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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

I Became Cinderella’s Vicious Stepsister chapter 1

“Oh, who was the one who danced with him all night at the prince’s coming-of-age banquet yesterday? She was so mysterious and charming. I guess, she must be a princess from some country.”

“Mysterious and charming? More charming than Belia?”

“Belia? Belia indeed possesses unparalleled beauty, but that lady is different… The moment I saw her, I felt like my heart was no longer my own. Her dress was covered in stars, her high heels shone brighter than diamonds… But it’s strange, I can’t remember her face anymore.”

“Oh, she’s really lucky, I also want to dance with the prince all night. The prince is handsome and gentlemanly, which girl in the entire Soror Kingdom doesn’t want to marry him?”

“No, no, no, don’t include me, I prefer the type like Duke Louis, proud and indifferent, arrogant to the extreme…”

A dispute seemed to have started, and the elegant and ancient French accent began to buzz like annoying flies. Liuyu turned over and wanted to continue sleeping, but someone poked her back.

“Belia, Prince Carlo or Duke Louis, who would you choose?”

…Prince Carlo and Duke Louis?

Liuyu thought confusedly, it’s really not good to read before going to bed, even dreams are related to the book.

The person behind her was still poking:

“Belia, Belia…”

Buzzing, buzzing.

“Who wants to choose the prince or the duke?” A string of fluent French came out of her mouth, “If you have to choose, of course you have to choose the best, oh God of Light.”

The buzzing stopped, and the surroundings were as quiet as death.

Liuyu subconsciously raised her head, but found that more than a dozen pairs of eyes were staring at her unblinkingly. The mockery and malice in those eyes were about to turn into sharp arrows, piercing her.

Only then did she realize something was wrong.

She was not sleeping on her own fragrant and soft bed, but was in a Baroque-style room.

There were large windows in the room, and the light shone softly through the colorful glass onto the surroundings—

Rows of pure white desks carved with roses, many girls sitting in front of the desks, they were wearing exaggerated European puffy dresses, each of them glaring at her fiercely, as if she had dug their ancestral graves.


At this moment, a woman in her thirties walked in hurriedly in high heels. She seemed to have heard the previous conversation and pointed at her with a slender teaching stick, “You ignorant, arrogant…”

She was shaking with anger, “How dare you blaspheme our great god, get out! Stand for an hour, immediately, right now!”


Liuyu’s eyes widened: Could it be what she thought?

She subconsciously looked at her arm, the skin was as white and crystal clear as the first snow of winter, and she could see the tiny blue veins under the skin—

Malnutrition in her childhood made it impossible for her to maintain such crystal clear and moist skin no matter how much money she spent.

And this bubble sleeve, rose purple puffy dress…

A line of text subconsciously surfaced in Liuyu’s mind:

“Belia is naturally beautiful. In Natasha’s view, her stepsister is like the highest-grade doll she once saw in the Bruno store. She has snow-white skin, golden wavy long hair, and blue eyes… But, her bad temper is as impressive as her beauty.”

She… Belia?

Liuyu pinched herself.

“Hiss—” The deskmate glared at her angrily, “Belia, what are you going crazy about?”

“Does it hurt?”

The deskmate seemed even angrier:

“Why don’t you try it?!”

It seems to hurt.

“Belia!” On the podium, the middle-aged woman yelled at her like an old hen, “Get out! Now!”

The classroom started buzzing again.

“She really doesn’t know how to live, thinking that she can dare to fantasize about the great God of Light because she is beautiful…”

“Ten years ago, the most beautiful and noble Princess Helen of the entire continent only dared to say that she wanted to be the concubine of the god… In the end, she turned into a pig.”

“The glory of God is everywhere, and those who blaspheme God will be punished.”

Liuyu was expelled to the outside of the classroom.

Her classroom was on the sixth floor, and she could see the endless white dome, flocks of pigeons, and the snow-capped mountains in the distance that were hidden in the clouds.

The wind from the snow mountain brought a cool mist, which woke Liuyu up all at once. It’s strange, there are snow mountains nearby, but the air is still humid, she is wearing a puffy dress—

She didn’t feel cold at all.

Prince Carlos, Duke Louis, Belia…

The white arc dome, the continuous snow mountains, the strange climate…

Liuyu pinched herself again—

Now, she is absolutely certain that she has crossed over.

What she crossed into was a brainless Mary Sue novel called “Cinderella’s Gorgeous Counterattack”.

The whole book revolves around Cinderella. As the absolute protagonist, Cinderella Natasha’s life is full of ups and downs in her early years, but later it is all green lights. With her koi-like luck and pure water-like purity, she conquered the hearts of one big shot after another. In the end, she even met the biggest big shot, the lord of this world, the only supreme god—

The God of Light.

Compared with the God of Light, other princes and dukes have become insignificant existences. Under the protection of the God of Light, Cinderella finally reached the peak of her life—

She was summoned into the temple of God and often accompanied the God of Light.

However, the author probably loved the male protagonist too much—

When it ended, Cinderella didn’t become the queen of God, she became the highest-ranking god servant in the entire temple, was granted immortal life, and the right to be above all people under one god.

For a romance novel, this is definitely a bad ending, a BE. Countless readers threatened to send blades, but the author insisted on not changing it, and even left a message at the end:

“God, should always hang high on the altar and be looked up to. No one can get the heart of the God of Light, even Natasha.”

Liuyu stayed up until one o’clock in the morning to finish reading the book, but she was choked by the ending and spat out a mouthful of old blood, and went to sleep with resentment.

Who knew that when she woke up, she ran here.

And became a named cannon fodder in the book—the stupid and poisonous evil stepsister of Cinderella, Belia, who died all the way.

This cannon fodder has a heavy responsibility, not only to use her evil stupidity to set off the purity and kindness of Cinderella, to arouse the pity of the big shots, but also to shoulder the development of the plot—

When there’s nothing to do, she joins her equally evil and stupid mother to bully Cinderella; in the end, she even digs the eyes of the incarnation of the God of Light: so that Cinderella can connect with the God of Light and become his lifesaver.

Fifteen days after digging out the eyes, she died.

“When Belia was hung on the gallows, she was no longer beautiful, she had become a mummy. Natasha sat in the carriage and took a distant look, maggots crawled all over her body, and even the hawks despised her flesh—she and her stepmother were hung together, and they could no longer bully her. Natasha actually breathed a sigh of relief, and soon began to confess quietly.”

So, when did she cross over now?

If yesterday was the prince’s coming-of-age ceremony…

At this time, the voice of the female teacher in the classroom came out clearly:

“In three days, the envoy of God will come to our Soron Academy for testing, I hope that among you, someone can become a god’s favorite…”

The spire of the church rang, dong, dong, dong, dong, dong…

Eleven times.

Liuyu counted very clearly, from the high floor, she immediately saw the splashing water—

The music fountain began to sing.


The test of the god’s favorite in three days, eleven bell rings, the prince’s coming-of-age ceremony last night…

This means that the eyes of the incarnation of the God of Light were dug out before the last class. He was thrown alone in the rockery cave behind the fountain, because the flame-colored bushes covered it—no one found him.

Then he was discovered by Cinderella who was delivering food to her original body.

No, it can’t be.

Liuyu thought, she must recognize this lifesaver before her—

Although, this is a bit shameless.

Just thinking about it, Liuyu saw a gray young girl entering the school gate from a distance—

She was carrying a flower basket, probably with a lunch box in it, wearing a gray apron, and walking happily, hopping and jumping.

That’s Cinderella Natasha—

She’s here.

She will save the incarnation of God, and from then on, she will have koi luck, and the originally smooth road will be all green lights.

In contrast, she who harmed God will become a bad luck ghost with continuous bad luck, choking when drinking water, falling into a pit when walking, and even breaking her front teeth when eating candy.

This is simply the watershed of the original life.

The most direct consequence is that she will be thrown into jail tonight for intentionally harming the incarnation of God—this down-and-out her who she thought was a civilian but actually a small nobleman, “Gaia”—for three days.

The reason for being identified is simple.

What she dropped and was tightly held in Gaia’s hand was the family crest representing the Fergus family: a golden iris.

The original body always carries it in and out, which represents the never-fading glory of the Fergus family.

…In short, avoid the immediate disaster first.

Liuyu ran like a deer.

The rose-colored skirt fluttered, revealing the pure white lace stockings, and the high heels “da da da” fell on the ground.

She swept across the high steps, ran across the grass, passed through the music fountain that refracted the colorful sunlight, and finally came to the back of the rockery—

One bush after another of flame-like bushes surrounded the rockery.

This place is secluded, with no one around.

Everyone in Soron Academy has heard a legend that under those flame-like bushes, countless bones are buried.

So no one will come here.

Natasha was standing there.

She turned around in surprise:

“Sister Belia?”

Liuyu’s gaze fell on her palm:

Under the sun, a golden iris is shining.

The stamen made of ruby, like drops of shocking red blood.

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!



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