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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

I Cherished And Raised The Leader Of The Evil Cult: Chapter 28


Episode 28

In the first place, when the martial arts reached a high level, most poisons had no effect. While it wasn’t complete immunity to all poisons, it could withstand several non-lethal toxins.

Moreover, Baek Ho-cheol was trained in a robust martial art with a dominance-oriented external technique using a medium sword as his main weapon. The idea that he was taken down by a mere paralytic poison was absurd.

“It looks like several things besides Mandara Flower were mixed… The key issue is determining who poisoned him and how. Anyway, we don’t have time to dwell on this. Come on, everyone, snap out of it!”

Wi Jeong clapped his hands together to draw people’s attention.

“Isn’t this the True Spirit Mountains where strange things happen? It seems that a passing divine beast or a mysterious figure helped us. Let’s deeply appreciate their help and get back to what we need to do! We can’t just stand idly by and let this opportunity slip away.”

Upon hearing this, the warriors quickly regained their composure and sheathed their swords, while the porters nodded with bewildered expressions. Wi Jeong continued in a crisp voice.

“We don’t know what might happen, so let’s split into two groups. One group will keep watch, and the other will secure these people tightly. The porters will gather as many fallen weapons as possible. You can use the money from selling them when we reach Angang to rest and refresh yourselves!”

Though the weapons used by the shabby bandits were in poor condition, they were still made of iron. If they collected 6 geun (Korean unit of weight) of iron, they could sell it for money in jeon (Korean currency). Faces of the porters quickly lit up with joy at the promise of spending such money freely.

Thanks to the bustling crowd, the site cleanup proceeded smoothly. With exceptional skills in organizing the situation, Nan Wi Jeong then made his way to Gu Yang-seon.

“Great Hero Gu Yang-seon, thank you so much for your bravery. Thanks to your courageous fight, we were spared from major damage.”

“Oh… No, no. I didn’t do anything at all.”

Gu Yang-seon, who had been overwhelmed by consecutive expressions of gratitude, quickly shook his head. He had done absolutely nothing, acting indecisively and getting swayed without making a single decision.

Nevertheless, Wi Jeong persistently bowed his head to Gu Yang-seon.

“Though we’re just a merchant group from Sichuan, we’ll never forget the ‘help’ from Mount Hua. Once again, thank you so much for helping my people.”

“No… that’s not… well….”

Feeling awkward and uneasy, Gu Yang-seon changed the subject.

“Shouldn’t we also detain and escort that man called Chae-ju? If he regains consciousness, he might undo most of his bindings. What’s your plan for dealing with him?”

“Luckily, among our recently purchased goods, we have sturdy ropes made from twisted iron wire and a potent mountain herb poison. But that’s not enough, so I’d like to ask you to use acupressure on his upper body, excluding the legs. We can’t carry him over the mountain, after all.”

A merchant dealing in silk buying iron ropes and mountain herb poison?

Though a doubt crossed his mind, it seemed plausible since they were directly affiliated with the Tang Sect. Gu Yang-seon wasn’t the type to scrutinize every little detail.

Receiving the iron rope and a small bottle, Gu Yang-seon picked up the sword he had dropped and headed toward Baek Ho-cheol, while Wi Jeong turned his head with a subtle expression.

The people who had been confronting Baek Ho-cheol couldn’t exactly tell where his gaze had last lingered, but Wi Jeong, who had been watching from a step away, had seen it.

Who the master-level warrior, full of fear, had been looking at.

[Master, was it you who did this?]

A voice asking quietly through sound transmission, fearful that it might cause trouble if others heard it.

Peeking down under the bamboo hat, Cheon-o’s pitch-black eyes flickered with a light of either admiration or pride.


Choyun couldn’t bring himself to answer the eager question and just gently patted the child’s head before checking on the siblings behind them.

“Sa-yeong, Sa-hyeon. Are you hurt?”

“No, Master.”

“Oh… no, we’re not.”

The children, who answered calmly, left to help clean up. Choyun absent-mindedly watched them go before suddenly realizing the incongruity.

‘But how… are they so calm? Are their mentalities just strong?’

There were no fatalities, and no one was seriously injured, but it was still a chaotic sword fight. Screams of the deeply wounded erupted here and there, and malicious glares were cast.

It was surely their first time experiencing such a scene, yet strangely, there was no disturbance in the children’s eyes. Cheon-o had a naturally strong disposition, but it was still odd for Sa-yeong and Sa-hyeon to be so unperturbed.

‘Is it because they’re martial artists, or has it happened before…? When I first met them at the inn, they seemed to have gotten entangled in the fights of martial artists, and I worried they might be scared. Well, if they’re okay, that’s a relief.’

In any case, children often have stories their guardians don’t know about. Cute and curious as they are, it’s best to pretend not to notice anything unusual unless it’s very strange.

After finishing his thoughts, Choyun also moved to help the others, but then Nan Wi Jeong, who was leading the procession, approached and spoke.

“Elder Cho, are you okay? How about the children?”

“We’re all fine. The warriors of the merchant group seem very skilled.”

“They are talents I’ve personally nurtured over 20 years. They are not the type to lose in a place like this.”

It was a peculiar statement. Choyun glanced at the warriors tying up the bandits with skillful hands and subtly asked.

“How do you plan to handle the man called Chae-ju?”

“We planned to properly bind him and take him with us. We have fine mountain herb poison and iron ropes for just that.”

“Will you hand him over to Angang?”


Wi Jeong’s noble face twisted with a smile that seemed more like a crack. It was obvious his intentions were not pure.

However, when Choyun looked away, his expression was already clear again.

“Since he harmed a person of Sichuan, he will be punished in Sichuan.”

“…It seems difficult to cross two mountain ranges with this many people.”

“We’ll only take the leader. We’ll tie the others up and leave them behind. It took half a day to get up here, so if they hurry down the mountain, they can ask for help.”

It was an efficient judgment. The image of a group of bandits descending the mountain with their arms bound was absurd, but amusing in a way.

Wi Jeong soon returned to the front of the procession to prepare for departure and organize the formation. Before long, the merchant group started moving again, calming the previously chaotic atmosphere.

Then, unconscious and being dragged along, Baek Ho-cheol opened his eyes.

The Green Forest King, Baek Ho-cheol, a prominent figure in the dark world, was famous for his external techniques. Rumors even claimed he had once killed a thunderous tiger with his bare hands, and ordinary swords couldn’t even scratch his skin.

Even if his internal strength dissipated, the effort put into each of his muscles would not disappear. A master of external techniques could easily face dozens of strong men with just physical strength.

But now, Baek Ho-cheol was walking calmly, with his arms and wrists tightly bound.

The five warriors walking before and behind him weren’t the reason for his compliance. What made Baek Ho-cheol docile as a lamb was the voice he heard near his ear.

[Don’t look back unnecessarily. Don’t speak nonsense.]

This voice, which only he could hear, was gentle and calm despite its threatening words. Baek Ho-cheol clenched his bound hands into fists and swallowed dryly.

[Do not make useless resistance either. Walk quietly.]

If it were just a master of poison techniques, he wouldn’t be trembling like this. Baek Ho-cheol took pride in his strong, resilient body.

But now, he couldn’t move an inch.

‘I don’t know.’

How they poisoned him or what kind of poison it was.

He had no clue. He couldn’t identify the poison that had toppled him, an expert in external techniques, like a bug, nor could he determine how the poison had entered his body.

He vaguely thought it might be a powder carried by the wind or smoke from burning toxic plants, but even this was far beyond Baek Ho-cheol’s understanding. There was no powder that didn’t make the nose itch or smoke without a smell.

Without knowing these two things, he couldn’t blindly resist a master who could poison him from afar.

He could sense the suspicious gaze of the young disciple from the Mount Hua Sect guarding him from behind. It seemed like the young disciple was wondering why someone like Baek Ho-cheol, who could’ve gone berserk by now, was staying still.

Had it not been for that deceitful poison master, he would have already overthrown this merchant group.

It made no sense that Baek Ho-cheol, the Green Forest King commanding 72 strongholds, was walking helplessly, bound by a few merchant guards. The thought of the arrogant youngster overseeing him and walking on his own feet rather than riding a horse or cart was unbearable.

Moreover, entering Angang like this would be humiliating before public eyes. And Sichuan? The path to Sichuan, beyond the Dae-pa Mountain Range, would only add more insult.

Each step felt like a dagger piercing his chest, especially for Baek Ho-cheol’s towering pride. Such humiliation was tantamount to asking him to bite his tongue and die.


‘This charade will soon be over.’

Baek Ho-cheol grinned wickedly, baring his yellow teeth in a soundless laugh. No one noticed his smile as everyone was focused ahead.

‘If they want to keep me quiet, that’s actually fortunate. And they can’t afford to just hand me over.’

So all he had to do now was endure. If he waited, those anxious to rescue him would eventually act.

The sun, which had been high in the sky, was gradually setting, draping the land in twilight. The treacherous path began to smoothen.

In the distance, at the end of the descending road, a city with twinkling lights came into view. It was the outskirts of Angang City.


We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
I Cherished And Raised The Leader Of The Evil Cult

I Cherished And Raised The Leader Of The Evil Cult

I Cherished And Raised The Leader Of The Evil Cult, I raised the leader of the Demonic Cult with great care, 마교 교주를 애지중지 키웠다
Score 7.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: , , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
A college graduate transmigrated into Yakseon from the martial arts novel 〈Returning Hero〉. Immediately after transmigrating, the young child he rescued turned out to be the final boss of the original work, the future leader of the evil cult. “I will raise you.” With the thought that he could raise the child better than the evil cult in the original work, which subjected the child to training bordering on child abuse, he boldly started a master-disciple relationship. “I want to rip out all of their throats. Can you raise someone like me?” “Do as you wish. Create the most cruel martial arts in the world, or do whatever you want.” However, words that differ from his intentions keep spilling out of his stern mouth, and his disciples’ eyes roll back at the slightest mistake. He gets helplessly entangled in the glamorous past and behind-the-scenes stories of Yakseon that were not revealed in the original work. “Master, please don’t abandon your disciple.” The vengeful ghost finds a new object of obsession, and the original story begins amidst the already twisted flow.



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