandering at night, usually keeping a weapon at home.

In such a place, a man moved in the darkness wearing a mask. It was Charles. He knew alchemists’ habits, active at night and sleeping during the day.

Walking alone in deep darkness, he felt no fear. Charles’ spirituality made the surroundings as visible as daytime, alerting him immediately if there was danger, leaving nothing to fear.

Upon reaching House 99, the lights were bright. It looked like a kind of club, disguised as decadent but actually worse.

‘A red-light district.’

There was a bar, with scantily clad women openly soliciting clients at the entrance. As Charles approached, even behind his mask, the women seemed to guess his appearance. Some whistled and spoke.

"A handsome guy, huh? Here to have some fun?"

"Your mask is awesome, big brother."

"Hey, wanna play with me?"

When the women spoke, Charles ignored their appearances and firmly replied.

"I’m here to meet someone."

"Who are you meeting?"

A seductive woman touching his shoulder froze at Charles’ next words.

"An alchemist."

"…The medal?"

Medal? Charles remembered the medallion beneath the note in Vince’s basement. He brought it just in case, and it turned out to be helpful.

"I have it."

The women who had been walking lazily and hoping for business vanished as they realized Charles wasn’t there for solicitation. The first woman who had approached guided him inside.

She led him to an oddly constructed windowless room in the basement and vanished without a word. Charles suspected alchemists were feared among ordinary people.

At a small window in front of the peculiar room, only eyes visible, a female voice spoke softly.


Charles took out the medal from his bosom and presented it. Seeing it, the woman closed the small window with a click and opened the door.

Entering, he saw a burly woman in a guard uniform, more manly than a man. The expandable baton at her waist looked like something police would use.

"Cause trouble, and you’re expelled."

Reflecting on her words, Charles proceeded. The first noticeable thing was the peculiar chemical smell.

At the center was an odd-looking table where women in languid hazes lay on the carpet, smoking marijuana. They were tangled together, nearly half-naked.

One of them, an Asian woman using a hookah, drew Charles’ attention. Unlike the others, she wore a sauna gown.

People often misjudge; it’s not the face that distinguishes individuals, Charles realized with his expanded reasoning. Actions, speech patterns, common gestures, and habits allowed Charles to remember many people.

People from the secret realms subconsciously leave behavioral traces. Charles remembered key details to identify some individuals.

The woman with the hookah was Patesstropy. Mask or no mask, she couldn’t fool Charles’ eyes.

"Are you the alchemist?"

"Oh, a new face? Got a medal?"

Patesstropy’s relaxed expression shifted after hearing Charles’ voice. She was a seductive young woman with her hair braided like ram horns.

She was stunning. She, intoxicated, pushed the entangled girls off and said,

"Welcome. My name is Patesstropy. And you are?"

Charles didn’t answer her question, instead stating,

“I want to make a deal.”

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
I Became a Cult Leader in a Game

I Became a Cult Leader in a Game

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While enjoying a game called “Cult Leader Simulator,” Kim Yeon-su found himself trapped inside the game he was playing. He knew that this world was destined to perish…



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