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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

I Became a Slave to the Man I Abandoned Chapter 11


“Ugh! Ah…!”

An off-white liquid, not pre-cum or semen, dripped from Knox’s member. His prostate was pressed tightly, causing the liquid to merely ooze out, dirtying Knox’s lower abdomen. Khalid glanced over it slowly, then released Knox’s chin.

The ambiguous sensation of ejaculation lingered in Knox’s lower abdomen. Gasping and clawing at the sheets, Knox couldn’t properly climax. Khalid slowly and deliberately thrust his hips, keeping himself deeply embedded inside. The wet, slapping sounds echoed. Knox trembled, biting his now sore lips, still adhering to the command not to make a sound. Khalid, displeased, withdrew and issued a cold command, showing he had no intention of ending it there.

“Turn over.”

“Stop, stop….”

Khalid grabbed Knox’s chin, forcibly lifting it. The sensation of his jaw nearly dislocating made Knox grab Khalid’s arm.

“I’ll say it again.”

Up close, Khalid’s eyes were much colder.

“You have no right to refuse me. When I tell you to spread your legs, you spread them.”

Khalid’s icy blue eyes bore into Knox, holding a sharp blade within.

“There’s no need for you to serve me in any other way. Your only job is to spread your legs for me in bed.”


Knox’s eyes crinkled as if he was about to cry, but no tears fell. His lips moved as if wanting to say something but closed again, unable to utter the words. Emphasizing, Khalid repeated.

“Turn over and lift your hips.”

Knox recalled the feeling when Khalid was inside him, a sensation like his insides were being flipped, and the fear of not knowing how deep Khalid would go. Yet, as Khalid said, Knox had no right to refuse, so he slowly leaned on the bed and turned over. Khalid grabbed Knox’s pelvis and pulled him close. Knox’s back muscles, slick with sweat, visibly tensed. Despite feeling Knox tighten with anxiety, Khalid pushed his member into the same spot without any gentleness.


Knox gasped, clenching his teeth. Khalid gripped his pelvis tightly, thrusting hard enough to make a loud, slapping sound. Knox gripped the sheets, trying to endure.

“It’s going to take a while to train you…”

The sound of Khalid clicking his tongue was painfully clear. Knox struggled to breathe properly as Khalid pursued his own pleasure, mercilessly thrusting in and out, ignoring Knox’s discomfort. The sensation of Knox’s walls gripping his member made Khalid groan, but he didn’t stop.

Squish, slap, slurp. The sound of slick fluids filled the room. Knox panted, gripping the sheets, the encounter being nothing but pain, almost as if Khalid was punishing him.

Khalid slowly ran his fingers down from the nape of Knox’s neck to his tailbone, watching goosebumps rise on the pale skin. After a few insincere strokes, Khalid grabbed a handful of Knox’s hair.



With that command, Khalid began thrusting rapidly, holding Knox’s hair. The loud sounds of their bodies colliding filled the room, oil splattering everywhere.

“Ah! Ugh…!”

Unable to keep up with the speed, Knox’s moans escaped, but Khalid showed no sign of punishment, focusing solely on his own pleasure. Knox’s lower abdomen throbbed painfully, the inner walls twitching and clenching around Khalid’s member. Knox bit the sheets as another ambiguous climax hit, more off-white fluid spilling onto the sheets.

Khalid, knowing Knox hadn’t fully climaxed, continued to move his hips, ignoring Knox’s semi-conscious state.

“Ugh! Hgh…!”

After the vague ejaculation, Knox’s inner walls trembled, tightening around Khalid’s member. Khalid, feeling the pressure, withdrew slightly before thrusting deep again, hitting the most sensitive spot inside Knox. Feeling this, Knox gagged, his arms giving out.

“You can’t even follow a simple command….”

Khalid taunted, leaning over Knox’s raised hips and thrusting deeply. Knox’s body inched forward with each thrust, a long groan escaping his lips, but Khalid didn’t stop. He continued until he reached his own climax, breathing heavily.

Knox, trembling and unaware that Khalid had climaxed inside him, continued to shiver. Khalid, feeling the tremors, bit down hard on Knox’s nape.


“You can’t even follow a simple order to endure.”

Knox, panting heavily, seemed unaware of what had happened to him. Khalid, still inside Knox, slowly moved his hips, feeling the now familiar tightness clenching around him. Khalid, knowing that Knox was just beginning to learn how to take a man’s member, pressed deeper, nudging the most sensitive spot inside.

Knox shivered and shook his head, his pitiful appearance watched coldly by Khalid. Straightening his back, Khalid smacked Knox’s buttocks hard while still inside.



“Raise your hips properly.”

The impact reverberated through Knox’s insides, making him twitch. Knox awkwardly lifted his hips, and Khalid clicked his tongue in dissatisfaction, gripping the firm buttocks tightly.

“Keep your wits about you.”

There was a sense that this was far from over. Knox, feeling on the verge of passing out, struggled to keep his eyes open. His thigh muscles twitched from standing on his knees. The tight hole clenched around Khalid’s member, and Khalid intended to keep thrusting until Knox’s hole became a proper receptacle for his seed.

Khalid’s gaze slowly traveled over Knox’s sweat-slicked back. He licked his dry lips, staring at the back of Knox’s head buried in the sheets.

The sight of Knox trembling beneath him made Khalid’s member throb. Finally realizing his dream, Khalid had no intention of ending the first night early. He wanted to possess Knox’s body selfishly and violently, marking him as his own.

Khalid exhaled slowly. It was going to be a long night for Knox.

* * *

Young Khalid opened his eyes to an old ceiling. Slowly rising, he surveyed his surroundings: a worn bed, a shabby table, and a chair with a broken leg. Maeta had provided this room for him.

‘It’s unfortunate things turned out this way. Your body hasn’t fully healed, so stay here and recuperate for a while.’

Maeta had rented a small room in a guesthouse within the duchy’s domain. Unbeknownst to Khalid, it was Knox’s doing, but Khalid believed it was Maeta’s charity.

Khalid stared blankly into space, still feeling like he was in a dream. He should have been in a small servant’s room, getting up to see the young master. The young master would greet him with an awkward smile and call his name.


That echo haunted him for days. The wounds on Khalid’s back were almost healed, but he couldn’t escape Knox’s shadow. Denying it repeatedly, he still searched for Knox even in his dreams.

“Young master….”

Khalid called out to the one who wouldn’t answer. His name echoed hollowly in the old room.

Once able to move around, Khalid often loitered near the Rainerio mansion, only to be beaten and chased away by the guards.

‘Just once, please let me see the young master. Please…!’

The guards, surprised by the boldness of the young servant accused of stealing the madam’s jewels, kicked his small waist, telling him sharply.

‘No thief like you can see anyone!’

‘I didn’t…!’

He wanted to say he didn’t do it, but the words stuck in his throat. What if the young master got into trouble because of him? That thought paralyzed him, and the guards laughed, kicking his head lightly with their boots.

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
I Became a Slave to the Man I Abandoned

I Became a Slave to the Man I Abandoned

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
“A s*ave like you shouldn’t call my name. Address me properly.” “Ma, master..” … Nox Renerio cruelly abandoned the boy who had deeply loved him. The boy grew up, harboring hatred and a twisted sense of twisted desire towards Nox. A desire to possess, to claim, to overpower. As time passed and the boy became an adult, Khalid Via was at the side of the Second Prince. With the Second Prince’s orders he victoriously claims the head of the Crown Prince. In return, the now-Emperor agrees to grant one wish. “Your Majesty, please give me him.” … Nox, who was falsely accused of treason and on the verge of death, is forced to become the s*ave of the man he had abandoned long ago. “This is what you are going to do starting today.” Khalid straightened his body and untied his robe. The young boy had grown up and was now lusting after him, a s*ave. Unknowingly, he tried to back away, pulling on the sheet under him. However, Khalid’s firm hand pressed down on his shoulder. Nox stuttered. “No, this isn’t, this isn’t right…” “What’s not right?” He whispered lowly. “This is your sole purpose now.”



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