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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

I Cherished And Raised The Leader Of The Evil Cult: Chapter 21

Episode 21

When he mentioned the children, a woman and two boys cautiously appeared behind him. Weijeong, with a smiling face, bowed again.

“Thank you very much. I am Nan Weijeong, the leader of this caravan. May I humbly ask the names of my benefactors?”

Instead of answering, the children glanced at the man in the bamboo hat. When he gave a slight nod, they began to speak one by one. The woman who seemed older introduced herself first.

“I am Sa-yeong. This is my younger brother, Sa-hyeon, and Cheon-o.”

“I am Sa-hyeon.”

“…I am Cheon-o.”

“I see. Thank you for letting me know. Please allow me the honor of repaying your kindness. Have you had lunch?”

“No, we haven’t.”

The children replied almost in unison. Weijeong, who seemed to have been waiting for this moment, beamed and called out toward the kitchen.

“Hwang, the cook! Please prepare a meal for our benefactors. Ubal noodles and Yangyukpomak… Ah, it would be better to bring out all your best dishes. And bring two bottles of Sobongju and the stir-fried pork intestines we had yesterday to my room!”


A boy, who seemed to be the younger one, let out an exclamation. Once again, the children looked up at the man in the bamboo hat for permission. When he gave a slight nod, they thanked Weijeong and eagerly found seats.

‘Well-mannered kids.’

Feeling pleased, Weijeong smiled and looked at the man in the bamboo hat.

“If it’s alright with you, would you join me upstairs? The appetizers and drinks here are tastier than meals. I’ll instruct Jo Musa to look after the children.”

Seeing the man hesitate and fiddle with his hat, Weijeong quickly added, “Thank you, benefactor. Jo Musa, please take care of everything.”

“Yes, leader.”

Watching Jo Musa respond loyally, Weijeong turned and walked up the stairs, feeling secretly pleased as he sensed the man following like walking on clouds.

How did things come to this?

Drinking a sip of clear liquor, Cho Yun’s thoughts wandered. He was quite pleased with the smooth and clean-tasting drink that paired well with the spicy-sour stir-fried pork intestines.

Rarely having a chance to drink due to raising the kids, Cho Yun wondered if ‘Cho Yun’ liked drinking and was good at it, resulting in a stash of liquor behind Musim-seo.

“Isn’t it too much? Why at this time? If you had hoisted the flag a fortnight earlier, you wouldn’t have even come here!”

Nan Weijeong, sitting across, planted his glass on the table, his face flushed with drunkenness and voice raised.

‘He may have brought me to vent because he has no one else to talk to.’

Feeling pity for the young man, Cho Yun nodded moderately. Considering how reticent ‘Cho Yun’ was, even a conversation with honorifics was a relief.

When descending the mountain with the kids, he noticed shadows of people drifting on the water far ahead between the mountains.

Should I save them? Isn’t this bothersome? How will the kids react? While Cho Yun, devoid of great righteousness, was briefly pondering, Cheon-o surprisingly spoke first.

As soon as Cho Yun gave permission, Cheon-o removed his outer clothes and backpack and jumped into the river. Watching the youngest disciple spring into action, neither the older siblings nor Cho Yun could stand idly by.

They ended up rescuing four people around them, gave first aid, and brought them to Shaanxi province. The journey, accompanied by the kids, started on a rough path.

Leaving the two critically injured in a well-equipped clinic, they asked the remaining conscious two and located the caravan they worked for, leading to this drinking session with the young caravan leader from midday.

“Those brazen thieves. How dare they so confidently rob others of their hard-earned wealth! The authorities consider them martial artists and won’t touch them. Moreover, they cleverly avoid civilians, targeting only caravans associated with martial arts.”

“Isn’t it possible to pay a toll?”

“They demand 80% as a toll. Any profit would be lost.”

This young man has a tough job.

Clicking his tongue inwardly, Cho Yun took another sip. He nearly spewed it out in response to Weijeong’s next words.

“Even now that I’m stuck here, Sichuan is perishing. All because of that damn Yakjeon…”

“—Cough! Cough!”

“Gosh, are you alright?”

“Yes, yes. I am fine. Just choked a bit.”

Raising a hand to reassure Weijeong who stood up, Cho Yun wiped his mouth. His eyes, hidden by the bamboo hat, were shaking.

‘Yakjeon? Why mention Yakjeon here? Is there another Yakjeon besides me?’

“I’d like to hear more. By Yakjeon… Do you mean Yakjeon Cho Yun?”

“I’m glad you’re okay but take it slow, Brother Choseon. I am treating all of this, so please relax.”

Weijeong plopped back into his seat. Accidentally answered as Choseon, Cho Yun could only nod in agreement.

With a pitiful look, Weijeong picked up a chopstick and began speaking while poking at his dish.

“I’m talking about the closing of the Tang Clan’s gates in Sichuan, Brother. Because of that, all those who traded with the Tang Clan in Sichuan went bankrupt. It wouldn’t be as bad if it was for a year or two, but twenty years? It’s tantamount to death.”

“What does Yakjeon Cho Yun have to do with the Tang Clan’s closing…?”

The Sichuan Tang Clan, known as rulers of the region, was a martial family centered on those with the surname Tang. Their main weapons were poisons and hidden weapons, and their skills were unparalleled.

However, what connection could a reclusive, eccentric poison-obsessed clan have with Cho Yun, who lived secluded in the mountains…?

Suddenly, ‘Cho Yun’s’ memories surfaced. He instinctively touched his forehead.

“Brother? Are you really alright?”

“…Yes, I am fine. It’s just that I got a bit dizzy from drinking after a long time.”

“Even so…”

Though still wearing the bamboo hat, Cho Yun sensed Weijeong’s concerned gaze. Cho Yun shook his head and straightened his posture. Seeming to dislike the silence, Weijeong began talking again.

“Anyway, since then, Sichuan is a mess. The Qingsong and Zhan-pang factions are fighting for the top position that the Tang Clan held. The Emei sect, comprised of nuns, shows no interest in mediating. Only the caravans are caught in between. Moreover, our Dan-geum caravan has been dealing exclusively with the Tang Clan for many years, so…”

With Weijeong’s complaints as background noise, Cho Yun struggled. He understood Weijeong’s story but his mind was elsewhere.

‘Cho Yun!!!! What have you been doing!!!!’

No matter how much he shouted internally, there was no answer. He felt what seemed like cold sweat running down his back, and the reason was simple.

According to newly recalled memories, it was Yakjeon Cho Yun who had closed off the Tang Clan to prevent any external activities.

While aware that the Tang Clan’s gates were already open at the beginning of the novel’s story with limited mention, he didn’t expect to discover the cause in this manner.

‘I’m not some old man reminiscing about past glory… What is this? Why pitch a fit to this herb nerd?’

“…Then it’s hard to seek help from other factions in Shaanxi province. They’re deeply marked as allies of the Tang Clan. Of course! We’ve only supplied silk to the Tang Clan! But we’ve been ordering cheap linen for twenty years. Isn’t it about time the river changed twice?”

Facing the result of his past deed, Cho Yun felt bitter. Bringing the glass to his lips, his hand stopped.

‘Wait, it’s not exactly my fault, right? Cho Yun won the bet fair and square? Now that I think about it, wasn’t it the Tang Clan’s leader who first suggested closing the gates? They should have come out after a few years of reflection, why do they still remain shut?’

That is to say, it’s not my fault, but still…

“—What do you think, Brother? How can I leave Shaanxi and cross the Jinyeong and Dimek mountains to return to Sichuan?”

Weijeong’s pointed question interrupted Cho Yun’s thoughts. Deciding to answer first, Cho Yun organized his thoughts and spoke.

“Given my limited knowledge, I suggest visiting the Mount Hua sect.”

“But Mount Hua and the Tang Clan have never been on good terms. They’ve always been at odds within the Hundred Families Alliance. We’d surely be turned away.”

“It should be alright. With the money you have, pay an advance, and say you’ll pay the remainder upon arrival.”

Placing his glass on the table, Cho Yun wiped its edge with his thumb, calmly speaking despite finishing nearly an entire bottle of 50-degree liquor.

‘Cho Yun must be smart too. Not just good hardware but software too. This solution wouldn’t have even occurred to me.’

“Try seeking help. If you succeed, great. If not, you’ve tried. Visit once the rain stops. I guarantee good results.”

“You’re right, Brother. A merchant cannot expect fortune sitting idle.”

Looking resolute, Weijeong straightened his back and seated himself upright. Cho Yun, smiling inwardly, filled Weijeong’s empty cup with clear liquor.

“The rain will stop by tomorrow, or the day after. So, have a good drink and rest today.”

“Thank you, Brother. Your advice has relieved me greatly. If there’s anything you want, just ask. You saved my people and showed me the way forward. This small hospitality is nothing.”

As expected of a merchant who survives by eloquence. Wise for his age, barely past twenty.

Cho Yun decided to accompany his newly found younger brother a bit longer, rather enjoying this rare conversation with someone his age, not as a master.

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
I Cherished And Raised The Leader Of The Evil Cult

I Cherished And Raised The Leader Of The Evil Cult

I Cherished And Raised The Leader Of The Evil Cult, I raised the leader of the Demonic Cult with great care, 마교 교주를 애지중지 키웠다
Score 7.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: , , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
A college graduate transmigrated into Yakseon from the martial arts novel 〈Returning Hero〉. Immediately after transmigrating, the young child he rescued turned out to be the final boss of the original work, the future leader of the evil cult. “I will raise you.” With the thought that he could raise the child better than the evil cult in the original work, which subjected the child to training bordering on child abuse, he boldly started a master-disciple relationship. “I want to rip out all of their throats. Can you raise someone like me?” “Do as you wish. Create the most cruel martial arts in the world, or do whatever you want.” However, words that differ from his intentions keep spilling out of his stern mouth, and his disciples’ eyes roll back at the slightest mistake. He gets helplessly entangled in the glamorous past and behind-the-scenes stories of Yakseon that were not revealed in the original work. “Master, please don’t abandon your disciple.” The vengeful ghost finds a new object of obsession, and the original story begins amidst the already twisted flow.



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