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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

I Cherished And Raised The Leader Of The Evil Cult: Chapter 23

Chapter 23

“Everyone, come here for a moment.”

Cho Yun called the children at a late hour, the time when the children had finished their meditation and prepared for bed. When their master called them after tidying up the scattered herbs, the children gathered around and sat nearby.

“It seems we need to revise our schedule. I originally planned to buy what we need here in Xian and then return, but something has come up, and we need to go to Sichuan for a bit.”


Sa-yeong, who had been singing about wanting to go to Sichuan, raised her voice excitedly.

“Yes. It looks like it will take longer than planned, but if you don’t want to go, we can delay it until another time. Alternatively, you can return to Musim-seo first.”

“No way! I want to go with you!”

“Me too….”

“What about Cheon-o?”

“If Master is going, I would like to follow as well.”

Cho Yun was uncertain whether this was the right thing to say. But leaving the children behind at this point would surely lead to complaints. So, he decided to make it clear. Seeing the children excited about the extended journey, Cho Yun sighed inwardly and spoke softly.

“It could be physically exhausting, and you might see frightening things. There will be many dangers, so you must follow my instructions. Especially you, Sa-yeong, do not coax your siblings into reckless actions. Not by yourself, or with others.”

“Yes, Master. I promise I won’t.”

“Again, you can return to Musim-seo first and wait for me. It won’t take that long.”

Despite his words, the children only quietly shone with bright eyes or remained silent, showing no signs of withdrawing their decision. Eventually, Cho Yun sighed and said,

“I’ll contact you in a few days, so think it over carefully until then. Now, go to bed.”

“Good night, Master!”

Since they secured a room with two beds, the siblings slept together on one bed, while Cheon-o slept separately. Cho Yun stayed up all night to avoid making the children uncomfortable in a small room where even two single-sized beds would be cramped for two people.

It seemed worrying about their sleeping arrangements would soon be a thing of the past.

His prediction was quickly proven true. Not long after, they received a message from Nam Wi-jung, who had been like a fleeting connection. In fact, Nam Wi-jung came in person, excitedly explaining.

“They say they’ll send three top-tier disciples. Honestly, I thought it was fortunate just to borrow a banner, but they’ll not only escort us over the mountains but also accompany us to Sichuan!”

“It’s good to hear. What costs did you agree to?”

“Um… twenty liang of silver. Half paid upfront and half upon arrival. It’s a loss for now, but they promised to continue supporting us in the future, so it seemed like a fair deal in the long run.”

Nam Wi-jung smiled contentedly. Observing him for a moment, Cho Yun then passed a medicinal decoction and a sheet of paper to the elderly man sitting beside him.

“Your knee pain is due to wind-heat, so I’ll give you Polygonum multiflorum pills first, but if the pain worsens, you’ll need to take this prescription to the pharmacy. When decocting this medicine, put Atractylodes in the water first and boil it thoroughly before adding other ingredients.”

“How much will it cost?”

“For a three-month supply, it’s six mun. The consultation fee is one mun, so a total of seven mun.”

The elderly man, delighted to receive a price cheaper than usual pharmacies, paid the money and limped away. Watching this, Wi-jung asked curiously.

“Can you make a profit selling at such a price? The consultation fee is one mun, and the Polygonum multiflorum pills are six mun. It seems like it wouldn’t even cover the cost of the ingredients. Some people only take the consultation, don’t they?”

“I’m just not being overly greedy.”

Cho Yun, who viewed the vast wealth disparity of this era through the eyes of a modern person, couldn’t set high prices for ordinary people. There were other more lucrative medicines, and above all, he had plenty of rare medicinal herbs stored at home that could fetch a fortune if sold. This wasn’t considered a loss to him.

“Hmm… But wouldn’t it take a lot of money to raise three children?”

Wi-jung looked at the bustling market street as he spoke.

Cho Yun had set up his medicinal kit in the middle of the market, hanging a sign saying ‘Consultation’ to welcome visitors. He had left the children at the inn, promising to take them out in the evening to avoid the worry it would cause to bring them to such a busy place.

“Yes, the cost of feeding them alone is significant.”

“I figured as much.”

Wi-jung remembered his shock at hearing the food expenses eaten by the youngest, who had woken up with a headache. Learning that an eleven-year-old had consumed enough to feed four or five grown men had astonished him. Of course, he didn’t mind the expense that much.

“Moreover, the pharmacies in Xian have a rather nasty temperament, so they’ll probably start causing trouble in a couple of days. That’s why I plan to use all the money earned here for traveling to another region.”


Wi-jung brought his fist to his lips, deep in thought. Cho Yun, glancing at him from under his hat, added a remark while pretending to organize his medicinal kit.

“The only ones who welcome wandering herbalists are the poor because pharmacy supplies aren’t short. They have limited money, so this pricing is perfect.”

Wi-jung seemed to finish his thoughts and looked sharply at Cho Yun. Clasping his hands tightly, Wi-jung exclaimed.

“Brother, why don’t you come to Sichuan with me?”

“Sichuan… you mean?”

“Yes, come to Sichuan! They desperately need skilled herbalists like you. Since the Tang family severed ties with longstanding trade partners of medicinal herbs, Sichuan’s medicine sector has been self-sufficient for a long time. While it’s not extremely dire because of their capabilities, external herbs are still incomparable! You would do well there, Brother. Besides, you must continue to care for the kingpin and Zhang River who have just gotten back on their feet!”

Wi-jung’s eloquence, befitting a merchant, was impressive. Cho Yun, unfamiliar with such friendly gestures, awkwardly turned his head stiffly.

“Hmm… But crossing the mountains twice and bringing the children….”

“You’ll be traveling with the merchant caravan, so there’s no need to worry! Didn’t we say even the Huashan disciples would accompany us? The Green Forest won’t dare touch us with them around.”


Maybe it was time to stop playing hard to get. Cho Yun gently removed his hands from Wi-jung’s grip and placed them on his thighs, sitting upright.

“Then I will trust and follow you, Chief. However, I feel uncomfortable just relying on you. How about I temporarily become a herbalist affiliated with your caravan for this journey? I don’t need any salary, just ensure meals and lodging for the children.”

“As expected of Brother. You’re thorough. It would be my pleasure if someone like you looked after my people’s safety.”

Wi-jung bantered, smiling broadly. Watching him, Cho Yun called a lingering customer to sit down and conducted a consultation.

“Then before sunset, I will move the children to the inn where you are staying, Chief. Don’t you have a lot to prepare?”

“Ah! Right. I need to get going. See you tonight, Brother. We’ll drink until we drop again!”

For someone weak with alcohol, does he like it that much? Cho Yun nodded slightly in response to the departing Wi-jung. They still had a lot left to sell in Shaanxi province.

Wi-jung roamed the market with a satisfied smile, his fair untanned skin, expensive clothes, and silk shoes all marking him as wealthy. Amid the crowd avoiding Wi-jung, a shadow-like figure approached him quietly and asked in a low voice.

“Are you really planning to take Huashan to Sichuan?”

“Of course, Fighter Jo. They agreed to send top-tier disciples for a small amount of silver. This way, we can cross the Jinling Mountains safely.”

“It’s not the Green Forest that’s the issue, young master. Those bandits are no match for the Golden-Crowned Society. Just give the word, and we can wipe them out without a trace.”

“Young master, it’s been a while since I heard that title.”

Wi-jung cheerfully laughed out loud, but no passersby paid him any attention. Jo Woo-il frowned, disliking the situation and grumbled.

“I don’t understand why the young master is concerned with those bandits. Also, involving the already scandal-ridden Huashan sect seems questionable.”

“They say drawing a sword to kill a mosquito leaves a trace. Eliminating them without a trace can sometimes be noticeable. The Golden-Crowned Society shouldn’t act openly just yet.”

Even coming out this far was already excessive. The pent-up frustration spilled from Wi-jung sounded curt, but he soon smiled again and turned to Jo Woo-il, spreading his arms wide.

“It’s Yaksan, Yaksan! Look, it’s the Yaksan Cho Yun! Is the Huashan sect’s scandal a problem while bringing Cho Yun into Sichuan? It’s an opportunity to end this tiresome 20 years!”

“…Are you certain it’s him? I’ve never heard of Yaksan raising children.”

“That’s what makes it even more interesting, Fighter. And isn’t it obvious how much he cherishes those children?”

Wi-jung chuckled, covering his mouth with his hand, then turned and walked forward. Jo Woo-il, who had paused momentarily, quickly followed. His master was so delighted, whispering to himself as he counted on his fingers.

“As Father said, dressed in white, carrying a worn-out herbal box, emitting a scent like a rare elixir, and that voice. I didn’t see his hair and eyebrows, but there’s surely a reason for hiding them.”

“What if we create a situation where he has to remove his hat?”

“No, Fighter Jo. Just leave it as it is. Judging by appearances, Yaksan already has some idea. Please, continue to play the kind uncle to those little ones. We can’t afford to have anything go wrong until we reach Sichuan.”

Infiltrate the parents by gaining the children’s trust.

Wi-jung hummed happily, singing along with the music from a nearby tavern. Though a brief dark shadow crossed Jo Woo-il’s eyes, it disappeared without a trace.

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
I Cherished And Raised The Leader Of The Evil Cult

I Cherished And Raised The Leader Of The Evil Cult

I Cherished And Raised The Leader Of The Evil Cult, I raised the leader of the Demonic Cult with great care, 마교 교주를 애지중지 키웠다
Score 7.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: , , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
A college graduate transmigrated into Yakseon from the martial arts novel 〈Returning Hero〉. Immediately after transmigrating, the young child he rescued turned out to be the final boss of the original work, the future leader of the evil cult. “I will raise you.” With the thought that he could raise the child better than the evil cult in the original work, which subjected the child to training bordering on child abuse, he boldly started a master-disciple relationship. “I want to rip out all of their throats. Can you raise someone like me?” “Do as you wish. Create the most cruel martial arts in the world, or do whatever you want.” However, words that differ from his intentions keep spilling out of his stern mouth, and his disciples’ eyes roll back at the slightest mistake. He gets helplessly entangled in the glamorous past and behind-the-scenes stories of Yakseon that were not revealed in the original work. “Master, please don’t abandon your disciple.” The vengeful ghost finds a new object of obsession, and the original story begins amidst the already twisted flow.



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