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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

I became a cult leader in a game: Chapter 36

Episode 36 – When the surroundings suddenly brightened due to Charles’ spear, Evren was surprised and looked around.


“Evren, stay still!”

“Ah ha, so you’re the husband? Door Linden.”

“Wait a moment, Evren. Hey, outsider.”

Charles looked at Door Linden while holding the spear. Judging by his distinctive appearance, it was clear that he was a Messier In. Seeing aliens in the Cult Leader Simulator wasn’t that difficult.

Traveling through different worlds made it possible to come and go despite being billions of light-years away in reality. And Charles knew a lot about the characteristics and abilities of Messier In.

They possessed superior intelligence compared to ordinary humans and appeared versatile to human eyes. Additionally, they had significantly powerful magical abilities. Messier In were innately curious.

Their hundreds of years of lifespan were mostly spent satisfying their curiosity. Such a Messier In was now earnestly appealing to Charles at the end of his consciousness.

“I will grant you whatever you want, outsider. But do not interfere with this ritual. We have waited decades for this day. Do you know how hard we have worked? The sense of loss we have endured? Please, just wait until the ritual ends. What do you want? Money? Fame? Or this magic book that I am holding? I will give you everything…”

“Well, Messier In. Your race wouldn’t be interested in other people’s despair or desperation at all.”

A Messier In helping a human out of goodwill? That was utter nonsense. Messier In were fundamentally different from humans. They were extremely selfish and acted solely from their own perspective.

So what is this Messier In going to such lengths for in this ritual? The guess is simple. From Drake’s data, it was clear that Evren Linden was a descendant of Abraham’s bloodline.

If Charles’ prediction was correct, Door Linden’s objective would be to extract the hidden data from deep within Evren Linden’s subconscious when the ritual was executed through the Book of Resurrection.

Surprisingly, Door Linden agreed obediently.

“Alright. To be honest, I’m not really interested in Evren’s first child. I’m curious about what lies within her. I can’t stand the curiosity.”

“If you extract that, you might die.”

“My life is trivial compared to my curiosity.”

Charles gripped the spear tightly. After pondering what to do, he concluded. He couldn’t allow it.

Initially, he intended to observe the ritual. Charles was also curious about how powerful the fragments of the revelation would be when brought out into the open.

But he concluded there was no need to take the risk. He picked up the spear of the lawless and threw it straight toward the altar.


Door Linden threw his body and took the spell with his own body. Although he had higher magic resistance than a human, Charles’ spell was stronger than ordinary spells.


Door Linden’s entire body began to burn. Even while his entire body was on fire, Door Linden tossed the Book of Resurrection to Evren. Charles reached out his hand into the air to cast a second spell.

Evren quickly picked up the magic book and recited the next passage of the ritual. Mori was not dead yet. Still incomplete, Evren had to move forward.

“…Finally, I sacrifice everything to bring back the equal.”

Charles spoke to Evren one last time.

“The Resurrection Ritual is not the revival spell you think it is. Believe me. I’ve seen someone perform that ritual before.”

In a previous game, he had seen a human performing the Resurrection Ritual to save someone precious, just like Evren Linden.

At that time, Charles realized that the Resurrection Ritual was not an actual revival spell. But Evren Linden ignored Charles’ warning.

“…And I hereby open the underworld to revive the dead!”

“As expected, people only believe what they want to believe.”

At this point, it wasn’t going to end well. He had held his ace up to the end, but now he had to proceed. He took out the revolver and aimed it at Evren.

He pulled the trigger, and a spark flew. This weapon, designed efficiently for human killing, was several times faster than completing the spell of the spear of lawless.

However, as soon as the bullet hit, a faint barrier appeared around Evren, deflecting the bullet and then disappearing.

‘Physical protection…!’

It was evident she had a magical artifact with a special protective ability. As he put away the revolver and attempted to pull out the flame spear, a terrifying aura began to gather and concentrate in the air.

The aura turned into a massive darkness, vibrating the surrounding atmosphere.

A typhoon-like wind began to blow, disrupting Charles’ spiritual energy and canceling his spell. The corpses on the altar turned into something like dried mummies.

Then, a baby’s cry started coming from the box Evren was holding with one hand. She threw away the magic book and opened the box.

Inside was something in the form of a baby. Its skin was entirely black, and something started crawling out from around its body. Things like maggots or tentacles were protruding out, but Evren didn’t mind.

“My baby…”

Charles, watching the scene, felt more pity than fear.

‘Collecting negative energy for a summoning ritual can’t result in anything positive.’

It was a simple truth that Evren couldn’t realize due to his mental state. People called that madness.

Despite appearing rational in other aspects, his deep inner self was completely dead; from the beginning, Evren Linden wasn’t a human but rather something that walked around.

‘But why can’t I see the fragments of the revelation? Are they still dormant deep within Evren Linden’s subconscious?’

Charles searched for the fragments of the revelation while looking at Evren, who was hugging the baby despite its grotesque appearance. Perhaps it wasn’t in Evren Linden’s inner self at all.

It might be embedded in the subconscious of another collateral family member that even Drake couldn’t find due to the hereditary lineage transmission.

At the moment he thought this, Charles felt a deep darkness emanating from within the baby Evren was holding. It directly stared at the fragment of revelation within Charles’ inner self.

-Ma, master. Tha-that baby feels strange.

For the first time, Paginaracor showed signs of agitation. It was inevitable. The baby contained the fragments of the revelation.

‘Did the fragments of the revelation pass on to the baby through hereditary succession?’

The baby, who must have died and been resurrected, began to grotesquely grow.

-Tha-that thing looks weird.

-Pagi, do you have the capability to protect yourself against it?

-Well… I think I can escape.

-Do you think you can escape with the surviving kid? At least get off this floor?

-I’ll try somehow.

Paginaracor floated in the air, emerging from Charles’ waist, trying to communicate with Mori through body language. The book fluttered here and there, but since Mori was still in a daze, it forcefully pushed her back.

Still, Paginaracor couldn’t hover far from Charles, but at least it was something…

During this, Charles gripped the burning spear and focused on the monster. The monster, which was wriggling and devouring Evren Linden, grew larger. Its limbs were composed entirely of tentacles.

‘If I had better luck, it wouldn’t have come to this resurrection.’

Evren Linden must have known there weren’t enough sacrifices, which is why the awakened baby monster couldn’t gain all its powers.

The Book of Resurrection was indeed a revival spell. However, instead of reviving in the intact form of a human, it mutated into the closest form of another extra-dimensional species used as a sacrifice, like scales or tentacles.

‘A Ctheleigon.’

Ctheleigon was a monster residing in the mid-layer of another dimension. Typically, it was an amorphous creature mainly composed of tentacles, but because of the Resurrection Ritual, it had a half-human, half-Ctheleigon form.

It was over 3 meters tall and composed mostly of tentacles. The human part was the baby’s face, which, instead of being cute as a typical baby, was hideously distorted because of the incomplete resurrection.

The face resembled a zombie baby from the early dawn curse movie. Charles calmly analyzed the mutant monster.

‘Ctheleigon is aligned with poison, darkness, and physical attributes. It’s still too young to use poison and darkness.’

After finishing his analysis, Charles decided to throw the spear. The Ctheleigon, in the midst of digesting Evren Linden, raised its arm to block it, but its tentacles had no flame resistance.

Ctheleigon curiously looked at its burning right arm tentacle. It didn’t seem to feel any pain.

‘It’s still a young one. It doesn’t know how to fight.’

After grasping the monster’s condition, Charles concluded he had to incinerate it quickly.

Ctheleigon was a renowned warrior species in the other dimension. The physical force protruding from its tentacles was more dangerous than most heavy machinery. Moreover, it excelled in battle.

Without chanting spells, it handled dark attributes naturally and, over time, emitted poison from its tentacles. Charles had well-experienced Ctheleigon’s poisonous fog.

Even as a single entity, it was far stronger than the ant species Charles had encountered in the other dimension. The Ctheleigon evaded the second flaming spear Charles launched. It seemed to recognize the danger of flames.

Ctheleigon extended its burning right arm tentacle and shot it at Charles like a spear. Charles quickly rolled to the side and, instead of casting another spell, pulled out his revolver and shot at Ctheleigon’s face.

Three bullets flew toward the distorted baby face, the only human part of the monster. Two missed with one grazing its cheek.

As blood flowed, Ctheleigon grimaced. Seeing this, Charles realized the baby face was its weakness. The tentacle parts had no sensation, but the human part did.

Firing two more shots, Charles this time pierced through its ear.

Click. Click.

Unconsciously, Charles pulled the trigger on the empty revolver, having fired more than six shots.

Unable to stay composed enough to count bullets, Charles saw the enraged Ctheleigon charging at him with a roar.


The baby’s face emitted a sound too horrific to believe, sending chills down Charles’ spine. Yet, despite trembling in fear, Charles activated his pre-prepared spell.

Dozens of white butterflies began to flutter into view, seemingly glittering in the surroundings. It wasn’t just one or two; there must have been at least dozens of white butterflies flying randomly.

Ctheleigon, seeing the butterflies, roared and swung its fist. The fist, aimed at the butterflies, went straight through the wall with a shattering impact.

As the shattered wall pieces fell, there were no butterflies on his fist. The feeling was akin to hitting thin air. Realizing this, Ctheleigon swept away the butterflies and began to search around.

Due to the hallucinations caused by the butterflies, the terrifying half-human, half-monster creature couldn’t see Charles. It only grew angrier, smashing everything in sight.

Stepping back slightly, Charles reloaded the revolver while observing Ctheleigon. A mature Ctheleigon would have shrugged off the hallucinations by now, using its inherent magic resistance.

‘This method isn’t perfect. The hallucinations will soon wear off, and it will develop resistance to my next butterfly spell. The key is to kill it in one strike.’

Swept by hallucinations, Ctheleigon flailed its limbs wildly. Charles threw another spear. This time, he focused on penetration. The flame imbued spear punctured the tentacle on its left leg, scorching it completely.

Another horrific scream echoed. Tentacles spewed out like spikes from all over its body. Ducking to avoid them, Charles looked for the right moment to eliminate his enemy… And then, something abruptly appeared in the underground chamber.

Pulling back the newly reloaded revolver, Charles directed his gaze towards the entrance, where a small boy with a violin stood.


We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
I Became a Cult Leader in a Game

I Became a Cult Leader in a Game

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
While enjoying a game called “Cult Leader Simulator,” Kim Yeon-su found himself trapped inside the game he was playing. He knew that this world was destined to perish…



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